This is NOT A TEST.

This is NOT A TEST. 

By Steve Huff

It’s not a time to review or buy cameras. It’s not a time to buy anything but necessities to get us though LIFE for the next 90 days. Keep your money, you may need it. 

As I sit here on my couch at home I feel like we are all in an episode of the Twilight Zone, or Black Mirror. But no, this is not a movie or a show or fantasy. It is very real and while many blew it off a month ago, and even still are today, I feel we are in for some bad bad times ahead. The writing is on the wall.

This is a website that has been around for twelve years, reviewing cameras and camera gear along with Audio HiFi gear. Today, as of now, it does not feel right to review anything as the world is suffering, we are in a recession and I predict we will be in a depression this year. I expect the damage from this to be catastrophic, for many reasons.

I know at least for me, I could care less right now about what new camera may be out. This is not a time for that, for me. Sure, life goes on but as of now, we have to asses our situations, take care of our families and be responsible to avoid spreading this to others. I believe we will have close to 100K infected in the USA within 10-12 days. Unless we lock down AS A NATION NOW, it will grow and grow. This is just common sense and it is happening daily with MINIMAL testing. We are not testing many at all at this time.

Anyone who has been paying attention to what is happening closely understands the reality of our situation. If you have not been paying attention closely to the facts, you may not understand the breadth of this crisis we are in. Not just here in America but WORLD WIDE. We all deal with fear in different ways. Some of us shut down. Some go into denial and deny what is happening. Some of us get angry, and some of us get depressed. We must accept it as the new reality. Life has changed. Period. Just like that. It bums me out but I also like to think of the good things over the bad. The extra time with family, with my Son. Playing games, watching old shows (The Walton’s from the 70’s is our current series, a time of depression itself..and family, and love).

Because we are lagging in response here in the USA, and we have seriously lagged (I feel a lockdown should have been in place weeks ago, and tests, masks and gloves should have been here immediately, we still do not have these things. Tests are MINIMAL even today). We will be seeing catastrophic numbers of new people who are getting this virus over the next few months. In fact I believe 100% we will end up in a nationwide lockdown by next week, that’s my predictions. Again, hope I am wrong but the trajectory we are on says otherwise.

If we look at what is happening in Italy, who have been locked down for two weeks now yet their death rate keeps growing daily (today 680+ deaths, yesterday 500+, tomorrow ?). We should be locked down NOW, NATIONWIDE. It is up to me and you to get through this, no politician will help you. Only you can help you. You do that by STAYING INSIDE. Yes, it is hard. You have work, you have routines but this is beyond all of that.


A real time counter of cases, deaths and recoveries. Also, broken down by state. This updates throughout the day. The numbers are rising and rising, and this is with us TRYING to stop it. Let’s all do our part to slow this down. 


You may not fear this virus, and we really should not fear anything in life, but we should RESPECT it. While it will not kill all of us, or even most of us or even the majority of us it can and is killing many. People in their 20’s to their 90’s have fallen from this virus, and it spreads MUCH easier than the flu. Many are out RIGHT NOW spreading it without even knowing as many who get it show NO symptoms yet some suffer and die within 14 days of contracting this virus. If you are elderly, have any kind of underlying condition from Asthma to Heart Disease to having had cancer treatments or even just high blood pressure, the odds of serious illness, hospitalization or death RISE greatly and far beyond the 2-3% you see out there. You can be in your 20’s, and have Asthma and die from this. It’s not a joke.

So we need to do all of our parts and stay inside during this time. We will soon be forced to, and rightly so.

China has been able to slow this down. To a halt, finally. The way they got there though was by very strict lockdown. Here in the USA we are lax, everyone is out and many are not taking this serious at all. Kids were on beaches for the last few days in Florida like nothing was wrong. They will now go home and some will spread it to their family. One girl even said she lived with her Grandmother and was not concerned. THIS behavior and lack of understanding is what will hurt us here.

