Canon EOS-R is HERE. Nineteen Things I Like. Five I Don’t.

Canon EOS-R is HERE. Nineteen Things I Like. Five I Don’t.

By Steve Huff

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No, I did not go to Hawaii to test the Canon EOS-R a while back. I waited and pre ordered and paid for my own EOS R with the new 24-105 f/4L. Even when I made the pre-order I assumed I would sell it after I reviewed it. With so many lukewarm reviews on this camera, I was still intrigued for a few reasons. For starters, I own a 1dxII (and just sold off a 6DII). I own and enjoy a Canon 16-35L, 24 1.4L and 50 1.2 L (old version). I love these lenses and the “Canon Look” which really boils down to their color science. Always have really. It’s just that the DSLR is not my preferred choice in a daily driver kind of camera.

EOS-R and new 24-105 f/4 L RF – Click it for larger! Fabulous color. 

The reason I have NOT been shooting Canon for the last several years is because they really did not have a good solid mirrorless option or system. While I think the 1dxII is an all out amazing camera, I use it mainly for video. Even so, when I shoot photos with it I am always blown away and it shows me what a real pro body feels and shoots like (amazing). I rarely shoot it though due to size and weight. It’s a beast so it’s not my every day photo camera. I do pull it out for photos occasionally though. 

I have shot with the Canon M50, M6 and to me they are great little starter systems but leave a lot to be desired for someone like me, who has been spoiled by speed, build, IQ and full frame sensors. When the EOS R was announced, I was a bit let down due to the things like single card slot, no in body IS and the cropped 4K. I even wrote an article here telling everyone to wait for a better body from Canon!

The “old” Canon 50 1.2L using the adapter offers precise, fast AF with this lens. GONE are back or front focus issues. You will always get perfect focus. 

I mean, for some, those are deal breakers. For me, not so much. So I decided to order one so I could give it a go, and also let you know what I think of it, in real world use.

BTW, this is not a review, just some thoughts after only 2 days of use. I will have a more thorough review and video for this camera soon.


After two days of shooting this camera I can say that I am not let down, at all. But I do not shoot 4K video, I am not one who needs 5 Axis IS (do not have it in my Leica SL, Hasselblad X1d, Canon 1dXII or most cameras I shoot these days and I do not miss it) and I have gotten by with a single card slot forever. With that said, I do think Canon should have put in dual slots and not crippled the 4K with a 1.7X crop. Yes, it is crippled due to this.

Even so, using this camera with the new 24-105L f/4 R lens is a joy, a treat. The AF is fast (faster than the 6DII was), locks on with confidence and the camera has that Canon color I have loved for so many years. Using it with the adapter (which is not included with purchase in the USA) and my EF lenses is also a treat. AF is almost as fast with my old 50 1.2 as it is on my 1dXII (but the 1dXII is an AF beast) and the same goes with my 24 and 16-35. Gone are the days of adapters meaning compromise in auto focus. I seriously can not wait for Canon to create a 1dxII level EOS-R, just without the huge size.

Click for better quality. This is at f/1.2 with the older 50 1.2 EF lens. 

Before I go further, I will state 19 things I like about the EOSR so far. 

A: The swivel “flippy” screen,

B: The new lenses are beautiful in build, feel and weather sealed with QUIET AF motors.

C: The ergonomics for me beat Sony as do the menu system.

D: Battery life is great so far. No complaints.

E: 1080P HD video looks fantastic. No mushiness here.

F: Love the fact that I can get an adapter with a built in ND filter.

G: Touch screen LCD.

H: Super good low light AF (-5 EV with 50 1.2) and decent IQ at high ISO (still testing this)

I: Can use EF-S lenses as well with adapters, auto crops to APS-C in camera.

J: Mic and Headphone inputs

K: The Size is nice. Thinner than a 6DII, much less bulky than any DSLR. Feel GREAT.

L: EVF is 2nd best I have used next to the Leica SL EVF.

M: Dual pixel AF and face tracking is FAST, for video it is rock solid as well.

N: CRAZY customizable. I mean, it’s extensive.

O: Top LCD is nice to check settings on the fly.

P: Feels better than my Sony in the hand and in use.

Q: AF points can go just about anywhere on the screen. No limitations.

R: Q Menu is awesome and touch screen works well in this menu.

S: LOVE the control ring on the new lenses. Can be programmed to suit your needs.

Things I would have liked to be different:

A: Should have two card slots these days, without question.

