Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 reviews coming tonight!

Been working on the Sony NEX review all day and trying to make it jam packed with info, full size samples as well as showing how all of the features of this camera work. It was planned to be up this morning but it is taking me longer than expected so check back tonight and it should be up! Thanks!



  1. Has Sony EVER made good technology with the capability where it counts most and not the external shlick?

    Minidisc can stand as an exception.

  2. Looking forward to reading the review, I love the little camera. Especially with M glass mounted.

    • I understand your frustration, same here. I will say though that once I stopped looking at what it wasn’t and took pictures with it (with a few in-camera tweaks mind you), I just can’t help but admire what Sony have done and also the interesting type of photography it allows you.

      Bottom line is I can’t think of good enough reason to leave it at home.


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