Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4 on the Fuji GFX by Rai

Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4 on the Fuji GFX

by Rai

Hi Steve,

I have recently purchased the new Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm 1.4 for the GFX 50S and wanted to share a couple of images from this combo for your readers.

The lens is very heavy – similar to Zeiss Otus and seems well constructed with the aperture ring being smooth.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness  and 3D look of this lens when shot at 1.4 , and at the price of 1100.00 USD including customs and shipping to UK, it’s a definite keeper for me.

Both images taken wide open, will be happy to answer any questions on the lens.



  1. HI Steve,

    These are amazing photos. Exactly what i want to achieve with my photography.
    I’m sure that smaller sensor camera can only achieve this level of DOF separation by Brenizer method.
    I really want to see another works from Rai. Do you have his blog/website address?

  2. From a purely technical standpoint, these are some of the best looking files I’ve seen on this site, which I think says a lot.

  3. I’m quite interested in the Fuji GFX line, specifically the GFX 50R. However, the biggest reason I haven’t sold off my Leica SL and lenses is the lack of fast glass for the Fuji GFX. I actually wasn’t even aware that Mitakon made lenses for the Fuji, so this is a surprise! Nice shots, would love to see more. Is there a 35mm equivalent that these guys make? A quick Google search didn’t come up with anything.

    • 65mm f/1.4 on the GFX is equivalent to 51mm f/1.1 on 35mm. There are dozens of 50mm lenses available for 35mm format, including many with similar apertures, or even bigger ones! Mitakon actually makes a 50mm f/0.95 for full-frame mirrorless though only for Sony E-mount. If you’re looking for M-mount, Voigtlander or 7artisans will be your only affordable options (or splurge for a Noctilux).

    • If you are using autofocus with the Leica SL, test the 50R first before you make any decision. The autofocus is not bad for a medium format camera, but you cannot compare it to the SL. I have used the SL before and I own the 50R.

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