B: Should not have a 1.7 Crop for 4K video (Sony doesn’t do this)

C: Touch bar thingamajig is not needed. Could have used that space for something more useful.

D: Shutter sound is kind of clunky.

E: I liked the photo/movie switching better on their DSLR’s.

So 19 likes so far and only 5 dislikes. Not bad. 

In real use, the EOS R is a bit different and will take a day or so to get used to. Lots to learn here but when you do it can be customized to fit anyones needs. As for not having in body IS, well, if I can be honest here, and I will, I have always found the 5 Axis inside the Sony A7 series to be lackluster. At least for video. I have loads of shaky Sony video with 5 Axis active. I used to think it was defective in my A7RII as I never saw any benefit when shooting video. When it was the same in the A7rIII I realized that in full frame cameras it just will not be like it is in Micro 4/3 cameras.

This new 24-105L is the best “kit” lens I have ever used. Worth buying the kit to get this lens. 

There are some out there who say in body IS can make images less sharp since the actual sensor moves. I have never seen that but NOT having it is fine with me as I do not see it as a make or break feature in any camera. The $8000 Leica M 10P doesn’t have any IS ; ) Neither does the beautiful SL and that has NEVER hurt my ability to take wonderful photos with it.

The cool thing is the Canon 24-105L RF has stabilization inside the lens, and this lens is silent to AF and offers wonderful stabilizing effects. That will be a workhorse for me for video and some shooting, as yes, I am keeping this camera to replace my 6DII that I recently sold.

What I REALLY LOVE about the Canon EOS R system. 

The Lenses, and the Future. I love that Canon has announced and will soon have four killer lenses for this system. The larger mount means corner to corner sharpness and no issues with vignetting. The large mount is not really about making faster glass as some have mentioned, but more about performance of the sensor with these new lenses. The new lenses feel and look AWESOME and yes, I will have the new 50 1.2 in about 12 days. It is for me, a “system seller”. It’s large but from what I understand the quality is gorgeous. I will keep my old version as I love the character of it but I was able to hold the R with the new 50 and I did not find it offensively large as some did. The new 28-70 f/2 is HUGE and I will not be getting that lens but will review it and am thrilled to see it as an option as all I have spoken with who shot with it said it was INCREDIBLE, just HUGE. Either way, there is no lens made today like that one and I can not wait to give it a try. Canon has always made great glass, and it seems they are starting out with some amazing glass but even better is all of your old Canon glass will work just as well, if not better on this camera with the adapter over your Canon DSLR.

One reason I did not order the new Nikon Z7 is because I have no Nikon glass, at all. I also did not care for their starting lineup of lenses for the Z series though I bet the Nikon Z will be great for adapting Leica glass when adapters start to appear. This Canon may be as well.

I have always loved the output of Canon. Now that they have a full frame mirrorless, I am really enjoying it. Not perfect by any stretch but can one use it for great photos and video? 100% without question. As I said before, I feel the lenses may sell this system to quite a few out there. Here is my son Brandon shooting a new “mystery camera”. 

As for face detect and eye detect AF, well, it’s here though the eye AF is not as polished as it is from Sony. I am one who has only used Eye AF on my Sony once or twice, for review purpose. I just am not that picky with things like that and was just talking with my son today how modern-day features are making photographers lazy. I shoot a Leica M when I want to really feel proud of my work, because it makes me work. If I nail a shot, it was me. If I miss, it was me. I would rather do the work to get a photo so I will not be using eye AF on this camera either.

So far, this Canon EOS-R is a winner, for me personally (though will not be for all). I prefer it to the Fuji I just raved about because I own Canon glass, and can use it with this camera. Because it is full frame and offers that Canon look I love and have loved for years. Because it offers unique full frame lenses like the 50 1.2 and 28-70 f/2. Because it has great ergonomics and is a joy to shoot. Because the build is great and feels solid.  I can see myself using this for all kinds of video, photo and as a true hybrid camera.

Late night, 24-105L RF, right out of camera JPEG. 


Sony wins for 4K. Sony wins for eye AF. Sony wins in battery life. Sony wins in FPS shooting and buffer. Sony wins with in body IS. Sony wins with dual card slots. Sony wins for pixel peepers as it has a newer sensor.

Canon wins in ergonomics. Canon wins with their EVF. Canon wins in lens UNIQUENESS (50 1.2, 28-70, and all EF lenses). Canon wins in menu system. Canon wins in touch screen dept. For me, Canon wins in color. Canon wins in usability (top LCD, control).

