Fun Friday Links and Used Deals! Sept 10th 2010

Wow, can’t believe it has already been one year and one day since Leica announced the M9. I remember that day well as I was supposed to be in NYC for the event but ended up not making it out for it. I did get an M9 rather quickly though, well, a month later in October 09.

Today it’s getting a bit easier to find an M9 in stock…at least sometimes. Today I know that Dale Photo & Digital has a black M9 IN STOCK as well as the Leica X1. They even have a used X1 for $1800. It’s in the box and looks great. So for  those looking for these cameras, don’t miss out! You can also call them and ask for David at 1-800-327-1776.


An interesting blog I never have seen before, but its called Mil-Leica and describes itself as “Leica Photos From Milwaukee”. So many Leica blogs these days. When I started my original site I was one of the one or two blogs actively talking about Leica (that I was aware of). There was no Leica Rumors, no Leica shots, no Leica mention on Ken Rockwell, no official Leica Blog, and none of the countless other Leica themed blogs that are now spreading like wildfire. Just wait, there will be more after watch!


Photo by Thorsten Overgaard at the Leica Shop Paris Exhibit

One of my facebook friends and fellow Leica photographer Birgit Krippner is enjoying some well deserved recognition at the Paris Leica Shop. Her photos shot with her M9 are on exhibit and for anyone near that area or visiting Paris I urge you to stop in and see her photos. Congrats Bixi! Make sure you also check out her website HERE.


Also, those looking for a great online photo course, my buddy Thorsten is once again accepting new students!


One spot left for our NYC meetup! Who will get the last spot?


OSTRICH SKIN LEICA X1? Yep, only 80 will be made!

How about a special edition Leica X1 with Ostrich Skin? Only 80 will be made…here are some details.


Things you need for shooting in the night!


For all of you Sony NEX series fans, here is a great site with LOADS of samples from these little Sony powerhouses.


MUST SEE! I love this. A man captures his daughter in photos…really great photos..from birth to what appears to be currently her mid 20’s.


The AP says photographers are ditching digital for film! Told you film was back on the rise! Much like the analog LP, film is making a small comeback. This is good!


An Interview with Ralph Gibson


Trapped in a Chilean Mine – A Photo Essay


More used deals!

B&H has a used 35 Summarit, which is a killer lens for the M9. They are closed today (Friday) for holiday but will re-open tomorrow. Here is the link to the lens!

How about a used double stroke Leica M3 for $649?

As always, Ken Hanson has loads of used gear. Looking for something classic or something Leica that is used and cheaper? Shoot Ken and email!


  1. I just get salty with Leica out of bitterness in some ways. I have dedicated my adult life to the pursuit of photography. I went to college for it and have practiced it professionally, but still the best equipment I would love to use is only affordable to the very wealthy. And it’s not expensive like an industry workhorse is expensive, its unjustifiably expensive. And so as a young artist I look to Cosina and Zeiss. They, I feel actually make tools for the working photographer. Not just the retired oil tycoon and the collector.

    They say that Bresson used Leica’s because they were cheaper than Contax. I use Voigtlander for a similar reason. It really isn’t about the lenses reputation, that I’ve learned absolutely.

  2. I don’t personally feel I want to support Leica, but I could understand someone wanting to support a company that does things a bit differently, as Leica does.

    Canon and Nikon surely make superb cameras, but there is a mundaneness to them which Leica, like them or not, does not have.

  3. Yeah I guess you make a good argument about the X1. I guess the rebranded Panasonics bother me more than anything. People really don’t realize they’re not made by Leica. I show them to people at the store I work in every day and they’re always shocked.

    • Why do some people always feel the need to educate others when it comes to the fact that leica and panasonic cooperate? Yes, certain leicas may be considered as rebranded panasonics? And…so what? Leica is a small german company and with whatever new leica products you buy, you support this little niche company and their special and dedicated employees. Do I pay more than necessary then? Yes, probably, but do I care? No. As long as I have the money and like to support leica… . But please feel free to educate others based on one singular criteria. Sometimes people think more than others want to make believe… Choices choices choices…

  4. @Mark: I don’t see what the scam is here, Leica charges £1299 for the X1, the buyer knows what he or she is getting for the money, end of story.

    You may feel it’s not good value for money, maybe you’re right, but it’s not a scam. Nobody is making you buy anything, nobody is telling you you’re getting something you’re not. As far as I know the marketing material is entirely honest, they’re not saying it’s got specifications it hasn’t.

    If you’d rather have a 5D (maybe I would too) go for it.

  5. Only 200 bucks off the X1? Not a good deal. Oh wait…you could buy a 5D2 for the price of an X1 new…or buy a great cheaper camera, and still give $1000 dollars to charity for the price of Leica’s wannabe M4/3s camera. Aside from their M and S2 line Leica is pulling a number of sad scams on consumers.

    • Wannabe M4/3? Hahaha, that funny Mark A Sperry. This camera’s IQ is so much better than u4/3. Also comparing it to a DSLR? Please…

  6. Steve –
    Thank you so much for writing this article about my exhibition in Paris. This is really kind of you. Take good care and thanks again,

  7. As a longtime reader of He started regularly covering Leica at the introduction of the D3X. This was in Dec 2008. He basically said that for $8,000 he might as well start using Leica and regular updated his Leica film camera use until the m9 was released last year. Steve, I love you site, but other people were talking about Leica before the m9, I had been keeping my eye out and when the m9 came out and m8 prices started to fall, I pounced. I have been a happy m8 user ever since.

  8. Howdy Sir,
    Thanks for the mention of Milleica! I’ve been a full-time independent photographer for about 10 years now. I started my professional blog awhile ago ( and started Milleica this year in order to share photos of personal things that wouldn’t directly related to my professional work! Thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work!

  9. Double Stroke M3 body for $649.00? Just bought a similar condition D/S from retailer here in good ol’ UK (factory converted to S/S – much nicer action) for £289 GBP ….. that’s less than $450.

    Couple of dings to top edge, but VGC all-over and clean as a whistle inside (almost like new really) …

    Two hundred dollars less! Bargain or what???

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