Olympus E-P2 Video + Art Filters Sample

Olympus E-P2 Art Filter Video Samples – Another day another full SD card! Since posting my E-P2 review I have had some questions flowing into my inbox about the video mixed with ART filters. Many of you wanted to know what the video looked like when shot with the grainy B&W filter or the cross process. I decided to have some fun and shoot a few things around the house in each mode. I did skip a couple of these filters that I really do not care for like “pale light” and “diorama”. My favorite art filters on the E-P2 for images and video are the Grainy B&W and Cross Process. I have used both of these quite a bit and they cam be fun, even with video!

Some filters cause the video to be choppy and play with low frame rates. One in particular that I find pretty much unusable with video is the “Pinhole” and even “Soft Focus” filters. Just too choppy for my tastes. I admit, when video started popping up on DSLR’s I was against it. I was in the “keep it simple” camp and said if I wanted video I would buy a dedicated video camera. But with todays digital still cameras you can far surpass the quality of a say a $1500 video camera with an E-P2! Its pretty amazing really.

Something like a Canon 5DII or 7D can provide better video than some cameras costing $5,000. It’s all due to the sensor and the E-P2 has a much larger sensor than your typical video camera. With its in body IS you can use any lens and get stable shots. I hear that a GREAT lens for video on the m4/3 cameras is the Panasonic/Leica  14-150. Its big but provides a 28-300 zoom range with superior quality and the XSM motor for silent internal focusing. I would LOVE to buy this lens for video but its $1500. Maybe one day 🙂

The sample below was all shot for fun to show the ART filter effects with video. The only lens used was the Panasonic 20 1.7. Enjoy!


  1. Well, to me the target for all m4/3 cameras are not the people who buy there first camera but experienced owners that look for something simple and small to take with them everywere.
    I think new people will probably buy a Canon rebel or a Nikon entry line dslr as their first cam.

  2. Cenk, for photos I have no problems using the Grainy B&W mode and I use it quite often, and also catch quite a few moments. Maybe its luck 🙂 That is really the only one I have been using lately.

  3. Daniele,

    The only two I would use is the grainy B&W and Cross Process. The CP is not jumpy and slow but the B&W is. Still, for everyday fun use or creative use they work great. But pinhole, soft focus…WAY too slow to use for video IMO. Also, remember that many who buy this camera will have no idea how to add these effects in post. Many buy this as their first digital. Others buy it but have ZERO video experience so these filters can be a fun addition to home movies or whatever they shoot. I do not see these as a pro tool or anything. Just ways to make the camera a little more fun.

  4. Hi Steve,
    I newly started to keep in touch with yor website and ı’m very happy about it. First off all thanks for all.
    I use D700 and sime primes (35-50-85) and a Canon G10. You can see the results
    but must of all G10. Nowadays I’m planning to buy a Oly E-P1. We don’t have E-P2 in our country yet (Turkey)
    I tried it but i want to ask you that isn’t it too slow shooting when the art filters in use. Especially Pin hole and Grainy B&W..

    I afraid of that miss the moment..

    What u think about that?

    Thanks forr all Steve..

  5. I am quite dissapointed actually about the framerate with the art filters on…
    It would be supere easy to just apply them in post and still have 24 or 30 fps.

    How do they think it’s even usable like this?

    Thanks for the video.

  6. Hey Steve, great video. I really enjoyed it and i can see where you can be very creative in making short films. I was wondering what program do you use for you film editing? And is it user friendly?

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