All one has to do is look at how it spreads (touch, sneeze, cough and it survives in the air for up to 3 hours). It’s easy to catch. Use an ATM? It could be on your fingers. Touch ANYTHING and you can get it. With so many out there touching everything in stores or anywhere it is spreading like crazy and many more of us have this then we know as testing has been MINIMAL. This is an aggressive virus, and can linger on our doorknobs for days. This is why in our house, right now, no one in, no one leaves unless it’s for food items. If we all did this, we would squash the virus within weeks. But that will never happen as most refuse to take these uncomfortable precautions here in the USA and those are the ones who ruin it for everyone.

Look at Italy, who is in dire trouble. Two weeks into their lockdown and still 600 deaths in the last 24 hours. We are now growing in our numbers faster than Italy. Because we have done nothing.

What I am saying here is we are about to head into the roughest time of our lives, in our lifetime, here in the USA. It’s real, and it’s here. It’s not fear mongering, it is reality.

With all of this on the way, and what I feel will be a nationwide lockdown by mid next week, try to look at the positive of anything you can as stress, fear and worry will really be hard on us.

As for us, we have been locked down in our home, doing our part, for days. We are ready for as long as it takes. No one can enter our house, and when we leave for groceries we will have a mask and gloves when we do so. We started this four days ago and are prepared for the long haul. 

When we get through this, I am not sure what I will do here with this website. I believe a depression is coming to the USA this year. I HOPE I am wrong but 2.2 million filed for unemployment this week, stocks have tanked, sports have shut down, car makers have shut down, airlines are almost bankrupt, housing is already dropping in price in what last week was a HOT market. It goes on…Restaurants are dying, retail is dead and in some areas of the world the internet is starting to stress. Hollywood has she down, TV shows shut down, late night shows are now on YouTube, broadcast from homes now. Small business is hurting and people like me, well, it’s not looking good.

The virus will spread much much more in the coning days and weeks. So I see more massive losses in all industries, including photography and HiFi as this is not a two-week crisis. This will have effects for years, and the immediate effect will most likely last into 2021.

I guess we will have to see and I HOPE I am wrong, I would love to be. See, I have underlying conditions, as does Debby. We are over 50 so we do not want to get this, and we surely would never want to spread it. So we are taking responsibility for ourselves and others, and I hope you are all doing the same NOW.

So no, this is not a test. 


I do see a bright side to all of this. Even with all of the loss we will see this year I believe that when it’s over we will be kinder to each other. We just may realize we almost lost what we take for granted every day. We will see how we have been killing this earth without regard as we will see skies clear and amazing things from our lack of polluting. We are already seeing this in other part so the world, like Italy, and that is the beautiful and hopeful part of all of this. It may just show us that we need to respect each other, our planet and appreciate what we do have. I see this clearly as sometimes it takes an event like this to fix the ebb and flow of the world and human behavior.

Have hope, have faith and have love and positivity as well. It may be hard right now to get out of panic mode, but of you fully understand what may be coming, you will be mentally prepared. If you blow it off now, when it hits you will be in shock. Always better to know what is ahead.

Stay safe my friends and when this is all over with we will have to see where we are as a WORLD. This WILL forever change our world, so be safe, stay inside, be considerate of friends and family and heed the warnings we are hearing DAILY now. Do you think the world would shut down if it was just the FLU? Well, no it wouldn’t.

Love you all, and we will get through this. I’ll update here as I can, if I have something to write about. Do not expect reviews from me anytime in the next few weeks. Maybe commentary but no reviews. Now is not the time. Finally, if there are some out there still in denial? Come back in 10 days here and see where we are at. I will be HAPPY to be wrong, but fear I am not so this is MY warning to YOU, my friends, my readers and those who have been with me on this incredible ride since the start.

It will be amazing when we get through this. LOVE IS THE KEY.


PS – We still can hope that the heat of the summer will KILL this virus. That would be welcome and a relief for the world.


  1. Steve, you are absolutely right. Thank you for taking the time to write to your subscribers, old and new.

  2. Remember : Starve fear, fear is the puppet hand.

    Instead Feed : Kindness, Understanding, Giving, Honesty, Selflessness, Creativity, Generosity.

