VIDEO: QUICK REVIEW! A look at 12 Sony FE Lenses!

VIDEO: QUICK REVIEW! A look at 12 Sony FE Lenses!

By Steve Huff


Just did a fun video showing 12 lenses I have on hand for the Sony FE system! With the incredible Sony A7RII coming VERY soon, many will want a quick overview of these lenses, so here you go! Mostly all of these have had  reviews done by me on this very site (see links below), but this is just a quick look at all of them at once! I will be doing more YouTube video work this year and next year, getting some new equipment in to up the quality level SOON, so stay tuned.

For now, take a look at the 12 lenses in about 8 minutes 😉

Posted Reviews:

Loxia 35
Loxia 50
Batis 25 & 85
Sony 90 Macro
Mitakon 85 1.2
Sony Zeiss 16-35
Sony Zeiss 35 1.4
Sony 28 f/2
Voigtlander 15 III (Yes, this is an M lens I use on the A7II)


  1. So I’ve got a bunch of this glass. I would order my favs as 16-35, 35, 55, 28-70 and finally 70-200. Ok that looks like I’m either ordering by focal length or prefer wide angle. Nope my favourite lens is an adapted Minolta AF 100mm macro, than that excellent 70-210 beer can, than Canon FL 50 1.4. These lenses have something lacking in the 55, character.

  2. Hi Steve,
    If you could only pack 3 lenses in that dozen for a 7-days trip to an awesome destination, which were your choices?

  3. Well, I still keeping using the EM-1 Micro 4/3, just love it. Sony is pioneer, with very expensive lenses ( I mean good ones) ,before move to full frame again (actually I use to own Sony a7 at every beginning), I like to wait….

  4. Thanks for the quick intro to these Sony a7 Series compatible lenses, Steve!! You’ve clearly demonstrated that this can be a truly “Professional System”, at least in terms of availability of high-quality optics! As one who is anxiously awaiting reviews of the upcoming a7RII, I look forward to seeing the expected superb detail rendering from this system! As for folks that always mention lens “size” as compared to their respective DSLR counterparts, they tend to not mention that the Mirrorless bodies themselves, are significantly smaller and lighter, thus making the entire kit still lighter than a comparable DSLR kit. Thanks again!

    • I’m not sure my A7ii with battery is much smaller or lighter than that 5D2 with battery grip I had. I have playing with my original a7 a bit lately and i find its size more appearly than the larger a7ii.

      • If using a battery grip it makes it larger but no where near a 5D2 with grip, not even close. I had them side by side a month ago and the 5D2 is a beast, no way Id ever take that thing out daily. Add a nice lens to it and its a double beast. The A7II is MUCH MUCH thinner, lighter and yes, smaller than a 5D2. With grip its taller but thin and the 5D2 with grip is tall and fat and bulky as all get out (and heavy).

  5. Sony’s FE system seems more and more interesting. Shame that some lenses (ex.55/1.8, 90/2.8, 35/1.4) are at least as big (if not bigger) than the (Nikon) dSLR lenses 🙁

      • Depends on what lens you are talking about. If talking about a pro level 50 1.4, no, not quite. If talking about a cheap 50 1.8, then yea. The Sony is a Zeiss design, and pro quality optics are here in full force. Also, the A7 bodies are much smaller, thinner and lighter than ANY DSLR, so as a package it is quite a bit smaller than a DSLR. Some lenses are large, some are small, some are medium sized. We are using a full frame system here so all of these lenses are full frame designs.

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