Daily Inspiration #97 by Sari Asih

Nothing like some cool film shots! This time we have a couple submitted by Sari Asih and they were shot on a Leica M7 using the cheap but terriffic Voigtlander 35 2.5 PII! Enjoy, and thanks Sari!

The Giant

Leica M7, Lucky SHD 100, Voigtlander Color Skopar PII/2.5

Venus on the beach

Leica M7, Lucky SHD 100, Voigtlander Color Skopar PII/2.5


  1. If anybody is interested in seeing what Ilford XP2 400 looks like when pushed to 800 and pulled to 200 within the same roll and then developed normally at the drugstore. Take a look at these I just got done. Ok, you lose a bit of dynamic range but the added flexibility you get from being able to play with the iso on one film mid way through to take advantage of light change is well worth consideration.


  2. Thank you all, as a new shooters your comment really means a lot to me! I am a newbie in taking pictures, as it is not even a year that I take photography in serious way. But at the end, I do believe that what matters most is having a good time with it. And it does reflect on the output 😀
    You can find the rest of my shoots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ista_asih_jojo/sets/ and please do leave comment and critics!

  3. Wow, really like these. Speaking of film, I just shot a roll of XP2 400 Super this weekend and pushed and pulled it as an experiment as I heard it is a great film for doing that with. Shot most of it pulled to 200 and a few pushed to 800. Will post some results later.

    Sari – really like the composition of your shots, the film, grain contrast etc are excellent too but the composition is what I particularly like about these. Well done.

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