1. Steve,
    I am looking forward to getting a Leica m9P by the end of this year. Which would you recommend as my first (main ) lense: a 35mm F2 cron or a 50mm F2 cron or a 50mm f1.4 lux. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  2. You need to click the link that says “YOU CAN SEE THAT LIST HERE” or you can click on the image. This was a post to let you know i updated the old page, and I linked to it from here. Thanks.

  3. Summicron has shorter minimum focusing distance. In theory – it should increase background OOF, even at 2.5 aperture – in comparison to Summarit. Would be nice to see such comparison.

  4. I hope the cron 35 is still a good lense, I found one from an estate sale, never been mounted on a camera for $500 more than a summarit…That would be a bummer not to get better lense. It was a nicely priced cron. Apparently most of the difference lies in construction and long-term durability. F2 is not too bad for available light although not the fastest. Would be nice to have a lux built like the summarit and priced accordingly for dim light shots.

  5. Hey Jerry! Thanks for stopping by. As for the differences between the summicron and summarit, those can be found in the reviews. Stopped down, the summarit is not sharper than the summicron. They are about equal from what I have seen.

    Sdennis, I will be putting up a page soon for the Zeiss/Voigtlander lenses that I really liked. Just waiting to try out a couple more. The Noctilux F1 is still one of my favorite lenses and I miss it dearly but no way I could afford to keep it and buy the other lenses I needed.



  6. Hey Steve,

    I’m curious to know what your recommendations would be for non-Leica branded lenses…?

    Also, would the Noctilux f/1 still make the list now that the new version is out? I’m kind of kicking myself now for not jumping on Ken’s auction for your old one when I had the chance-just not the right time $ wise (of course, when is it ever the right time to spend that kind of money)?! That said, I am definitely keeping my eyes open for a mint used one still.

  7. Steve,
    what about difference between SUMMICRON and SUMMARIT regarding:
    – shorter minimal FOCUSING DISTANCE (0.7m against 0.8m)
    – WIDER APERTURE (2.0 against 2.5)

    Minimal focusing distance would matter eg. portraits, also other close-ups with OOF background.
    Wide aperture – anything.

    I also read, that when closed down – Summarit is sharper than Summicron. What are your experiences Steve?
    Or even if truth, difference can be seen only with 100% preview?

    Does anyone have two pictures comparing the same subject with Summicron and Summilux, wide open, at their minimal focusing distances?

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