MUST SEE: Geography of Poverty. A journey through forgotten America.

MUST SEE: Geography of Poverty

A journey through forgotten America


If you have not yet seen this, it is pretty amazing. Photos shot by Magnum Photographer Matt Black using a Sony RX100 II.

Check out the story and amazing imagery on MSNBC HERE. Be sure to scroll through the various sections “southwest” – “South” – “Northeast” and others. I spent an hour reading the entire story and viewing the extraordinary images and I think you should to.

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  1. Think about the billions spent on arms and weapons of mass destruction when you view these images -thanks Steve for posting.

    • That’s actually a good question. If you compare them to “real” social documentary photography of the past (many examples spring to mind), one has to wonder about the effect of publishing the images. In what way did they help the persons portrayed?

      And then, these are different times. Through the internet, everyone knows about everything, in an instant. That accounts for a lot of numbing of the senses.

  2. There are 1000s of other cameras and phones that could be used but that was not the photographer’s choice.

  3. I am impressed by the words, statistics, documentation, and yes: the great pictures in this article. Thank you for this link!

  4. Compelling images to go with an incredible account of the lives of many of the unheard, in America. This is real storytelling. I feel a bit embarrassed about my GAS now. Not only because of the acute poverty in this world. But also because Matt Black shows what you can do with a good p&s camera.

  5. It’s a very complicated, crossborder, crossnations, issue. From a European point of view part (only part) of the cause lies in Americans’ dislike of government in whatever form (think of of Obama’s healthcare bill).

    Well, presidential elections next year.

  6. I thought this was an incredible piece of work, it reminded me strongly of Dorothea Lange and her heart wrenching images. This highlights the profound gulf between those with money and power and those without. The photographer has not in my view exploited those he has met on this epic road trip, on the contrary he has shown their plight in a raw and visceral way.

    The images are striking, made all the more impactive with his choice of B&W which really does heighten the narrative in a way colour could never do.

  7. Thanks for posting Steve. How to offer some sort of hope for such a large part of America? What a problem!

  8. A very powerful suite! Sadly in one of the world’s most wealthy countries. How does this happen except for simple greed!?

  9. All Americans should watch these amazing pictures. A camera is just a tool: a box, a lens and a medium ( a sensor or film). This project illustrates that the camera is only of secondary importance. It is the person using it that makes the picture.
    Also it would be perversely ironic to shoot a story about poverty on an absurdly priced camera. Any modern day 10 megapixel camera can shoot captivating pictures if in capable hands.

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