Travel + Street Photography with a Sony RX100 VI by Caesar Lima

Travel + Street Photography with a Sony RX100 VI

Photos by Caesar Lima – For more of his Personal work: Go to:

During my last trip to South America I took the amazing RX100V1 and I was impressed because even though it’s very small, it’s mighty. I ended up using it a lot more than I expected. Because of it’s size it’s always in your hands which allows you to respond very quickly to any photo opportunity that may show up.

The big new feature of the Mark VI is its zoom lens, it starts at the same 24mm (equivalent focal length) of its predecessors, but now extends way out to 200mm.  The camera powers on very quickly and the built in EVF is very sharp and useful when you are in a very bright situation. The focus is faster than the Mark V5 but sometimes when you’re all the way on the 200mm it was hard to hold the focus, it kept searching.

Because it’s so small I ended up adding a Fotomix grip which makes it way more comfortable to hold and operate. Battery life could become an issue so you should buy at least a couple extra ones.

Here are some images, enjoy!


  1. Very nice collection of shots. I’ve been pleased with results with my Rx100.5 as a companion and backup to an A9 with a 16-35 f2.8 when traveling by air. Your post suggests the Rx100.6 might serve that role even better.

  2. There are some great images there Cesar, especially the leading photo of the airplane port. Makes me want to take a plane even thought I hate plane travel!

  3. I find these images strangely flat and one-dimensional.

    My original RX100 died, and I’ve replaced it with the Mk 4 – but may go back to the Mk 1. That had the smaller size and carry-everywhere-ness that the later ones seem to have less of.

  4. Great pictures which really show the capabilities of this camera. I have the MkIII which I enjoy and which also impresses me. For extra length I usually twin it with the little Leica C which goes out to 200mm with no problems and has the very useful “through window” mode.

  5. I’ve owned all the RX100s’ but this last one (M6) is truly capable of progressional work Since its only weaknesses is its lack of weatherproofing, ability to make huge enlargements, and truly dim-light capabilities, I ended selling most of my other gear and buying a Sony a7RII as my” backup camera.” I have it equipped with the Tamron f2.8 28-75mm lens and the Sony 56mm f1.8 lens, and now 6-pound camera bag can handle any shooting situation that’s likely to occur. I have to admit that I use the RX100-M6 about 80% of the time, filling in the the larger Sony only when the M6 can’t do the job.

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