Daily Inspiration #137 by Konstantin Mihailov Mihov

Welcome to #137! Love these shots, so thanks for sending them in Konstantin!

Dear Steve,

This weekend, here in Bremen, Germany, a street festival took place (it takes place annually) called La Strada and it features all kinds of acrobatics, singing, and entertainment artists from around Europe. I had the chance to attend and to take some pictures of it with my M8 and I am attaching 3 of them here. One is of a magician who really fascinated the audience with his quick hands – the kid was really interested in doing some magic with him so he did a trick with a bank note of 5 euros and here the kid is looking at the banknote trying to confirm it is his own banknote 🙂

The next picture is of a photograph who was one of the official La Strada press people (saw him several times) and we greeted each other through the crowd (we both were with our cameras glued to our face and we have similar looks as well so it was really interesting to communicating with him through the distance).

Finally is a picture of an acrobat/mime/comedian who performed a truly spectacular show including various aspects of the comedy portfolio from scary, to breath-taking. I posted a lot more pictures on my blog (http://imperfiction.com) as well as a video of his performance that I found on youtube.

All shot processed with Nik Silver Efex Pro, using the Tri-X film filter and a blue color filter.




  1. Konstantin, you have some amazing talent. These are really great photos. The technical quality (black and white, sharpness, Leica quality) is just fantastic but that is not what I like most, what I like most is that you have captured what some might call “The Decisive Moment” and somehow injected life into a still photograph. Looking at these, I feel as if I have just watched the show myself, have seen all the movement and life and funnily enough, when I think of them now, I remember it as a show, a live act that I was present at, rather than a photograph. I saw that with Steve H’s photos of Seal too, I think it happens when you combine real talent with quality cameras. My fav is the top one, the intense concentration on the boy’s face is priceless!

    • Many thanks for the gracious comments, Stephen! Perhaps talent plays a role and perhaps the gear helps too. But I do think there is more to it – and I think Steve nailed it with his latest articles on the emotions and that’s the patience and the looking for the moment.

  2. Excellent work! I really like the moment you’ve captured in pic 1, and the depth of field in pic 2 is very interesting!

  3. Thanks a lot again for the platform of showing these, Steve! btw, when I was shooting these I also had with me a Canon EOS 1Ds (Mark I from 2002) but none of my favourite pictures from these series came from that camera. KM

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