  3. Grow a garden this year if you can, learn to preserve food and stock-up. Food shortages and massive food inflation are on their way. Be warned!
    Stay safe, stay healthy.

  4. Look to Joseph Sudek and his “Window of my Atelier” series.. every constraint can be creative stimulus. Use this time to find new angles on life!

  5. Hey Steve, thank you for your heartfelt article. It is important for people to realize the coronavirus situation is very serious and deadly and everyone should take precarious measures to avoid catching and spreading the virus. I am currently in Hong Kong, and because HK went through SARS in 2002-03, we all know what to do. Masks, social distancing, stay at home unless necessary. Case number are still raising mostly because of people coming back from Europe or US. Most people are still working, with some working from home. We stop and don’t stop. We stop to contain the virus, and don’t stop to keep the society running.
    I remember I was living in CA on September 11, 2001. Everyone in the whole nation was scared. Everyone has doubt on their mind, is it safe to go out? But I remember someone says (maybe it’s then President Bush), if you are afraid to go out, then the terrorist has already won. Of course I’m not asking you or anyone to go out now, that’s not how this war against the virus is fought. But you can help the fight by keep doing what you love. Sure, go take a week off or two to keep your mind straight and be with your love ones, and come back and do what you love, share what you love. This is the way to fight and win. Stay home and stay safe everyone.

  6. This is one of your best reviews. I live in Italy, we’re in the middle of a big crises, now and for the next month. We live in our houses, going out just for food and garbage. Some of us can do ‘smart working’, most live with state subsidy ‘cause all industries and shops are shut down. To finance this the public debt will increase, and we’ll pay it and the interest in the future. Your reviews are mostly interesting, sometimes I don’t agree with your opinion, but you’re right, It’s no time to review a camera

  7. This is not the time for gear reviews, but it certainly is the time for photographers to document what it’s like in March, 2020.

  8. Thanks for all your great reviews and everything you do. I do have to say that IMO NOW is the time more than ever to buy cameras and audio gear provided we have the ability to do so. These companies are all hurting because of increasing unemployment, layoffs and economic uncertainty…sales are drying up. If we expect these companies we love to survive this we must support them now…all while practicing appropriate social distancing…of purchasing online. If we all wait, we may be surprised that many are gone when this is over. Big publicly traded camera/audio companies will survive but small boutique build to order audio companies may not survive if nobody buys their gear for 90-120 days. I can’t imagine a world where I can only get a panasonic camera and a sony receiver.

  9. Look how corona has brought the world together.
    Worldwide people feeling solidarity with one another.
    Worldwide people doing things for one another.

    There has never been such unity.
    There has never been such universal introspection.

    Deforestation, pollution, damage to environment,
    eroding natural habitat of wildlife plummeted.

    Earth has been given some respite breathing space.

    Wars are affected.

    Crime dropped except domestic abuse against women increased

    1in4 more likely 1in2 Women suffer domestic abuse :
    Not just physical abuse not just bullying;
    made to feel stupid inadequate, talked down, to made fun of, patronized
    which nearly every guy does.

  10. Hi Steve –

    I have followed your website for years and find your delivery very informative and engaging.

    Yes , these are very strange times indeed.

    My heartfelt sympathies go out to everybody on the planet who has been affected by Covid 19. But we will get through this. And the economy will regain strength over time.

    Covid 19 has been a huge challenge and it will have devastated the lives of many people. Once we come through this we will need to evaluate where it all went wrong. I’m not xenophobic but perhaps there will need to be a time when we re-evaluate our relationship with China. We rely on it to produce cheap goods on a massive scale. It’s people are suppressed by a dictatorship. And most importantly I think that Covid 19 is the third major Public Health Scare to have emanated from it in recent times.