It’s neither here nor there. The Sony A7III is amazing for $2000. But even so, I prefer shooting the EOS R. I am not a speed demon shooter, I do not need 4K nor do I use EyeAF. But if you are someone who does need those features then this camera is not for you. If you need or want that 5 Axis IS, this is a no go. Go for a Sony, as they offer about every feature you can imagine.

But for me, I am enjoying the heck out of it so far though I have only had it for two days. I have yet to see any hiccups nor have I tested low light shooting or dynamic range but this should deliver 5DIV quality in that regard.


There are already rumors going around that Canon will come out with a “PRO” version “R”. Kind of like how Nikon has the Z6 and more fancy Z7. Like how Sony has three versions of the A7. I feel Canon will release a body in the near future that will cost more but give everyone almost all of what they wanted in this body. THEN, mixed with these new lenses..well, if Canon plays it right they will be a true challenge to Sony.

This EOS-R is the basic body from Canon, more will come. But again, the lenses are to me, more exciting than anything being put out by Sony, Sigma or others simply due to the unique offerings and the control ring which is great. (I have mine set for EV comp). Sure the new 28-70 f/2 is $3000 but a Leica 50 APO f/2 is $7000+. A Zeiss Otus is $4500 and manual focus and huge. Quality costs. 

This first EOS-R is a Gen 1 Canon mirrorless. It has a few weaknesses but that doesn’t take away the fact that it can take great photos and video and will be more camera than most can even handle. These days the photo community seems to always want more and more. I am of the camp that simpler is better and while this is not a simple camera by any means, I am not missing in body IS, dual card slots or 4K (because I have no need for 4k).

If you own a stash of Canon glass and want to go mirrorless, this can be a solid option as the adapter options are fantastic. Canon has also announced firmware updates that will add some functionality, so this is always good.

I will have more about this camera as I use it more. So far, I do not regret the pre-order and have no plans to sell it after a review ; )

The Canon EOS R is shipping now and available from the recommended dealers below:

Canon EOS R at B&H Photo

Canon EOS R at Amazon


    • I use mine every single day, and I mean every day since release day. I have had not one issue, at all, for video or photo or usability. As a matter of fact I am enjoying the heck out of this camera, and the lenses I own for it. I highly recommend it but then again, I use it for what it is made to be used for. As for controls and ergonomics I highly prefer it to Sony. Highly, as in WAY more. Without question. But again, I use it and have learned it and love where the power dial is on the left as it stays out of my way, I love the way you switch from photo to video, I love that it keeps my video and photo preferences in memory and I love the swivel out LCD (which is amazing btw). So I will disagree. This guy is going out of his way to make you think it is complicated, and it is not, at all. Too many people spend more time complaining then creating these days. I wonder what he would say about a Leica M10-D? Eek! Lol.

    • In size, yes! Auto Focus, yes. EVF? Close with slight edge to SL. IQ with Canon 24-105 vs SL with 24-90? SL wins. That SL lens is one of the best zoom lenses I have ever tried. The SL puts out a different kind of vibe but the size of the Canon will be much smaller than the SL when you add that 24-90.

  1. Hi Steve,

    I’m really interested to see how it plays with Leica M glass especially the wide angles. I am not sure if any quality adapters have been made yet.

    • Probably not yet as it doesn’t excite me much. Yep it has in body IS and doesn’t crop with 4K but the lenses they have for it, imo, are lackluster. $4k for the body and a basic 24-70 f/4. I own no Nikon glass and would have to buy one to review it, so can’t spend $4k for a body I do not really have interest in. I will probably rent one for a few days to give it a go. I also hear the AF is the worst of the lot between Sony, Canon and Nikon. My preferences lie in AF, low light abilities and ease of use over 4K video and IBIS. Looks like a lovely body though, in fact, to me it looks like the best body of the group in design, feel, etc. Just not a fan of the lenses they chose to release with it.

      • I had a chance to play with Nikon in a local launch event. I have to say it’s a beautiful camera. Will love to hear your hands-on opinion.

  2. color and ergonomics.. that’s almost everything I need 🙂
    Well written Steve, thanks

  3. What is it with all these monotone color.
    Life is colorful.
    Earth, Nature is color (or at least thats how our internal programming decodes).

    Provide options for different colored bodies or at the least colored overlays.

    I personally want an Unicorn.

