Daily Inspiration #85 by Shaul Naschitz

Here we go with #85 and it’s a triple!!! I want to thank Shaul for these as they inspired me quite a bit!

Hi Steve.

I’m an amateur photographer living in Israel.

I’ve been reading your blog quite often lately and I like it a lot. A refreshing view on photography and quite an inspiring one.

Anyway, I’m attaching three images for your consideration.

The first, which I call “Bipolar”, was shot with an Olympus E-P2 and ZD 50 f/2 (wide open). I think that the title speaks for itself. The person in this portrait is a dear man.

The second, “Boy and his dog”, was shot with an Olympus E-3 and Leica D Summilux 25/1.4 (again, wide open). I’m not very keen on action shooting so this was an exception.

The last one, “Interior design of the soul”, was shot with an Olympus E-P2 and ZD 50 f/2 (guess what – wide open. I just like the wider apertures). It depicts a young interior designer and his boss during a presentation.

Thanks for looking,

Shaul Naschitz


  1. Wonderful pictures Shaul, and a good presentation of your work.
    I like all three of them, for the DOF, the composition, the lighting and the emotions they inspire in the one that looks at them.
    Good work.

  2. I’d like to thank all of you for your comments.

    @Ravi, that image is a ooc jpeg, slightly cropped and converted.

  3. 🙂 Oh yes, the “boy and dog”, my inspiration for today!!! Please make more of these exceptions 🙂

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