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I love photographs that show off Urban Decay and here is a web site that shows off some really interesting photographs of old buildings, interiors, and other surprises. Thanks to Ray Scott for the link.

Just for fun, for all of you phone geeks – Iphone 4 vs HTC Evo 🙂 BTW, I am an Iphone fan…

Speaking of the Iphone, this short movie was shot and edited entirely on an Iphone 4. AMAZING! Thanks to Michael Smith for sending in the link!

A great photographer with some amazing photos.

Want to to see the most tagged photograph in the world? Click here…

I am back to updating my Leica M9 daily diary, so be sure to check in every few days 🙂

You guys should follow Leica Camera on twitter – not only for the stream of Leica info, but to help with this cause! Read the whole story at the official Leica Blog.

I am selling my Sony NEX-3 kit with 16mm f2/8 lens, which is like brand new with tag still attached. Only used it for my upcoming review. Silver, all in box and can not tell difference from new. Normally $549, will sell for $489 shipped. Can do check, MO or V/MC. E-Mail me here if interested. Shot about 250 images with it. You can also buy new HERE.

If anyone has any interesting photography related links to share, feel free to send them my way by e-mailng me HERE.


  1. I bought an iPhone 4 because I had the original 2G model and figured it was time for an upgrade. IU haven’t experienced the “loss of signal due to grip” issue. I will be looking for it though.

  2. Funny video of the iPhone vs. HTC. I’m a big iPhone fan too, but have refrained from picking up an iPhone 4 for right now. Apple’s attitude about the loss of signal due to gripping of the phone totally chaps my hide. I even think the lawsuit filed against Apple (and the lawsuit against AT&T b/c of the iPad data plan) is meritorious.

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