  4. Steve, I love that you talk about how “fun” a camera is to use. I know the Sony cameras win on specs, but I enjoy using my EOS R way more than the A9 I had. I can’t explain it really, but there’s something… disconnected feeling about Sony cameras. They take great photos and have tons of features, but I have less fun shooting with them than Canon, Fuji or Olympus.

    As long as you don’t care about 4k, IBIS, or the single card slot, the EOS R is really a great camera.

    • Yep, 100% agree. I did pick up the $299 10-18 EFS and that offers a nice wide 4K FOV starting at 17mm. Very light as well. So that is a solution for some, for wide angle 4K use. I am enjoying it.

  5. How do you rate the Canon EVF against the A9 Steve? One of the biggest reasons I exited the Canon market and went into Sony mirrorless was its EVF (plus the ergos over the earlier A7 series). But now finding myself using all classic Nikon glass on the A9 in manual only, most recently the new Milvus 85, I’m on the fence that the camera is just over engineered for my needs just to get the high refresh EVF and in camera stab. If the Canon really does second the SL’s EVF and their adapter works well with classic Canon glass it might make want to check it out?

    • Two different cameras. The A9 is a blazing fast sports and action machine, and that is what Sony pushes it as. It has decent video as well, and great focus. The EOS-R is the opposite of a sports camera IMO. I prefer the controls, menu, ergonomics and shooting experience with the R but the A9 is awesome, the best Sony IMO. I will say when shooting in super dark conditions, the EOS-R with the old 50 1.2 is INSTANT! Surprised me last night when I was out shooting a show. The Canon will offer richer color, or shall I say, the Canon color. It’s a different vibe for sure. I kind of like Canon for their lenses. The 50 L, 85L, 135L, 24L are all fantastic with superb IQ and a great unique look to them. But the EOS-R comes down to this. If you need IBIS, full frame 4K or Dual Card slots, it is not a camera for you. If you do not need those things (I do not) then it’s a fantastic camera.

      • I am fraid You did not understand the question, Steve. How good is the EVF?

        Personally I grown with 1-st generation of Zacuto and I don’t like “screen-door effect” which it definitely has. It is propably not visible in 2-nd generation of Zacuto but I am not sure since I own only 1-st generation. Same pattern goes for internal EVFs of cameras. First generations usually lack state of art EVFs and for aware photographer it is a pity.

        • The EVF bests the Sony’s (all models) and is superb, as I spoke of. The EVF has no issues, no problems. EVF’s today in the nicer cameras are all wonderful. Nikon Z, EOS-R, Leica SL, Fuji X-T3 are all top class EVF’s.

  6. Thanks for your first impressions. Always good to read the comments from a photographer – and one who has tried many systems and seems totally unbiased and fair. Considering all the biased “reviews” on the internet, yours is both very welcome and informative.

    I found your comments regarding Sony’s IBIS being lackluster interesting as I read a similar comment from a Sony user earlier today. So it seems like FF IBIS is not as easy to do or effective as M4/3 IBIS. Of course, all the whining about Canon’s lack of IBIS doesn’t take that into account. Nor do they take into account that Canon has said that they did not include it because they felt it wasn’t ready yet, mainly do to overheating issues, but also quite possibly because it didn’t meet their standards of quality.

    Since I either have or would buy lenses with IS, lack of IBIS is a total non-issue for me. Not sure I get all the shouting about 4K crop either, as I have read articles that mention that the actual IQ is better with crop, and I would have no need for extra wide angle video, either. I just started doing some how-to painting videos and am using a Canon M50 and the crop amount on that camera is a total non-issue as well.

    I have tried earlier versions of Sony FF (A7 and A7 II) and found them to be quite inferior, so I always have to laugh a bit when folks put them as the “standard” that Canon, Nikon and now also Panasonic need to reach. I guess the specs that they excel at are things that aren’t very high on my priority list. (My A7 II, for example, underexposed by 1 1/2 stops – I consider exposure accuracy to be an important spec). And when it comes to color, ergonomics, lenses, and ease of use, I would put Canon at the top of the list. So, if your initial impressions are accurate, then this would certainly be my choice were I to get back into FF. I will be renting one in about a week, so hopefully my impression will be similar to yours.

  7. C: The ergonomics for me beat Sony as do the menu system.

    P: Feels better than my Sony in the hand and in use.

