UPDATE: Upcoming reviews and new stuff!

Just wanted to update you guys one what reviews are coming soon! Zeiss contacted me yesterday and said I was free to review any lens I wanted so I will be reviewing more Zeiss lenses VERY soon! How cool is that? Not only for Leica mount, but for Nikon and Canon as well! So I plan on reviewing ALL of the Zeiss line this year. Here is a list of reviews coming up very soon:

  • Panasonic 20 1.7 M4/3 Lens Review on the E-P2
  • Nikon D300s
  • Canon 7D
  • Leica 75 Summicron
  • Nikon D3000
  • Leica 35 Summarit
  • Leica 50 Summicron
  • Leica 90 Elmarit
  • Zeiss ZM 50 Sonnar 1.5 2nd look on the M9 (this is a pretty desirable lens and B&H Photo has the Silver in stock. Black is out of stock)
  • Zeiss ZM 35 Biogon F2

After these I will do some Nikon/Canon Zeiss lens reviews. Man, this is enough to keep me busy for months! Truth be told I am having a tough time with the Canon 7D review. I’m not really getting into this camera and feel unmotivated by it. On the other hand I shot the Nikon D300s early this morning by a frozen lake with the 18-200, and that kit surprised me with its speed and IQ. I should be wrapping that one up this week.

New site stuff…

I just added a user friendly B&H Photo search bar at the upper right so feel free to give it a try. They are my main sponsor so anytime you feel like shopping at B&H and you are looking for a specific product feel free to use that search feature. When you do use it and you make a purchase it will help me tremendously. I have to pay to keep this site going every month and it’s not cheap, so I thank those of you who have already helped by shopping at B&H Photo and Amazon through the links on this site.

I have more guest articles planned for the future and have already asked a few photographer friends of mine if they would like to submit articles. If anyone else out there is interested in submitting an article (or continuing articles) e-mail me using my contact button above and lets talk! Soon I will be looking for 3 or 4 regulars who want to submit articles much like what you see on the site now. Real world stuff…informative, useful and fun.

I will leave you with an image from yesterday morning with the Nikon D300s. Thanks for looking!


  1. Steve,
    Will you be reviewing the Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Planar Lens. I’m probably going to buy the ZS (M42 Screw Mount) to use with one of my old 35 mm SLR film cameras. Still like to shoot B&W film despite the fact that I own Silver Efex Pro and think that it great software.

  2. Wow, you are keeping yourself busy, Steve! Amazing work. I don’t imagine that I could ever keep the site running and all of the reviews flowing in such an efficient, informative, and entertaining fashion, so I am thrilled that you are willing!

    I am very much looking forward to your 75 mm summicron review. It’s number one or two on my temptation list…so tempted, and I would love to see what you think of it, in comparison to the 75 mm summarit.

    Also, I am really curious about your take on the 35 summarit, in comparison to teh 35 cron asph (and maybe the 35 pre-asph cron bokeh king).

    Regardless, looking forward to all of the above!

    Great work!

  3. How about a side/by/side of the Zeiss ZM 35 Biogon F2 mounted on the M8/8.2 and the M9? I’d love to see the UV colour handling of the M9 vs the M8 using uncoded Zeiss glass!

  4. Please I’d like to read what you think also of the Canon G11. You have not scheduled a review for this cute home Canon?
    Congratulation for your work ! Great site.

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