Some cool deals and some fun links!

It’s been a while since I did a deals post and while working on my Fuji GA670 review I took a break to browse around to see if there were any deals to be found.


These guys have a used Leica M6 for $895. UPDATE – ITS BEEN SOLD! Their store is not far from my house and I handled this camera. It’s a user no doubt but it felt really good in my hand. I almost bought it a month ago! They lowered the price to $895 so if someone wants a nice user M6 and you do not care about the brassing then this is a great deal. If you call or order, tell them stevehuffphoto sent you. They do not pay me anything, but they know me 🙂 They also have t his cool 50 Summitar for $249, with case! I did NOT see this one in person, but it looks pretty cool and this is the lens that is on my M9 as I type this!

Also, B&H Photo is having a sale on the Pentax K7 which was one of my favorite DSLR’s that I have tested in the past year. I STILL want one and am getting closer to pulling the trigger because my son wants an upgrade from his D3000 and my results from the K7 were great (at least I thought so). So now you can get a $100 instant rebate on it making the price of the pro body K7 $763. That is a great price. They also have the kit lens for a $100 or so, making a total kit price of under $900. Really guys, this is a fantastic DSLR. You can see my review here.

Here is a nice little Leica minilux for $349. This is the one with the 40 2.4 lens. It’s titanium color and even comes with a case. This is a great little film P&S!


An interview I did with Yanik Delafoge on the official Leica Blog

This is an old video but I found it interesting – it’s Leica related.

This is a VERY long page but has some really amazing photographs buried within. If you have an hour to kill, check it out 🙂

This is a bit off topic but hey, lots of photos and pretty bizarre stuff. This page included photos of a mexican drug lords home after being raided. Crazy!!!!!

1172 NASA pictures.

Love this guys B&W work.

Also, another great and honest Leica M9 review I found recently. Check it out!

If you have not seen this, and you enjoy street photography then what are you waiting for? It’s the Charlie Rose interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson. Very inspirational!


  1. Your poor son is going to be requiring a very high paying job very soon, I can tell … 🙂

  2. Steve, you know what’s freaky? I finally blogged about Alexey Titarenko this evening, and then the first thing I did after was look through my Google Reader feeds and discovered you did exactly the same thing today ha! How Bizarre!

  3. That was a great interview and I enjoy it every time. EVERYONE interested in photography should watch that (or this among others)
    ..and buy a few books. Every time I listen to him or watch, read, I realize how much time we lose thinking about new gear, lenses, etc and miss the bigger, more important lessons.

  4. @Tim, congrats! I was just thinking about getting it but wasn’t quick enough to snatch it. haha..oh well

  5. @Eric – yea, the D90 is good, I agree. The K7 would be more for me, and letting him use it every now and then 🙂 he he… His monster zoom is now a regret, just as I predicted. Too heavy, too large and too soft. IMO, a horrible lens. I think he learned a lesson with it but now the problem is his dream lens is a Nikon 200F2!

    @Tim A – Great! The bottom plate pretty much has no black left but its not really rough. The camera felt great and appeared to work just fine.

  6. I should have it by Tuesday (hopefully). So the bottom plate is pretty roughed up. Eh. Doesn’t hurt the image quality! Thanks for the tip. I never would have thought I could get one for almost half the price of what they usually cost, even in Japan where they seem to have an overabundance of M6’s!! know…I never would have thought about film let alone a Leica let alone getting an M6 until I started reading here 6 months or so ago… 🙂

  7. Get your son the D90, he will love it and his lenses will still work including that monster zoom he bought. Ive never been dissapointed by my d90 and it has the AF motor to use the older primes.

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