    So good you had to say it twice? Surely that makes it 18 reasons…

  8. I just don’t see this “Canon color” thing.

    I much prefer Fuji because of the film sims like Acros and Color Chrome.

    So if the primary advantage of the Canon is the perceived color and the lenses, then it’s not for me. I’m out.

    • Sounds like the primary advantage to you with the Fuji is the “names” of the color profiles. They really do not look like the film versions, at all really, but I do love the Chrome and Acros, but even then it is part mental as they use the names of old films many love. There is a huge difference in color between ALL cameras. Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, and Leica. They all present the image in a different way yet not are real to life. The only camera I have used that gives super close to real to life color is the Hasslebald X1D. Buts sometimes real life color is boring ; )

  9. Even though the Sony is the better camera feature wise, the fact that the EOS R has access to all of Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses is surely a MASSIVE advantage – especially as a higher spec Canon is coming next year.


    No IBIS but keep in mind that the 24-105mm and 35mm at launch are both stabilized.

    You could also add the Tamron SP 85mm F/1.8 Di VC USD with an adaptor.

    It’s a pity that Canon can’t include IBIS like Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji and Pentax but it’s not the end of the world either.

    Still would of been good though…

    • A lot has been made about the larger mount diameter of the EOS R, in which case it should have been much easier to implement IBIS compared to the smaller mount diameter of Sony.

  11. Thanks for the review. I am torn between the X-T3 and the Canon. Don’t own any Canon glass. Heard lots about Fuji color and ergonomics. Could compare these and any other key features you feel are important? Also maybe evf and lcd comparison. Thanks again. I’ve enjoyed your reviews for years.

  12. “If I nail a shot, it was me. If I miss, it was me.” I like this statement in particular. This is one of the reasons why I returned to shoot with vintage rangefinders again. It really helps to keep my skills trained, and I also like the simplicity of such cameras.

    Thank you very much for this very helpful review. I like Canon’s out-of-the box colors, too. Do you have an EF 85mm f/1.2 lens? I remember that you reviewed such a lens about ten years ago. I’d be interested how well the EOS R performs with that lens & adapter. It is one of my fav lenses in my Canon gear, I even use it sometimes for street (with a 5D3).

      • Dear Steve (I hope you allow me…), I look very much forward to read that review, if you get an 85/1.2. This lens is about painting with colors IMO, but you surely know what I mean.

        Regarding the R system I am really a bit in a trouble. I just decided to upgrade my EF 1.4/50mm from Canon to an EF 1.2/50mm USM but just before I hit the button Canon came up with this very tempting new R version of this gorgeous lens. Unfortunately, an R lens can’t be used on EOS DSLRs and SLRs, as far as I understand. Since I do not want to give up shooting an SLR completely at the moment (I also have an EOS 3) I am really in a conflict which fast 50mm I’d get now. The R lens line is really something!

        • I’d get the original. It’s gorgeous, half the size and almost half the cost. It’s going to give a more unique rendering as well. The new one is about being more perfect from what I have seen, so I am not sure I will even like it. Have to try it and will in about a week. But I will not get rid of my EF version. It’s a gem and on the EOS-R never will there be a focus issue.

          • Thanks, Steve, for your very helpful recommendation. So I’ll go for the old one. In fact I love the special character of some older lens designs… one of my most beloved lenses is a vintage Canon Serenar 2/100 mm from early 1960s, I even use it for street shooting.

  13. Nice review like most of your others but I am sorry. The lack of IBIS, dual card slots, full 4k video and the other things missing here are unforgivable in a $2300 camera. Not to mention the major banding issues you failed to mention. Its there, even pushing just 2 stops. We shouldn’t need a more expensive “pro” version of this camera to get the features the competition has in their entry level models. Canon being Canon again. Crippling cameras to protect their other lines at the customers expense. Ive had enough.

    • I only mention issues if I see them in real world use, as I have done for nearly 11 years now. I have not seen any banding and if you know how to take a photo, you will never ever see it. Plain and simple. I also say here clearly that if you need full frame 4k, if you need IBIS, well, this is not a camera for you. ME, I do not need 4K at all, nor do I need IBIS, never have, never will. Those things do not take away the ability to make great photos, nor do they hinder what I do in any way. Never have, never will. But some out there want the cameras to do all the work for them, and for those who do this is not a camera you will like. Nor is a Leica M10 for $7k without IBIS, with one card slot, with no video, etc. Thank you.

