Oct 052011


A few Leica lenses are now IN STOCK at B&H PHoto! Act fast, these will go quickly! It’s about time!!

Leica 50 Summicron f/2 – $1995

Leica 75 Summicron ASPH 

Leica 35 Summicron ASPH – SILVER 

LEICA 50 Summarit

LEICA 75 Summarit

  16 Responses to “Leica lenses IN STOCK! 50, 75 Summicron + more!”

  1. hi , just inform u that the link is dead

  2. All the links work fine. A couple have sold out already but links are working.

  3. Darn all sold out! I was going to buy some and sell them here for more $$$.

  4. i bought a silver 50mm summicron a few months back…OMG. loving more than the 50mm asph summilux

  5. Buying then selling here? Sounds like a nice side biz :-)

  6. Robert,

    What is it you like about the 50 cron over the 50 lux? I’ve been waiting on a 50 lux forever and it seem 50 cron are slightly more available.


  7. The cron is a mix of classic and modern – small size, fast enough and its rendering, especially on film, is fantastic IMO. I also LOVE the cron.

  8. Yeah they go for several hundred dollars more than list here! I purchased my 50 Lux for a few hundred over list and that was used! That’s the market though…

  9. So, what about a small comparison? … just say’n …. :)

  10. Clever way to get more affiliate sales commissions… wish I could find a 50 lux at retail though!

  11. +1 on the cron.

    The 50 lux, while beautiful, is almost distracting in its creaminess, but the 50 cron calls attention to the subject, not the lens itself.

    The lux looks very modern, while the cron is both insanely sharp and classic.

  12. All sold out because they end up at re-sellers on eBay. It’s kind of pathetic what’s going on with Leica lenses these days.

  13. I have the cron, I don’t really love it so I never take it out with me. I like the character of the Zeiss Sonnar 1.5/50 more, which is also very compact.

  14. Steve, how in the world do you find out about these in stock status’? You are easily the fastest person to find these in stock as soon as they’re up. Any tips on how we can track things that are out of stock?

  15. See these lenses at a forum, or ebay store near you soon!

  16. If you fancy moving the 50 cron along then just let me know :-)

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