An Indian Adventure with the Fuji X100F by Rohit

An Indian Adventure with the Fuji X100F

By RohitSee his website HERE

Over the past few years, I’ve had to opportunity to travel to many countries and capture magnificent landmarks from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the bright blue domes in Santorini, but I always felt something was missing and that was capturing the quiet beauty of my hometown Bangalore. There’s so much character and vibrancy to the city I was born in and I never got around to telling it’s story through my lens. 

However, that wish came true when I visited India this summer with my beloved Fuji X100F. I spent many mornings walking through the streets, bustling markets and neighborhoods to try and capture the true essence of the city. This was truly a homecoming of sorts and these pictures are an ode to my hometown.

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  1. One of the things I love about guest posts is seeing more of the author’s work on their homepage, and your site does not disappoint! Just like the post here vibrant and beautiful photos that tell a story. Thank you for sharing, rohit!

  2. Dude is that really all the Bangalore city? Don’t take it personally, but time and again I fail to understand why people just take pictures of poor areas, broken cars, heaps of rubbish when they show pictures from India. All that is there in Paris too but nobody seems to find beauty in that!

    • Yes, this is Bangalore and within 2-3kms of my home. These are the surroundings I was born and raised up in which is the sole reason of me wanting to capture it through my lens and create a memory for life. I disagree with you, there are plenty of examples of the rich and affluent side of India as well but this is the story I chose to tell as it’s true to me!

      • Sure.. understand if it’s in an village sort of location near Bangalore. I haven’t seen any examples of rich and affluent or let’s say even middle class side of India. Even past few posts I’ve seen on this site have pictures of poverty and nothing else. I personally feel it’s been a fashion to shoot poverty in India that’s what I was getting at. Nothing personal with you!

        • If you go to rich neighborhoods to shoot there won’t be much story or color to tell plus some security guard from rich house might be after you plus they probably will look like real estate advertising shots. I believe this is similar to how Landscape photographers go to nice places and shoot at sunrise and sunset.

    • Did you actually look at the photos before making that comment?
      There’s alot more than broken cars and rubbish in there.

      • Yes. I wouldn’t waste my time commenting otherwise. I’ve been a reader of this site for long and appreciate it. However I’m equally right to express my opinion being from India and living in the UK since last 20 years.

    • @Mahesh, weird comment…. the pictures are not portraying any poverty…. yes the people in them are not driving BMws and wearing a Rolex, but they dont seem to be starving either… and like it or not that’s the reason people go to India to shoot, because of the colors and the people, they dont go to shoot boring rich people houses or people driving expensive cars, why will you even do that?

  3. Really enjoyed looking at your home city through your lens Rohit. The guest pictorials are one of my favorite things about Steve’s site. Thanks so much!

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