COMPARISON! Leica SL2, Leica T, Leica M10-P, and Sony A9 by Brad Husick

COMPARISON! Leica SL2, Leica T, Leica M10-P, and Sony A9

By Brad Husick

I had some fun today courtesy of the Leica Store Bellevue and Leica USA. We got a chance to walk around with the new SL2. Just to make things more interesting, I brought along some other cameras to include in the crazy comparison.

Each of these was taken at 35mm focal length, ISO 800, RAW. They were imported to Lightroom and no adjustments were made. The SL2 file was downsized to 6000×4000 pixels, and the T was upsized to the same dimensions.

The cameras used were the Leica SL2, Leica T, Leica M10-P, and Sony A9: 47, 16.3, 24, and 24 megapixels respectively.

I will have a more extensive article and comparison soon, but just for fun, here are the four images at 100% zoom, cropped to show the center of the frame. See if you can correctly identify the camera used to make each image.


Brad Husick

CEO, Concierge Photographics


    • Thanks for your answer, that tell a lot about our colour science (we,readers) though it is Adobe colour science in that case 🙂
      Really there is not to much of a difference in the first 3 images that ca be adjust easily to look the same, only the last one is a big step down.

  1. 1: Leica SL2 – By far the most detail, thanks to 47mp and no anti-aliasing filter.
    2: Sony A9 – Soft image of Sony, which likely has anti-aliasing filter.
    3: Leica M10 – second most sharp image, but with older Leica warm tone (based off my experience with M-E/M9 output).
    4: Leica T – Super low resolution crap compared to the other 3.

    A second possibility is:
    2: Leica M10 – Rangefinder mis-focus caused image to appear softer.
    3: Sony A9 – Warm may be possible of newer Sony images (in years past they were cool)

  2. I change my mind,
    I 1st said:
    1: A9
    2: SL2
    3: M10
    4: T

    Now I think the third could really be the A9, even if focus is not perfect, we don’t know how it was focused, but colors are less on the blue hue, more on the yellow one, as often in “Adobe default settings” for Sony
    1: M10
    2: SL2
    3: A9
    4: T

    • Most likely. #2 has a different hair tone from the rest – different “color science” thus most likely a9.
      #1 Most details.
      #3 M10
      #4 T

  3. The fact that you are all guessing just shows how ridiculous this all is.
    If it made any real difference you’d be able to know instantly which is which just by looking.
    Next, Pepsi vs cola vs no brand cola vs..wait for it.. LeicaCola.

  4. Depth of field (look at the bokeh of the white road turtles behind the subject) suggests that 4 is the Leica T, as Chad noted. I’m going to guess that 3 is the M10P because focus seems to have missed slightly – which might hint at an MF lens. That leaves 1 & 2. I’m going to guess that 1 is the SL2; if you zoom way in you’ll see that the stubble on the subject’s cheek is sharper in image 1 than image 2. I’m guessing that this is the additional sharpness from the 47MP sensor showing through even after downsampling. So:

    1. Leica SL2
    2. Sony A9
    3. Leica M10P
    4. Leica T

  5. Here’s my interpretation – the 2nd & 3rd image seem to have the same color rendition, so my guess is that they are both Leica. The first image seems to have different colours. The last one is obviously the one with the lowest resolution.

    1. Sony A9
    2. Leica M10
    3. Leica SL2
    4. Leica T

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