New Leica SL Bundle (Lower Prices) May 2019

New Leica SL Bundle (Lower Prices) May 2019

Leica is offering a new lower price on the Leica SL but only in bundle form. You can save some big money by picking up a new Leica SL with either the 24-90 f/4 or the 50 1.4 Summilux. Both of these are amazing lenses but also large lenses. Optically though they are superb and offer that Leica vibe through and through.

When you buy the Leica SL with the 24-90, as shown above, you pay $7995 which is a savings of $3,375.

When you buy the Leica SL with the 50 1.4 Summilux, you will pay $7995 which is a savings of $3,720.

You can see my SL review HERE. You can see my 50 1.4 Summilux review HERE.

You can see all of the SL deals at B&H Photo HERE. 

BTW, I feel Leica is lowering the cost of these for two reasons. One, the SL is now four years old. A new model is rumored to be coming this year most likely Sep-Nov 2019. Also, the Panasonic S1 is now out and sells for $2499 and is technically better than the SL. Sensor, 5 Axis IS, EVF, Battery, Low light performance, is better with the S1 over the SL so Leica has to lower the price to unload the remaining stock. With that said, the SL remains one of my fave digital cameras of all time.


  1. I won’t mention the price I paid but let’s just say that hooked me up on a brand new SL body today. Give them a call and thank me afterwards.

  2. For those who want a brand new SL body only, it may very well pay to buy one with one of these deals. Standard price of the SL is $6,000. The 24-90 is $5,000. If you sold the 24-90 for $4,000, the SL is now $4,000, a saving of $2000. Worth it?

  3. Would you? Wouldn’t you?! I am so so torn between SL and Lumix S1 – starting from scratch again … but looking to build long term – R lenses on the S1 – that would work? But one kit lens for now … the simplicity and build of the SL draws me in and if they were the same price ie. 2k i think it would win … but 1k more for the SL – that would be silly, right?! Perhaps i should forego a kit lens – how good are the SL and S1 bundle zooms … and buy an R macro to go on the … ?!! Which one?! Please leave your thoughts, all – thanks Steve

    • The SL is $5995 for a body only. The S1 is $2499 so the SL is $3500 more. R lenses will work on the SL or S1 via adapters. Remember these are the same lens mount, the L mount. The kit zoom of the S1 is not as good as the 24-90 from Leica, as I stated in my reviews but it is smaller, lighter, much less expensive and about 80% there in IQ. The S1 wins in all aspects of IQ and features for me, but the Leica wins in design and overall mojo ; ) I also enjoy using the SL more.

      • Thanks Steve; im in the uk so the difference is 31oo for the SL with a ‘trade-in’ to 21oo for the S1. Not so different perhaps … ?! Heart says SL, brain S1! It’s a massive financial decision … goodness – thanks again for your reviews, words etc.

      • The Leica Store Miami is advertising the SL body only for $4495 with the trade in of ANY working DSLR. Matters not if this is a Nikon D850 or a Canon Digital Rebel from 2003… just has to be working.

      • Hi Steve, do you know if the aperture ring on the Panasonic s pro 50mm f/1.4 works on the Leica SL or do you have to keep it in A mode and use the body to set the aperture. I just got a wicked deal on a used SL but the native lenses are so expensive.
        Thank you

        • I would say it works. I have not tested it as Panasonic does not send me review units. But I see no reason why it would not work as they were designed to work with both Panasonic and Leica bodies. I know if I bought one and it did not work on my SL, I would return the lens. So I am sure it works. The Leica SL had a recent firmware update to allow use of these Panasonic lenses. Part of the “L Mount Alliance”.

  4. The Leica SL2 will appear next June 2019 as told by Leica Italia in its Facebook Page and deleted few hours later.

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