    Adam ( UK )

  11. Hi Steve, As you know I love your website and have been a contributor. I agree with others who have suggested that you keep reviewing and adding content but today Kirk Tuck at the Visual Science Lab put it better than I could:
    A kindly intended note for people who blog for the $$$: You’ve got a bigger audience right now than you will when everyone goes back to work. You need to feed them content they love in very regular doses. You will be doing a community service. We all want stuff to read and stuff to take our minds off the crisis (me included). Now is not the time to decide that you too will take some time off. We need your stuff more than ever before. So, stop puttering around and get me some fresh content! And remember, we can read all about the virus everywhere else, you might consider writing stuff we enjoy instead. Like about cameras and lenses and photography.
    If we love your blog or your V-log then you are doing everyone a community service by stepping up and being consistent. Just a suggestion.

    Wise words indeed!

    Stay healthy Steve and everyone, Edwin

    • Well funny enough, I could care less about making $$$ right now off of this crisis. Not who I am. Camera sales is not what is important to me right now, nor is pushing people to buy them. We are in a recession, possibly soon a depression. This will last for months and into next year. We lost our normal and will soon be in a new normal. The new normal will not be like it once was. So no, I have not thought even once about the $$$ I am losing nor do I sugar coat things such as what is happening today. We have 10 million out of work, and that will soon go up to 30 million. The Great Depression? There were 24 million who lost work. I doubt many will be buying cameras this summer. If all goes away, I will review again. As for now, it’s not the time to pimp out cameras with so many in pain. It’s going to get much worse. So I disagree with Visual Science Lab on this one, but Im a very empathetic person, and feel emotional pain of others. It’s a hard time for me right now so can’t “fake it” to promote cameras. Here’s a tip. ALL CAMERAS are great today. Cant make a bad choice. Pick one, and be happy ; )

  12. Here in South Africa with a population of 60 million we are going into a total lock down from midnight tomorrow (Thursday)for 21 days. I fully expect it to be extended after that. Our official infection rate as of today is (only???) 709 with no fatalities so far. Our borders are locked down incl airports & harbors and only freight is allowed. You are not going to be allowed to walk your dog and all liquor shops will be closed for the duration. As a relatively poor country compared to Europe and the USA and we will have minimal financial aid packages.Life is going to be extremely hard from now on for the majority of our population. I expect the inequalities here and elsewhere in the world to increase tenfold. Meanwhile our spirits are high and personally I am going to process and print like crazy (digital), work on my social media and I even have a few photo projects in mind.

  13. Hi Steve, thanks for this article and for your insight. I am locked down in DC, thankfully able to work at home and generally keeping in, going out only once a day to exercise. It’s very surreal and dystopian but I hope if everyone takes it seriously we can “flatten the curve.”

    That said, I would be interested in reading your review of the X100V!

  14. You’re the man! thanks for using your platform to inform people and keep up the good work, like you said, it’s no time for wasting income in gear, have spare income? buy a gift card from a local small business in need. Some of us are out of work completely with no paid leave(thanks America) and can use the extra help of our neighbors, we can do this!

  15. Hi Steve,
    I think people who can afford buying photography and audio equipment have to continue buying it online. It will help to hold our economy and business alive in this hard times.

    • I agree, but at the same time…. millions are hurting already. Millions have lost their job already. Now 3.4 million have signed up for unemployment in the USA over the last 7-10 days. I hurt for the world, as I am a very empathetic person. I can not gather the excitement to review cameras during a world crisis. Others who do, should. I feel we have to worry about getting this over with more than anything. I have cameras here to review, and speakers and an amp, and some other things but until I feel the time is right I am holding off. I will have reviews coming…just not right now. Thank you and be well.

      • Enormous sympathy with your point of view, Steve. But I think, too, precisely in this pandemic time, it is important to tune into things that matter to us at other times. While we certainly must let our empathy – and our actions where possible – embrace those who are ill in their body and their purse for necessities, we do also need to read about other things than corona. (Or we end up with corona on the brain/mind if not in the body.) So I would encourage you to do the reviews you had set yourself. That would not be mindless or heartless – quite the contrary. All the best!

  16. From Madrid, Spain, which right now is the place most beaten by the disease in terms of cases of contagion and losses per day (considering the same moment from the outbreak in every country), I thank you, Steve, for all the good you have done with your reviews (to me anyway, since I took to your website five years ago), but, above all, with the nice, human, peaceful and respecful approach of life of the man behind those reviews.
    We will meet each other here again!.

