Lithuania Street Photography Images with the Leica M10 by Dan Bar

Lithuania Street Photography Images with the Leica M10

by Dan Bar

Hi Steve

As you can see I am back from Lithuania a beautiful country with lovely people. It is not a big country but beautiful with lovely people. As always I took my Leica M10 and M9M and as always mostly shot people and less landscapes.
Here are some of the photos.
Take care!


  1. The general darkness that folks have commented on looks to me like a lack of dynamic range. If the highlights are properly exposed, the darks fall way down in the murky depths. I’ve never played with a Leica, so I don’t know what the sensor’s range is like. I keep reading that modern sensors have surpassed film’s dynamic range; but I always notice that B&W street photography done on a digital Leica looks _way_ dingy to me. Our street phot’y tastes are influenced by our familiarity with pushed Tri-X. But it just doesn’t look the same on digital. Negative film is so darn resilient in the highlights that even shot @ 1600, the mid-tones can hold enough light to avoid that dinginess, in a way that digital can’t avoid. I downloaded one of the above shots and played with it in Affinity Photo. While I was able to make the shot look far better to my tastes, there was still vast amounts of the frame that was irredeemably clipped to pure black. :^/

  2. Danny, another great set of photos. It seems everybody agrees on great composition but I truly enjoy the darkness of your shots. I find it helpful to read the photo gradually by following the light and focus subject and expand to the full composition. Great job!

  3. Hello, some fantastic compositions and edits here, i personally love the use of retaining the highlights and allowing the shadows to fall relative to this.
    But which lenses were used? For me this is a more important statement than the camera used. Thanks!

  4. One of the galleries and post in general I see here recently. Beautiful processing and seeing of the light! Thank you for sharing these images!

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