Olympus E-P1 movie with Leica 75 Summilux lens

Saw this one youtube today and thought some of you would like to see it. I reviewed the E-P1 and loved the camera and the HD video is great. This is what you get when you slap a 75 Summilux on the little PEN. Note that the lens becomes a 150mm 1.4 lens due to the 2X crop of the 4/3 sensor.


  1. As stated, it was a youtube video I stumbled upon. Youtube videos are meant to be shared and spread around. To find out who made it just double click the video and you will be taken to their youtube page.


  2. hi Steve,

    very interesting piece. If it’s by someone else it would be good if you could credit them here… it would be good to find out more.

    congrats on the layout of the new site. very nice.

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