Video Tutorial – Nik Silver Efex Pro Black & White Conversion


After quite a few e-mails and a comment today in one of the posts about converting a color image to black and white I decided to sit down on this chilly Saturday and record a video tutorial on how I use Nik Silver Efex pro (Buy at Amazon or B&H Photo) to convert my images to B&W. Each image is different but I tried to go over the different ways you can adjust and customize your B&W conversions. I also show you how to create and save a preset so you can use your formula again and again. I feel Silver Efex Pro is the best conversion tool available today if you want rich, film like B&W photos.

If you landed here and have no idea what SIlver Efex Pro is, it is a filter/plug in for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture that allows you to create gorgeous black and white versions of your color digital images. So if you have Silver Efex but never really used it, or are thinking about getting it then sit back and watch this 10 minute video that goes over how I do my conversions using Silver Efex Pro!

Hope you enjoy it!

HERE is the before and after image that I used for the video.



and AFTER the converison


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In the video I go over each step I took in Silver Efex to get this conversion. Thanks for watching!


  1. Steve, it does not appear under the text….there is a blank space and clicking around it does not launch it…if it is a youtube video might not be visible because it is blocked here in CHN. Any other video format available? Tx, Roberto

  2. I will say that (IMHO) Alien Skin Exposure is by far the better of the two plugin’s if you want to use it for film effects, realistic Tri-X, grain etc and for me matches the film emulsions far better. But that said, for straight B&W conversions I prefer Silver Efex Pro overall and it’s gui & usability is far better than the Alien Skin plugin … for me. There’s also the DxO FilmPack 2 plugin which is quite good but better (IMHO) for colour and does a mean emulation of Fuji Velvia.

    Thank goodness for PS plugin’s eh? 🙂

  3. Thanks guys! Alex, I tested it on my Iphone and you have to click the youtube. It will then open up the youtube app on the phone and play after it loads.

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