Leica is not just for Street by Jesus


Leica is not just for Street

by Jesus

Hey Steve , love your website. I’ve sent you a few images in the past but never submitted any so here goes…

I recently had surgery for a torn adductor muscle so I’ve had time to do a little web surfing.

Funny thing most articles I’ve read  on the old inter web insist Leica rangefinders are strictly to be used as street photography instruments.

Apparently I didn’t get the memo. I’m a machinist by trade and I think that’s what drew me to the Leica M. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a dozen M bodies and 3 R bodies and around 50 lenses.


And I’ve never shot street photography.

I’m also amused by the comments that only dentist and doctors used Leica’s so here’s a few images that I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot with friends and live in muses

First Two Images

Leica M9 50 MM Asph



Amber Leica M8 75 APO



M9 50 Lux


And finally
Live in muse and friend

Leica M7
50 Lux
Agfa 100 APX


Abrazos ~ Jesus


  1. I agree with you, I use my M4-P and M6 for the life of my family, my friends, outside inside, everywhere ! That’s the deal : everywhere at any time ;-))

  2. Steve keeps telling us, to click on the images to see the correct size!

    A statement, that a picture is not sharp, has nothing to do with pixel peeping. If an image in this small Web size is not really sharp, how will it look in printed size?

    You can not compare street photography with studio portraits, especially the great images of HCB. Street usually depends on a situation, that can not be controlled in most cases (check the perfect street photographs of Ming Thein). In this case here we see studio shots, that are controlled 100%, light, pose and color. If I shoot wide open in a studio, I do focus bracketing to make sure, that I get the desired focus (usually on the eyes of course).

    Try to find professional portraits, where the eyes are not sharp.

    Investing thousands of $ in the best lenses is pretty useless, if you just don’t care about sharp images. In that case better save a lot of money and use a kit lens.

    If someone puts some time and effort in a post here, he deserves that we really LOOK at the pictures and give some feedback (positive AND negative), not just “nice pictures”.

    Feel free to comment on my portraits:
    on some of them the eyes are not sharp 🙂

  3. All images are wonderful -my favourite is Eva. I shoot street with Leica. I know only one other photographer who does likewise -we occasionally cross paths. I know photographers who use Leicas -none have ever shot street.
    They mostly shoot travel and landscape. It seems glamour and portraiture are an option also !
    Image is the only thing that matters and the connection it makes with you on a strange and completely unmeasured level is what it is all about. Get over it !

  4. Second and the last are my favorites – love the colors and rendering. He has an eye for the light and composing, paired with very nice optics. Like your work – it must be hard to choose which pictures to show for this topic.

  5. Wow. Now that’s just another example of what ruins photography…pixel peeping etc. The thing is, you’d hate every one of HCBs pictures too, for all these reasons and a dozen more. None of the greatest photographs of the 20th century would pass any of the ‘tests’ thrown at them these days….yet they’re still the greatest pictures of the 20th century. Composition and light does actually matter…I know that’s a shocker for everyone who spends hours reviewing DXO comparisons, but it’s actually TRUE. People need to wake up and realize that the standard – the ONLY standard – is actually the viewing distance from a print of a certain size in a gallery, vs. staring at a screen full of ones and zeros and microanalyzing whether the left pupil is slightly softer than the right one. The ‘analysis’ on most of the sites these days, by self-professed ‘experts’ typically involves what would amount to standing with your face 5 inches from a 4 foot tall picture and complaining about ‘resolution’. It’s meaningless – time to get back to photography everyone.

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nice comment, Jon. I have found myself guilty of pixel-peeping pleasures that can sometimes transmit into digital drudgery as I find flaw in some – just some – of other photographers work, and then my own. I agree – light, composition, and I’d add color and subject matter – rule. Otherwise, distorted, muted and flawed mangles of imagery would never move us. But they do as symbols and dreams and possibilities in the human mind.

  6. the first one is my favorite, followed by the last two images.

    But sorry Jesus,I have a big BUT:
    on the first image the mouth is sharp, not the eyes, so is the 3rd image
    the 2nd is very small but looks not sharp to me
    #4 is not sharp, the focus seams to be the hair between the eyes and the ear

    I have huge problems, when I use the 75mm Cron on the MM wide open, even with a loupe on the finder. Only in the studio with flash and at f/8 the DOF is good enough for perfect images.

  7. What are pastured hens? How many camera’s does one need? I have also several but limit my self to three current camera’s dslr canon rebel, ilc sony nex 6 , compact pana lumix, + sony xperia T3.Not a camera but i choose it because i like the sony photo character/ style. Anyway the pictures are very nice.

  8. The portraits look great. I also love the nudes. Very good use of the frame. Well done Jesus.

    As for the pop, it would probably not look as good if it had pop and sparkle.

  9. Just a heads up Steve, but the Facebook photo that came across my feed shows, well, boob. It shows the last picture. Don’t want you running afoul of the FB Police.

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