  14. Steve HuffI just love your approach. You love cameras and appears to have no axe to grind. I don’t think you consider it the best camera, no, but it appears you are having fun using it. It just shows that you can have fun and get good images even if its not the best and doesn’t have two card slots and IBIS. A nice approach to providing info on a new entry.

    • One of my fave cameras in life, the Leica M. $7000. No IBIS. One card slot. No video and guess what? People use them daily to make amazingly gorgeous photos. These days, many want the cameras to do all the work for them, which for me takes away the fun, the challenge and the passion. I shoot 1FPS, always. I do not need IBIS nor really want it. I do not shoot 4K (if I did, this would have been a dealbreaker). I just need a camera with great lenses, great IQ ad color, great low light, fast and accurate AF, good ergonomics and control and a nice menu system to be happy. 1080P is all I need to make me happy and I could get by with 1FPS (Hasselblad X1D, lol). Shooting a camera should be something one does for the love of photography (unless you are a pro, and in this case, this is not a pro camera) and the passion of taking and creating photos and memories. If my camera does everything for me, it sucks the fun out of it for me. So even with my Sony I never used 3/4 of the features it offered. This camera offers beautiful IQ and amazing lenses. It’s fun to use, customizable and for ME offers all I want in a camera. I think t many these days just want the cameras to do all of the work for them. Even when I shot the Soccer game with the A9 and 400mm Sony, I shot 1 frame a time. While most others had 1500-2500 photos to go through, I had maybe 100. Makes like much easier and also raises your skill when you operate the camera instead of letting the camera operate you. I am not saying it is OK that Canon left out dual card slots, or even IBIS as it should have been there without question. They shot themsleves in the foot. I am just saying it’s not really as big of a deal as some are making it out to be. If you can’t take a good picture with this camera without IBIS, then you can’t take a good one with it.

  15. Steve, very good overview of the system. I have been a Canon shooter primarily for the last 10 years or so but have shot many other systems. I’ve had this new CanonR for a week as a loaner.I see good things coming but like you I can’t wait for maybe a step up camera. I’ve had cards corrupt before so hey I’d like that too at some point. Believe it or not, not having a joystick has sent me into depression! Using the dad seems like a step back and I like to have the s green turned in. I mean all the info is in the eve right? Agreed that little touch bar to me is gimmicky. I shoot more faxt moving subjects than not and that control is not conducive to that. What do you think about the F mode? Deliberate shooters don’t really need it and for fast action you have to remove your finger off the af confirm then shoot. I may be doing it wrong but that’s just not usable. Yet! I do agree these new lenses are sharp and quick and I really like that new tech.Ive played with the Nikon 7 and it’s quite nice too. Those into video I think will opt for that rig. No 4k cropping makes it real convenient if you’re shooting and filming with just one lens. Why Canon? Anyway always love your posts. Happy shooting

    • Thanks Terrell! Believe it or not, not having a joystick doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I prefer the touch method over a joystick (but I am aware 90% prefer the joystick). I like having one on my SL only for the fact that it is set up to magnify when using M lenses (for focus) but I do not even use them on other cameras. So I did not even mention the joystick as I forgot because I really do not use them! Lol. I do think they should have put on there though over the bar, without question. They should have also started making this system three years ago ; )

  16. I agree the EOS R is a joy to use. I own Canon and Sony. Equal investment in both. The new control interface is actually easy to master and a fresh take on a modern UI. I would have preferred traditional AF-ON placement and a joystick. And a single card slot just makes the camera feel cheap. The output of this camera is the payoff. And the build/ergonomics is nice. I appreciate that lens and body are made in Japan. That’s me.

    Precisely because I find the R such a joy to shoot, I-am-even-more-frustrated that Canon doesn’t have the CPU horsepower to have made this camera shoot at 8 fps with AF/AE. I have fast cameras though so, I guess, I will enjoy the R for everything else. The consolation for owning this camera is “well it’s a mirrorless 5DIV sorta, as long as you never shoot more than 1 fps”. The image output and the 24-105 together are an awesome kit and take some of the sting away from it being a crippled 5DIV (the 5DIV can shoot 7 fps).

  17. In recent writings if my memory is correct you are using the Canon R, Canon 1DXM2, Hassy X1D, Leica SL. Of these four bodies and systems (body + native lenses), which would you say is the one you would grab when heading out the door for an afternoon and evening of fun around town?

    • Don’t forget the Olympus EM1 MKII (all on the my gear page) and Sony A7III.