  17. I followed your last posts, Steve, and I am with you and your family with my thoughts, I have the same feelings at the moment. Here, in Germany, life starts to be nearly as locked-up as in Austria, Italy, Spain and now even UK. In Germany, the number of infected people raised to levels not so far from Italy, fortunately, our mortality rates still are low compared. But we have to face that a lot of people here will lose some of their beloved family members. Like many of you out there, I am worried about my old parents, since I even can’t visit them. Typical problem now, in these hard times. I wish you and your family, Steve, that you stay safe and healthy, and I wish that all people out there, including all of you writing posts here. Take care! And, please, do only believe what serious, well-established scientists (virologists) say about the virus and what people should do to take care of themselves and all other people. Fake news can kill you. I know what I am telling here, I am a science journalist.

  18. Well done, Steve. We’re at a major pivot point in human history. Coronavirus is an order of magnitude more consequential than 9-11, Katrina, the Paris theater bombing or other tragedies that were much more local and more easily compartmentalized. The hell of it is, no matter where we live on this planet, we’re all facing exactly the same dread and choices which make comprehending the implications of this almost impossible. To your point and eloquently stated, most of us will survive this and life will go on. But how? As a more gentle, more conscious society that honors our obligations to each other, or as a nasty divided police state (at least in the US)? It’s 100-percent up to us and the decisions we make, for our families, our neighborhoods, our economic values and yes, in our politics. Interesting times to say the least–be healthy and safe! We’ll regard the return of your camera reviews as a sign that “normal” is being restored.

  19. Love you all and thanks for your long article full of love. I am from Hong Kong with suffering a lot in the past months. Blessing the world to end suffering from the virus. Blessing you and your family and your country and the world. We have relative less victims because we do not believe in our government and we have great cautions at the very beginning of the outbreak of the disaster by wearing mask. We have already wore mask for months but sadly to see that it is not so popular in the western world. Please do so if possible when going outside. In Hong Kong you will find over 99% of us are wearing mask in public. Do not believe that you only need to do so only when you are sick. Best wishes to you all and stay healthy. I am looking forward to reading more articles from you.

  20. Steve… Please don’t stop your reviews; we need you more than ever. As I sit here at home hunkered down with my wife, I spend a tremendous amount of time surfing my favorite photography sites. It takes my mind off the crisis and is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about my favorite hobby. Your site has been my favorite for years and I just wish there was more to read. Perhaps some articles regarding technique rather than reviews. Thanks so much for what you do. -ED

  21. Been watching your website since I got my first M8 back to 2011 and it’s shame that this is my first comment. I think this is the best ‘review’ ever than any other camera reviews. I live in Beijing and I’ve been traveling almost everywhere worldwide in the past few years after quitting my previous architect job and became a full time photographer. The best thing I have experienced in all these places is not the food the view or the amazing photos I took but is love and communications with the local people. Now here in China the virus has been contained pretty well than before and things are turning better, I hope all the world will be getting recovered soon. WE WILL WIN THIS and WE WILL WIN THIS TOGETHER

    Sorry for my bad English 🙂


  23. Thank you Steve, I feel better knowing I’m not alone in my thinking. I live in Washington state and it’s only getting worse and people just think “it ain’t gonna happen to them”. Just wanted to says thanks and stay safe

