The Voigtlander 110 f/2.5 Macro APO Lanthar Sony E MOUNT

The Voigtlander 110 f/2.5 Macro APO Lanthar Sony E MOUNT

You can order it now or read more about it at CameraQuest HERE. 

Just a note to say the new Voihtlander 110mm f/2.5 Macro APO Lanther for Sony E Mount is in stock at NOW! This is a serious hunk of glass and I have had one in hand for a few weeks now.

I will have a review soon but so far it is producing some beautiful rendering. This is a killer portrait lens if you are OK with manual focus. Me, I prefer it and using this lens on a Sony A7RIII, A7III or A9 is a treat.

A few JPEGS from the Sony A6400 using this lens. More from it on the A7III soon..

It is typical Voigtlander and then some when it comes to build and design. Superb.

You can order it now or read more about it at CameraQuest HERE. 


  1. Steve, this could be a great (long lens) travel lens, love that fact that in addition to portraiture the Voigt can also be used for macro work. And on a full-frame Sony, just go into 35mm Crop Mode and it becomes a 220mm lens…BINGO! I’m currently using the excellent 4/85mm Zeiss ZM but am looking for more bokeh and the added bonus of a close-up lens is a killer combo. The one thing I do find with most Voigts is aside from being very well [“tank like”] built they are heavy. Did you feel that it is well balanced or brickish?

  2. This is a Makro lens, so why are there no examples of macro instead of portraits only?

    • Because I have not yet reviewed it. It’s also much more than a Macro lens. It’s great for portraits as well. Similar to the 65 f/2 I reviewed last year in rendering, build, design.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Aren’t the second and third to last photo the same from the A6400 review? I loved them there and they made me consider the A6400, so I hope they are mistakingly put here, although it doesn’t look like… 🙂


      • Sorry, I must have been hungry when I typed that. Didn’t mean to sound too demanding. Thanks for the work you are putting into this review. I guess I see portraits on the macro lens as the bonus and not the other way around. Haha.

  4. I have tried yesterday at the shop, this lense very sharp, strong contrast and beautiful boken. I will consider to buy later as I have 85 1.8 already.

  5. I kind of expecting that this lens will be made in M mount so I can use it on fuji and sony. And for nikon and canon owners as well.

  6. Cool shots, great model.Voigtlander are putting out some very good lenses at present.I eagerly await your review.Thanx.

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