      The 1DXII was never meant to be a photo camera for me, just for video use. But the photo quality is stunning with the 1dXII as is the speed. Just too large for me to want to take anywhere for photos.

      The Leica SL is a camera I only use with M mount lenses, as it is for me, the best M mount camera ever made, even better than an M itself.

      The Olympus doesn’t get much use at all anymore as other cameras have surpassed it for me.

      The X1D is also a camera I use only on occasion when I want that look.

      The A7III has now been surpassed for me by the EOS R. The Canon has better IQ in all areas for photos. Better color, sharper and more depth to the images, and low light is about the same but the Canon remains sharper and has more pop. The color of the EOS R is a stunner right out of the camera and for me, in body IS is not a requirement, not at all. For 1080 video the EOS R is fantastic and offers that same color quality as the stills.

      So I have all of these cameras and enjoy them all for what they offer. 1dxII for most video, Leica SL for M lenses, X1D for when I want the Medium Format vibe. I will probably drop the Sony and Olympus soon as I prefer the EOS R in every way over them.

      I much prefer the Canon colors, own a few Canon lenses now (four L lenses), prefer the Canon ergonomics and menu, and really love the new Canon lenses that are the heart of the system. I know Canon will release a more pro level body eventually (1dx style but smaller) but I see the future in their lenses with are superb. I have no interest in the Nikon as the lenses they have announced at launch were lackluster for my tastes.

      Who knows, I may whittle down my collection to 2-3 cameras here soon. Bank some money. ; )

      • Steve,
        Tough choices… I also have the SL, the E-M1 Mk II, and lots of Canon glass. Like you, the SL is my choice for M-mount lenses. Beyond that, what are your thoughts regarding the EOS R vs the X-T3 vs the E-M1 Mk II? All are different formats, but more from an experience and result standpoint…

        • I would take the EOS-R over the X-T3 or Olympus, no question. I feel the X-T3 is the best APS-C camera but it doesn’t compete with full frame in that depth of the image, or even the Canon color. The Canon is faster in use as well, and better at higher ISO. I was so tempted by the X-T3 but decided to wait until the EOS-R arrived, to see if I would keep the EOS or sell it off after review. If I did that I was going to buy the fuji (and sell off something else as well). But I am keeping the EOS-R for sure, I am really enjoying it and the lack of joystick doesn’t bother me as I actually prefer using my thumb while I look through the EVF to move my AF point. ; )

          • Awesome information Steve!! My Canon L glass has been in a box since I started shooting Leica about 3 years ago (and I love the SL), but the EOS-R might cause me to reconsider Canon in addition to Leica; Canon for AF and speed, Leica for MF and the experience 😉

    • Nick,
      Is that degrees Fahrenheit? I have good experiences with Canon at low temperatures. The photo on top of my Twitter account @OpenMarketingTV was made at minus 21 celcius and a wind chill of about minus 30 celcius.

  18. Hi Steve, cannot wait for your review!!! Holding my Canon glasses till now. Trid the EOS R briefly against the Nikon Z6, Canon holds better, feel more polish, and has less buttons. Well, except the sliding bar, don’t like it at tall.

  19. This camera makes wonderful images. The color is gorgeous. Canon, having omitted desirable mirrorless features such as IBIS and two card slots, STILL managed to exploit Sony’s Achilles heal(s), color and ergonomics, with the EOS R. If Sony wants “Lights Out” dominance in the mirrorless space, they must address these weaknesses.

    • Canon is in more difficult situation because they don’t produce as much sensors as Sony so Canon focuses more on lenses and ergonomy. Having said this I wonder why EOR-R is so minimalistic in design for such high price.

      I considered going EOS-R but for critical work (weddings, sports) camera must be ultra-fast to operate/ switch modes and DSLR is still better option. For non-stressed/ relaxed use EOS-R is a good camera. No dual card slots in EOS-R disqualifies it for professional work (cards do fail, rarely but they unfortunately do it).

      • Ive used my EOS-R maybe 3-4 days per week since it was released, 1st day. It has bene 100% reliable and never has it have me on bit of frustration in any way. Sadly these days most overblow so called “issues” just to to rant on Youtube and get views. No issues for me with the EOS-R and I have used it in fast paced environments as well. Lovely camera and IQ.

  20. The 24-105L RF images look sharp, looks like a good lens.

    The mystery camera is a rangefinder style camera so I’m guessing it’s the GFX 5oR.

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