More Bags! Crumpler & Billingham Video

Hey guys! It’s been a bag fest here lately and I have three of them here trying to decide which to keep 🙂 Here is a video overview of the Crumpler 6 Million Dollar home and the Billingham Hadley Small. The 6 Million Dollar home is a larger bag than the 5MDH and is also very nice with lush thick padding. The Billingham Hadley Small is a very stylish bag that really fits with the Leica. The 5MDH comes in at about $80, the 6MDH comes in at about $112 and the Hadley Small is about $200.

Enjoy! Oh, if you missed it here is the write up and video of the 5 Million Dollar Home 🙂


  1. Hey Steve, nice review! I am choosing between the Hadley pro and Hadley small. I would prefer the small, but the bag has to comfortably carry a Fuji GF670, leica M7 + summilux 50 and 28mm cron + 15mm heliar + loads of film. Can I get away with the small? will that one also carry a ipad?

    • The small would not carry all of that, and if it did it would be crazy tight. The small would be better for the M7 and couple of lenses. Add in the Fuji and iPad and I’d go for the large.

  2. Great review for the 5MD and Hadley small. I have both actually, and the 5MD has served me for 3 years without fail. I also have the 7MD in my shoulder bag collection which I believe is quite in the same dimension as Hadley Pro. As the rest of the people here, I’ve been contemplating between the Hadley Pro and Hadley Small. Eventually, I still prefer the small version as the pro is a little too big for my liking. But still, I will get the Pro when I’ve enough cash, couldn’t resist the zippered back pocket though 🙂

  3. For hadley small,1 dslr with lens other 1 lens and one flashgun still can fit but looks like overload

  4. I’m new to the cameral world! I’m being treated to a Billingham Bag (lucky me!) – I have a Canon 550 SLR and would like to use the bag not for transportation but for ‘walkaround’ with possibly just one extra lens. There are no stockists near to where I live so can’t go along and have a look. I’ve viewed the video and the one thing that appeals to me is that it looks ‘light’ and compatible. So, I guess the question is – would a Canon 550 with lens and one spare lens fit nicely into a Hadley Small? Thank you.

  5. Iam a poor man leica, i own lumix gf 1& 2, 2 voigtlander nokton, 14 & 20 kit lens and 1 zeiss.
    I use billigham hadley small and its can fit all this stuff perfectly and also my ipod.nice bag nice conpartment nice build quality.
    *you own leica and say billigham small expensive?

  6. Guilherme, I would say that the SMALL Hadley would NOT hold a 7D and two lenses. It’s a pretty small bag. You would have to jump up to the larger Hadley for the 7D.

  7. Hi Steve:

    Could you explain the “magic” behind Billingham bags? I don’t understand why they’re so expensive. At least Leica products I can justify (reluctantly) that they use the best glass, have the best bokeh, feel solid in your hand, etc … but I don’t get the story behind. What’s the deal?

    • These bags are hand made in the UK, I have been to there factory several times through the course of my work, all I can say is that these bags well give you a life times service the quaility of the workmanship is second to none, and that coupled with the fact that they are made in the UK, hand made, is what keeps the price up, as im sure you are aware living and working in the UK is not cheep, hope this helps….

  8. Hello Steve
    I like your page very much and it was one of the reason to buy a used M8. Like you and many others I also was looking for a nice bag. I tried also the Crumbler but didn’t like the shape. I was looking for something more casual not “camera bag like” and it also had to be comfortable to carry. I liked my Mountainsmith Tour Bag which i have for Dayhikes. So I decided to cut some foam to protect my camera with two additonal lenses in the bag.

    Becaue I’m not a good craftsman the result dosn’t look very professional, but it worked very well on my thailandtrip ;-).

    I put some pictures on my webpage to give you an idea:

    Here is also the link to mountainsmith where you can see the details to the used bag:

    Hope this idea helps others to find the perfect solution for their dreambag

  9. You’re dead on Steve, us men love bags too! Lol 😀

    My wife has told me to keep my comments to myself regarding bags now after our last trip away. Every time I saw a guy with a nice bag I’d comment “Nice bag, where did he get that one from?”. Some real cool canvas type & leather non camera messenger bags out there and I reckon they easily make the best all day bags for camera use and importantly don’t shout *camera*.

  10. Hey Steve,

    Just found the site thanks to Ned Bunnell. I’ve got a Pentax K10 and am trying to decide on an upgrade to the K7 so I enjoyed your review.

    Definitely check out the Naneu Pro bags, I’ve had the Lima for a couple of years and really like it. Mine is olive and does not look like a typical camera bag. The inserts fit perfectly in my laptop backpack when I need the laptop. Otherwise, the Lima comfortably holds my K10 with the 16-50mm F2.8 lens plus two other lenses and a strobe.

  11. This is so cool. Seems like there is quite a bit of interest in camera bags! Maybe I can work something out where I can get like 10-20 bags here and compare and go over all of them. Hmmmmmm

  12. Steve,
    Same question as Anthony, why not Domke, eg : FX5B ?

    Thanks for all the job you do for us.

  13. Hey Steve
    I tried the billingham and did’nt buy it . reasons:
    I felt it was too small, tried to feet the m9 +35 Lux in it and there wasnt enough room, had problems getting it out and back in again
    Did’nt like the colours but that’s my taste, i am sure others will
    It is verrrrry expansive
    I use the Crumplers , bought it a few years ago, It’s more or less the same as the 5-6 million cases
    What can i say ? it is a nice case and fits my M9 + 2 lenses
    Have a nice w/e

  14. I swear by Billingham bags – they have travelled all over the world with me, been beaten up, dropped, dragged, scuffed, rained on, lost, found, lost again. They look best when they are beaten up a bit and draw less attention. The canvas also gets softer and shapes to your body better.

