Crazy Comparison! Leica 50 APO M vs Voigtlander 50 APO M on the SL2-S

Crazy Comparison! Leica 50 APO M vs Voigtlander 50 APO M on the SL2-S

By Steve Huff

Coming in the next few days I will have a new video and photos with both the Leica 50 APO M and the Voigtlander 50 APO M. I have both of these lenses here and shooting them on my SL2-S I am seeing stellar quality from BOTH lenses. Look for the full comparison SOON, but for now here is one image from each.

FIRST IMAGE: Leica 50 APO M on the SL2-S at f/2 and 1/250 S at ISO 100

SECOND IMAGE: Voigtlander 50 APO M at f/2 and 1/250 S at ISO 100

Click them for larger size. The differences here are SLIGHT and yet the Voigtlander lens is $1k and the Leica comes in at $9,000!

I will have MANY side by side images here soon with both lenses as I try to find $8k worth of differences here. I have had the Voigtlander since last October and while it is slightly longer in length over the Leica, it’s still pretty small! The Leica has slightly smoother bokeh and a built in lens hood (It’s an extra $100 for the Voigtlander) but both lenses are made to a high build quality standard.

Look for the full comparison soon, in the next week or so where I will show both lenses side by side to show the size, build, and style. I will also show quite a few images from each lens! Have a great weekend!


  1. No doubt about it, beautiful images and equipment..The SL2s is amazing, I’ll miss the build and weather proofing. I used the M9 for years. wishing I had AF rather than MF without realising it was changing me. The SL2s made me realise that. I’m so happy and content with the M10-D now Peace at last.

  2. How did you like the beer? It’s brewed literally 4 miles from my house. Pink elephants for the win!

    Best from Belgium!

  3. Hello, I own the same Voigtlander in FE mount for my Sony Alpha 7 R IV, it’s absolutely great, looking forward for your next pictures !
    My best from France, Marc

  4. Hi Steve,
    great comparison. At least on my display I can see a slight difference of maybe 1/3 stop between the two images. They seen to be very close in quality. Would be interesting to see the finder blockage compared in an M camera.

  5. I will say just one thing: Voigtlander lenses are worth more than their sticker price, especially these days. I cannot say the same for the cheapie lenses made by certain cut-price manufacturers.

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