Daily Inspiration #72 by Hugo Sharp

Since we had some out of camera M9 B&W as well as some cat images this weekend I thought this would make a great Monday morning image! Hugo shot this with a Leica M9 and the Zeiss 50 Sonnar 1.5. Thanks Hugo!

“I was trialling black and white this past weekend both thematically and technologically (with the M9). This cat on the wooden fence screamed contrast and texture variances – both of which i’m lead to believe are the strengths on black and white).

It was shot with a M9, 50mm Zeiss Sonnar at about f2 as a ooc jpeg. It was processed in Aperture 3 where i added slight vignette and minor cropping.



Sydney, Australia”


  1. You are invading my territory. I’ll scratch your front element if you don’t back off. I know how to hurt photographer!

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