  24. Good to hear someone is sensible and right in his mind with a lot of empathy for his neighbors.
    I don´t like to comment your Government, just compare what, regretfully, it has not done the past weeks and compare this to other countries.
    Everyone suffers these days, even our Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has gone into isolation because one of her Doctors had Corona.
    Well, what I wanted to say, remember all the many people like Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Fireman, everyone who works in the agriculture, the media and the lokal government, the pilots and the Military to take care for your country while everyone stays home.
    Here in Germany the are livestreams of Church Service as well as concerts on Youtube just for a heads up to the people.
    So I think what you can do with your popular Website ist just continue writing about hifi and cameras many of us can’t afford but still are dreaming of and enjoy looking at them.
    Or, in other words, please bring us some entertainment and make us think of different things. Especially in times like these people need some distraction and you can help with your website.
    I think those who feel not to look for Cameras for sure don’t visit your site, but the other ones may find some help reading your articles.
    It’s just my opinion and you people in America may think different of course.
    But this may be a hint. Here in Europe the bandwidth of Netflix had to be reduced because so many people are watching it these days. Same goes with Youtube. So you can help the people doing something more interesting than watch everydays news about Corona. This can help against what we call in Germany a “Lagerkoller”.

  25. Your dear leader has convinced many US citizens that this is a hoax and just like the flu not to be taken seriously. Get rid of this pathelogical narcissist.

      • And you sound like an ignorant uneducated man who does not let reality soak in. Not sure where you are living but tshie is as real as it gets and unfolding exactly as I have outlined, so far. I hope it stops, and I am wrong. But so far, I am not. The experts are not. The doctors are not. The worst is yet to come as every single doctor, expert and reality show. So to come here and call names during a global crisis shows the type of person you are, and that is sad. I will send love and good thoughts your way and when it sinks in for you, how real this is, maybe you will understand the meaning of respect, kindness, empathy and love. Don’t let fear make you lash out against others. Stay positive and be well.

  26. I felt better after I read this Mr. Steve Huff. Thank you so much. Love, light and hope. Stay safe, you and your family. God bless.

  27. You are so right. I’ve diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis, so I can relate to staying in the house. In the past week i’ve been wearing gloves and a mask too. I’ve been making more masks out of vacuum cleaner bags and cotton and I’ve donated 38 to the general health practise of my uncle. Yes, keeping the energy on high frequency is very important, and it will lead (together with a total lock down) to a better future. Much love & light from the Netherlands to every soul on earth, and take good care of yourself.

  28. Steve, bless you my Friend.
    As always you are so spot on, your words are very healing for me and for sure many others, many are so in denial.
    But when reality hits them close they maybe will open their eyes and hearts,Wishing you and Deb all the best and health for the coming long period here from Michigan.
    Love and Peace,,, Frank

  29. I am obsessing over this too. The percentage of us who will succumb to the virus is low. The percentage of us who will be affected by this either by infection or economic impact will be 100%.

    It is NOT wrong to assign concern for the economics of this. Here in Pennsylvania, there is a mandatory shut down of all “non-essential” businesses. We don’t know what that means. The Governor reassures that the grocery stores will still be open, but LARGE portions of our state population are 2 weeks from having NO MONEY to spend at grocery stores. There will be civil unrest and crime. I am NOT a right wing gun nut but I am heavily armed at home and sufficiently armed away from home. I hate to even say that but if we have a lock down, for an extended period, I must be prepared to protect my family. I am concurrently doing what I can to help others, because my concerns for security come second to my concerns for others.

    The economic impact of this will be awful. The recovery will follow very quickly.

    Amazingly, I have heard many say openly, “at least this will hurt Trump”. Amazing that political partisanship persists. It will outlive the virus.

    • Thank you. No one should be playing politics at this time. This is a time to save as many as we can. I will say that I hope the US Government comes through with aid for those in need, quickly. Be safe and WE WILL get through this.

    • Hi John,
      your country is highly armed, lots of civilians have armes as we are told.
      You are right, this may turn against you. Especially in times where the government has a hard job to secure the infrastructure of a country it will be extremely difficult to control the people where it is absolutely necessary. When people have to stay at home I think may think it’s their right to go into the city, do what they want and support this opinion with their fire arms.
      So you absolutely may be right with you opinion.
      Here in Germany they just decided not to make people stay at home but we are not allowed to be together with more than one other person except if they live in a household.
      So being able to have a little walk and visit the relatives may help.
      Most important now is to develop a quick test so you can help those people who needs help and let the other ones come back to their normal life.

      • Wishing you the best

        I am also planning to donate blood as there are reported shortages.

