Daily Inspiration #122 by Sori Gottdenker

Here you go guys…a great image and story for todays DI. This is what it is all about! Thanks Sori!

Dear Steve,

These photos are from the most exhilarating photo shoot I have ever experienced…I had gone out to shoot some roses in my front yard, stamens and pistils and like that …I set up the tripods, thinking about light, depth of field and whatnot and begin to shoot and as I am getting into “the groove”, there is an annoying shadow within the flower I am shooting…investigation revealed a spider! A PINK ONE !!!! (pink and peach are my favorite colors) Jimminy CRICKET!…. a flower, stamens and pistols, dew drops, good light made better, AND a pink spider!!!!! Heaven!!!! Just HEAVEN!!! I shoot from every angle I can…damn the tripod…HAND- hold!!!! No that’s wrong! (i think)…NO hand hold! Be patient!…oh to hell with it!!!!!!…HAND HOLD!!!! Shoot forever and a bit and then go to my computer in the kitchen for download…Start looking …OH NO!…A HAIR!!!!!! A WHITE HAIR!!!!!…. NO. no, no!!!!!! Must be a Folly Anna hair (Folly is my white puppy)…go check lens for hairs…none there now…keep looking on the computer…wait! There are 2 hairs…wait, wait. wait…SHE”S SPINNING A WEB! RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES! Right as I’m shooting! This is TOO much!!!! A pink spider in a flower with stamens and pistols and light and dew drops and a WEB!!!!! Would Steve Huff think my photo inspirational?? Could I win a contest?????…it doesn’t matter!!!! I HAVE ALREADY WON!

So LADY, as she became affectionately called, remained in the roses for 3 days… she was photographed over and over again until she finally had to run away from home…she is a memory now but a fond, fantastic memory! and she is safely immortalized in my photo library and kind of, in my heart!

For me it is very much about the obsession, the passion, the wanting to do the very best that I can, the learning and the pushing myself to learn and do better…to make a representation of life…to capture a moment…for me, that is what photography is about and those things are the prize…(very FINE prizes indeed!).

Thank you for your excellent work…for your gorgeous, sensitive photos; for your words; for your very generous sharing of your knowledge; for your inspiration…your gifts to us all are great!!!!!


Sori Gottdenker

P.S. I shot Lady with the Panasonic GF1 and the Leica Macro-Elmarit 1:2.8/45 and also the Nikon D300 with the Zeiss ZF.2 50mm macro lens…the Zeiss images have more detail and are lovely but I love the water color quality I get with the Panny.


  1. beautiful creature and a special angle, i like how his upsidedownness makes a slight vertigo sensation. As always gottdenker’s signature composition style:
    ( sharp + fuzzy = exciting ) .. gotta love it!

  2. …. beautiful shot. I wonder what it’s like with the Zeiss lens ??? Just to have a comparison.
    I love the GF1 shot, but …

    Kind regards, and congratulations!


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