Leica X1 in stock and Some Used Leica Deals!

Was browsing B&H today and discovered that they have a few goodies in stock for all of you Leica shooters out there…

First, they have the Leica X1 in stock right now!!

They also have some great used deals…enjoy!

This will go FAST – so if you want it, Id grab it NOW! A Leica 50 summicron f/2 lens with case for $799. You can click here to see it or buy it. Looks like they SOLD IT!

A RARITY! Leica CM Zoom, “9” condition. These are great little cameras. You can see this one HERE.

LEICA CL – “9” Condition with 40 Summicron, hood, etc. $999

I would buy this if I could – The Leica 50 Elmar collapsible. This is a fine lens indeed with a classic rendering. Snag it quick!

LEICA M7 – “9” condition – $2499


  1. Hey Steve,

    Swung by B&H after seeing the 50 Cron had come down in price and picked it up. I was glad it was still there! Thanks for the heads up! I’m getting ready to buy a M9 and needed the lens!

    What do you think about putting a uv filter on it? Seems a little crazy no?

  2. If I remember correctly, those collapsible lenses should not be collapsed on the digital M’s as they could hit some of the electronics. Just a warning although i could be wrong.

    • I have an M8 and a 50 Elmar collapsible (last generation) and it perfectly fits inside the camera. I’ve never had a problem. I just make sure the lens is not collapsed to attach or detach it from the body. It is a very nice combo, light and small. The lens is super sharp and renders beautiful images for portrait or landscapes.
      I use it whenever I want a small and convenient package to take everywhere, when the noctilux f1 combo is to heavy to carry and when there’s enough light.
      I totally recommend it for a digital M.

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