        I am also buying take out meals for homeless in my city

        Maybe when this is over, humanity will take a reflective pause and be better, kinder

        This breaks my heart

        I am hoping for the best for everyone

    • Hi Umberto,
      feel really sad for the News especially from Italy. Must be terrible there.
      Hope the highly trained Doctors from China and Cuba and maybe a little bit the medical Instruments from Germany help you to recover from the Epedemy.
      Your mayors have warned other countries to react fast than Italy while they have time to do. That’s very noble from them.

      • Thank you Ingo,
        the problem is that the spread of the virus is so fast that hospitals have gone to the limit of collapse. And that will probably happen everywhere the virus arrives: so the only thing to do is to take it extremely seriously and stay at home to preserve everybody’s health. And remember it’s not true that you can compare it with a simple flu.
        I hope all of you will be safe.

        • Yes indeed. It spreads through the air. By talking, laughing, breathing. It spreads by touch. It spreads like wildfire and many will die this year. Worse than the Spanish flu, and we will lose many more than we did in 1918 here in the USA.

  30. Hi Steve, I am glad you guys are safe and I hope you’re going to be for the next stage. I agree with you and I said it since the beginning…I do, like everyone else, hope. But disrespecting the obvious will definitely lead to destruction. America thinks different and that makes everyone special here, but following other’s example won’t make anyone weak. And it might save many lives. Our lives. Hope that matters at least a bit for those entitled to tale action. People are not scared enough. And I hope they won’t get to be…but they should realize that a common war can do so many victims in month, maybe years…this virus managed to outrun those numbers in weeks, even days. Be safe sir, always a fan, and I hope to hear from you soon, here or on yt. Keep you family safe and together will pass these hard times.

  31. Hi Steve
    Totally agree with you.
    But life must go on, and it would be fine to read your reviews in these times
    Greating from one confined in France, but still working at home 🙂

    • Hi Steve.Well said.I certainly agree with everything you wrote with one exception.I do think you should go on reviewing camers (from home)as people should get what ever makes them good tv at home.that doesn’t mean they will buy new cameras (I don’t see anything wrong about it) but they will be able to read (as watch )and enjoy.
      I really appreciate your affords.I hope you and your family are all Ok

  32. Dear Steve,
    Thank you for your words. We all cope differently with stress; moreover, your readers live all over the world, and face very different restrictions. It is not surprising this diversity is reflected in the comments to your post. Of course, I agree heartily with your “stay safe” message, and I also understand why camera and lens reviews may come across as irrelevant when there is so much sorrow all around us.


    I find that photographing helps me. It takes my mind away from the constant stream of news, almost invariably bad, that show up on my screens. There is no street or travel photography these days, but I can do still life, I can photograph flowers blooming in spring weather, I can take portraits of my family. Photography helps me stay sane.

    Also, I still shoot a lot of film. And I can still send my rolls to my local lab by mail and get back negatives to scan. It is not much money, and it helps keeping some revenue flowing into the lab. It is vital for them.

    Our world will be different when this will all end. Probably there will be fewer camera manufacturers, fewer emulsions and fewer film labs. Perhaps there will be fewer software plug-ins. But I want to help as much as I can to keep this wonderful ecosystem alive and functioning. It will not be intact, no matter how much I wish for things to not change. But I can do my bit in order to mitigate the change, and I hope that others do the same.

    Good luck to everyone.

  33. Steve, thanks for the sentiment. I totally agree, in part. Yes, we need to be very careful, recognize the severity of the situation, and do all in our power to prevent the spread of the virus. Totally agree with that and the frustration with folks of all ages who don’t seem to understand or are unwilling to adjust their life choices. I would urge us all to remain positive and resume as much of normal life as possible. Let’s leverage technology to communicate while remaining safe. Take up new hobbies, or do something totally creative. Break out of old habits and try something new! And yes, Love is the key for all of us.

