CONTEST CLOSED! Win my Epson V500 Scanner!


Submissions must be sent by April 30th to be entered into this contest!

Hey! I had a great idea last week that I think would be super fun and super cool for you guys. As some of you know I have been shooting film for the last week or two (and really enjoying it). I have a Leica M7 as well as my M6 here and have been loving them both. I bought an Epson V500 scanner last week, used it twice and then ordered the V700 mainly for the capabilities of scanning more negatives at one time. The V500 scanner is a GREAT little scanner and really not that far off from my old Nikon Coolscan V after I finally figured out the optimal settings.

Anyway, I was going to sell this scanner but I decided to have a fun photo contest with the winner being sent this scanner as the main prize. No, it’s not a new sealed box but it has about 10-15 minutes of total scan time on it and it will be packaged in the original box with software and adapters…all as new!

So c’mon, let’s keep this groovy film train movin’!


This is a FILM contest and is geared to those who shoot film, have shot film, or want to start shooting film again.

Simply e-mail me a photo you shot on film that has been scanned by your drug store, yourself, or a lab. Doesn’t matter. Color or B&W. I will judge and narrow the submissions down to 10 and out of the final 10 the winner will be chosen by the readers of this site using a poll over a period of one week.

The winner will be sent the Epson V500 Scanner directly from me!


  1. Contest starts NOW, April 12th 2010 and submissions will be taken until April 30th. Sometime between May 3rd and May 12th 10 finalists will be put up where readers can vote for a winner. Photos can be black & white or color but must have been shot on film. My wife and I will choose the 10 finalists and all of you will choose the winner after one week of voting. Voting will end and a winner will be chosen on May 19th 2010. I think this will be loads of fun ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Only ONE image can be submitted per person, so choose wisely! Also, you must include your first and last name with the image.
  3. The image you submit must be at least 680 pixels wide but no larger than 1100 pixels wide. Also, try to keep them under 1.5MB. If more than one image is sent or they are too large or too small then they will not be included in the contest.
  4. Have fun with it and make sure you ENTER!

The odds of winning will depend on how many submissions I receive. Prize will be shipped to the winner via USPS Priority Mail if within the USA and for outside of the USA I will also ship USPS but it may take a week or two to arrive. Prize will ship on or during the week of May 24th 2010. Also, there is no theme here for the contest so just submit your favorite film image and who knows? You may WIN!!




  1. Hello, I sent a submission today, but I picked wrong version of the pic (it is resized version so it isnt 680px wide), should I send another one? Sorry for the fuss ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Submitted! I’ve been shooting film for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be more excited. Just picked up 20 rolls of Tri-X and have started developing in my bathroom with D-76. I love it.

  3. Gregorio, as far as I know you need scanning software to use with your scanner. Im using Silverfast SE and also Epson Scan, both came with the scanner. I think you can download trials of Vuescan and silverfast. Thanks


  4. i also want to know how do you scan ?? i’m using mac, i have the drivers but no soft, i have to crop every picture, any sugestion ?? thanks !!!


  5. Well now that you’ve got us all crazy about shooting and scanning film, how about a scanner overview/primer? On the off chance that I don’t win your contest I plan to pick one up anyway. What, for example, does the V500 get us over the V300? I’ve been reading the descriptions on Amazon but I don’t know what features translate into appreciably better images.

    Anyway, just a humble request for knowledge from our favorite photo guru. Thanks for your site and the inspiration we all enjoy because of it.

  6. I have the Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED. But I am running up a small bill, lab scanning all the shots that I am now taking with my Fuji GA645i. THAT is a camera. Boy o boy.

    So a V500 will scan that 120 just nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Hi Steve, I just submitted a photo for your contest… believe it or not, it was shot on APS film with a Canon EOS prime lens. I was testing the lens and with some old film and an old camera I wanted to use. The photo was commercially scanned. Film still has “that look”. “Classic” I think.

  8. Hi,

    I’m about to purchase the V500! Will send one in for sure. Just bought an M4-P and 35 Summicron pre-ASPH so let’s get shooting.

    Can you share with us the optimal settings you found? That would sure save some time and energy for most of us. Would be a great starting point, from there discovering ones own favorite tweaks.

  9. Thanks for having this contest Steve! I will send in something this month. It would’ve been cool if you said pictures of abandoned warehouses ONLY. I guess that would’ve been too restrictive and somewhat dangerous. Oh well, maybe next time. =)

  10. Steve

    Echo David S’s query about the optimal settings. I just bought the V700, so I’m still testing the settings and what effect they have on scans and scan speed.

  11. UNREAL….

    I don’t have a scanner and was saving up I will start looking through my pics and see what I can find.

    There is just something great about shooting film I just grabbed my G2 and haven’t put it down in days. I know its not a Leica but man … great lenses.

  12. Great idea, Steve. I already have the Epson V700, so I won’t steal any thunder from anyone else needing a scanner.

  13. Steve,

    I already own this scanner (it’s great) so I don’t need to enter, but I’m curious — what are the optimal settings, in your opinion? I’m never sure if I’m getting the most out of it.

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