Corona Virus and Street Photography. By Shai Ashkenazi

Corona Virus and Street Photography.

By Shai Ashkenazi

In a parallel world, the one we all lived in not so long ago, nothing dramatic has to happen for you to wake up early in the morning, go out, and breath in the street.

The people of the streets, those who are addicted to the here and now feeling, they know what I’m talking about.

Timeless feeling. Especially now.

The most exiting thing about the street is the spontaneous.

When you capture the “small simple” situations on film, it can tell a story with  bigger meaning. They turn into “moments”. When you look close at a picture, the captured moment in it is not so small in the eye of the person looking at it, and at the same time you get another perspective, a different view on the same moment in life.

When you stop and try to look at things from another person`s perspective, or you imagine for a second what’s going on in their mind you get life from a whole more clean, peaceful and quite place.

What we call it proportion people!

Street photography is training me to look through someone else’s shoes and impacts directly on how I relate to all things in life. I can truly feel what these people are going through in that captured moment and that’s how a person should always act. Feel who stands in front of us. Not just in the photograph.

I`m not a very topical person, and usually not that type of photographer. But this time, more than ever I feel committed to tell the story. Committed to the mission that I’ve been given and committed to myself. As part of a workshop I do for photographers I talk about the extreme distinction that lies within us all the time. Guys there’s a one big fat extreme we got into our faces that we cant even describe. And without even trying. The kind that will be talked about in the history pages, and surely in the next decades.

The health system is not the only one in the front lines of this battle, the media is also guiding this battle intensively by running campaigns that you can’t avoid even if you want to.

The only thing to be sure of, and all we actually have is NOW. This moment and what we choose to be in this moment.

I`m going to shatter your illusions, but it is what it is.

Not only during epidemic and corona and siege. One of the most positive thing that is happening right now is that finally a lot of people notice it.

Overall Were just experiencing our physical lives LIVE.

Reflection of another reality.

Different from anything we’re used to. And its bothering us right? Cause the universe just took everything from us? But why is that even matter if the only thing we have is now? Think about it.

The new routine that is forced on us is a great example for the response test. Most of us don’t even pay attention when this trial knocks on our doors every single day in a lot of different situation, that has nothing to do with corona virus. Its a tough trial, but its very important and has a big effect for the long run.

How we respond to what`s happening to us effects every result we get on the way.

It’s time to dive in, introspection, look in the mirror and all the cliche.

In this daily routine we all “miss” we`re in a lot of stressful situations, so stressful we don’t even notice. So stop for a moment. Give thought to others. Those you cant stand, those took from you, or did wrong to you , and you can’t understand how they don’t even realize the situation and how stupid everything in this world turns out to be. Stop that. Now its time to respond. Now its time to think before you respond. Now its time to be in someone else’s shoes.

Photographers, art lovers and friend…

You are more then welcome to contact me with any professional\personal question through all the channels, I will be happy to pass on from the knowledge I have in a lot of different topics.

And to hug you through the distance.

Stay home, the street is more interesting when its empty (that’s always by the way)

I wish everybody peaceful times, with a lot of challenges , cause we grow and get better only through tough times.

The decision to crush or fly higher is in our hands.


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