  34. Beautifully said, and as usual, Steve, straight to the point with no sugar coating. I applaud you for your courageous, and totally logical, approach to this global life-changer. My wife and I are both over 70, and have been in virtual quarantine in our house for 7 straight days. Go out for short walks daily, but never even close to anybody. Groceries delivered. And we live in an outer Minneapolis suburb with large yards. We are in this thing for the long haul, and to survive. For us, the best outcome is that people will say we over-reacted. But like you, I am 99.9% sure that will NOT be the case. Please, people, take this thing seriously and do what is needed!!!!!
    and a sincere thanks to you, Steve, Debbie and Brandon.

  35. Stay safe Steve and family. We are locked down like you in Spain. There are police roadblocks here. One only in vehicle. Can only go for food, pharmacy or cash. Compulsory to wear masks and gloves. No visiting each other. Beaches, parks, bars and restaurants all closed. Expecting 12 weeks at least.

    You are doing the correct thing.

    Good luck all.

      • Indeed! My plan was buying that upcoming Pentax APS-C camera & some DA* lenses, but now everything is on hold for me. I’m no one, but I have a feeling that a major economic impact like never before is about to hit the entire globe. Now is definitely not the time to spend money on unnecessary things. That’s for sure.

      • I’m still working. Working in grocery retail to ensure people can get the items their family needs. Now we’re seeing people come in and shop just because they’re bored at home. Some saying, I don’t really need this, just need to get out. Our San Diego beaches were full last weekend so we are shut down, unless we work in an essential business. We all have formal letters from our company to explain why we’re on the road in case we are pulled over. You’re great for reminding us all that we are ALL in this together. Thank you for your time Steve.

  36. Thanks for your post and frank assessment. I hope you can keep posting because all of us are feeling more isolated (even if living with others) and communication on our favorite sites helps.

    • Steve, you are correct in many ways. The world IS in a reset. We should be prepared for a Depression. The world and Country has changed since last Friday. In the months ahead, we will be introduced to new changes and laws. A complete revision of everything we were used too. However, in order to bring about this change, everything must be stopped and brought back to zero. Many will lose businesses. We need to be flexible and most of all, LOVE on another. Differences must be put aside. Especially, where common people are concerned. We cannot stop what is about to happen. I can only say, don’t panic. Don’t resist it. It has been planned for a looong time. Most of all, don’t lose faith. We need it more, now than ever.

  37. Hi Steve, what a well written article, even better than all the fantastic reviews you’ve done all this time. Thank you. I see this every day, young people not taking this seriously. I saw just this morning a few people greeting with elbows and then one of them coughing at a close distance with her palm hovering over her mouth! How is that going to help.
    Anyway, if you have some gear to review, it would be really great to read your review. That might provide us readers some assurance that the world will get back to normal one day..not to mention that your reviews are always a treat.

  38. There is no easy way.It’s lockdown. Here in Toronto, it is not yet mandatory but as most big stores, medium and small are closed..There is only shop for food, meds and urgent.
    Your advice stellar. The end will come to this modern plague but a much changed world..
    I am resigned to what happens, being 76, heart and breathing problems. I am in the cross-hairs.
    I wish to all good health and quick recovery..
    Last take Steve’s words very seriously.

  39. Stay healthy. Great write up. Hope we all get through this without civil wars, lootings, or similar.

    As you say, love has to prevail!

  40. I am writing to you from Lomdardia Italy. DO NOT despair, the situation is not very easy here, but you can also live in quarantine. it is necessary to be careful and defend ourselves from contagion, all avoiding unnecessary risk situations, but I am sure that the American people will be able to do what is necessary to overcome this crisis. When everything has passed, we are waiting for you in Italy.

  41. Unfortunately you will be right with everything you said.
    It‘s even worse concerning the numbers, because infections DOUBLE every 2 ½ days. Johns Hopkins counts 19.778 for now. Do the math and you get about 500.000 one week from now.
    Again it’s worse because the real numbers are higher from several reasons. It’s now the time for everybody to understand the power of an exponential growth.
    Take Care!

  42. Well said and courageous advice. Spot on. Lets take action and kill this enemy. We can do it. Best wishes to you and all readers. Health and safety first.

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