    A new Billingham can look a little too expensive and not all that cool – that soon fades after a while and they start to have a worn, scruffy elegance. I have known people deliberately leave their Billingham outside in the rain, even put in in their washing machine, even drive over it with their truck a few times and grind it into the dust, before drying it out and using it !

    And they are available in black, which is much more discreet.

    Love the site , Steve, keep it up !

  15. Wonderful collaborative analysis of the camera-bag problem !

    But I’ve been trying for days to respond with my bag-related input here and elsewhere on Steve’s great blog. I have been able to enter here and elsewhere comments on this bog’s other entries or a simple XX as a test with no problem, but every time I try to enter my bag-related comment under this entry or elsewhere on this site a message pops up which states that there has been “an error while processing the directive.” Does anyone know why this is? What can I do?

  16. I’ve been looking for a camera bag that i’d love to take out and like the look of, for ages, these two to me are the least attractive bags of all. The Billingham is horrid, it reminds me of mrs Bucket (Buquet!) and Bentleys. The Crumpler is just not too nice.
    Good to see a video of bags, it gives a much clearer impression of looks and usability.
    Thanks Steve.

  17. Lovely video, Steve. If it weren’t for the “camera bag” style of the crumplers, I think they’d be ideal, but to my eyes, they look like camera bags. Billinghams look like travel sacks, man bags, or misc other vintage bags, which appeals more to my aesthetic. I guess that’s what it all boils down to. For example, I like “older” looking bags for my Leicas and sportier bags for my Canons. Go figure!

  18. Steve,

    When it is all said and done, which one of the Crumplers (5m or 6m) do you think is better suited for a smaller micro 4/3 user (e.g Pen set-up)? I know that might be subjective and depending on the number of lenses etc. but based on your set-up and gear, what is your preference? BTW, great site and reviews. Thanks.

  19. I came across a ballistics nylon Kenneth Cole bag while I was looking for a camera bag to house my M9 and other gear. It was $395 retail but was on sale for $120. I then bought the Temba insert and it works great. Doesn’t scream camera bag but is still made of great material and will last forever. It is waterproof and makes for a great alternative to the purpose built camera bags anyone can get from B&H. It holds my M9, 90 Cron, 50 Lux and 35 Cron plus a light meter and extra batter, rocket blaster and some other small things like a mini light disk. It doesn’t bulge and hangs from my shoulder comfortably. Couldn’t pass up on the quality, materials and of course price! It was a great find and buy at $120. I picked it up from the Kenneth Cole outlet near Bradly Beach, NJ.

  20. Nice video. Seeing that Billingham just reminded me how little I like them. In my opinion they are the typical snobby Leica user’s accessory. One looks stylish no matter whether out walking their Leica or looking good when tea time comes around.
    Sorry but they make my skin crawl. Yak!

    Steve, do yourself a favour and check out the Artisan&Artist line of bags. Pretty sure you’d like the Oskar-One-Day bag.

  21. The M7 is OK and all but compared to using an M2 no thanks! Still a great Leica camera, goes without saying 🙂

    Nice to see you shooting some film again Steve. I love my M8 but if my house was on fire I’d rescue my M2 over it every time …. heck I’d rescue it over the wife! LOL My meter packed up over the weekend whilst I was away on holiday shooting film only with said M2 in poor light conditions so had to go back to guessing exposure, rolls of film will be picked up tomorrow, I’m dreading the results but maybe I’ve gotten away with it meter-less. New Sekonic L308S bought yesterday … phew.

    Nice vid Steve, don’t see you roughing up the Billingham to make it look older or unstitching the badge though. What gives? 😀

  22. Steve,

    Wow…that’s a lot! Do you think the Hadley small can hold more than the Leica M series bag? I like that fact that it’s a little thinner and, imho, a bit more sleek looking than the M series bag…might just switch-out myself. I had a hard time deciding between the M series and this one to begin with.

  23. Thanks guys!

    Hey Emily, yes I am enjoying the M7. Its been years since I shot one and it feel soooooo nice in my hand. Its thinner/heavier/more solid than an M8 or M9. Just feels so nice when you wind the film. Anyway, I will be shooting B&W and color and doing some side by side shots with the M7 and M9. Should be interesting!

    Sdennis, I saw the Hadley pro but it was a little larger than I wanted. I was experimenting and was able to fit an M9 with lens, M7 with lens, 3 additional lenses, 3 rolls of film, and charger/extra battery into the Hadley small. It’s tight but it all fit.

  24. Oh…I also meant to add…have you had a look at the Billingham Hadley Pro? It’s not much more cost wise, but it holds much more than the small Hadley. I used to own one, but wound up selling it for the Leica M series bag like the one you just sold.

  25. Great video, Steve. The editing and “magic” were nice touches (new video software?). Thanks for posting an update; after seeing how thin the Hadley is, I’m definitely considering it for a future purchase. I’m getting the 2MDH and the 5MDH delivered today. I used your B&H links so maybe that small purchase will help this great site some. I don’t have the time right now to sift through all the bag options so these reviews were such a help.

    Excited to see you shooting with the M7 – that’s a review I’m really looking forward to! I started shooting film with a Nikon F4, and when I shoot film again, I definitely want to try a Leica body.

  26. Billingham Shlillingham. The bag says “STEAL ME”, all over it.

    Thanks for showing the differences between the 5MD & ^MD bags. I have an older 6MD bag, with the loud velcro. That’s the only issue with it.

  27. excellent. I was just asking myself which bag I would choose! Always a good answer on SHP. I will go for the bill…

    (your) This web site is really a must!

    Thank you Steve for the wonderfull job

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