Daily Inspiration #145 by Rob Fetter


I would first like to thank you for inspiring me. Before stumbling upon your website, I was searching for reviews for the Olympus E-p1. Your review convinced me that it was the perfect camera for me! The switch from a bulky DSLR to the Pen was liberating. (Sorry, I diverged from telling you about your inspiration). The inspiration came when exploring your galleries page. Your work is unique, yet honest and approachable. So often, photography can leave the viewer questioning the authenticity of the message the artist is trying to convey.

I got my start in photography while finishing a degree in Geology at the University at Buffalo. I took an intro to photography course and fell in love with creating images. While UB is considered a fine arts program, I realized that if I was going to pursue a career in photography, it would have to be as a commercial photographer. I began working in studios and picking up commercial jobs when I could. Highlights of my brief career included two feature portraits for the magazine UB Today and working as the primary photographer for NY State Special Olympics. I left commercial photography after three years and returned to school to become a high school teacher. I gave up photography completely in order to focus on teaching. It would be another 5 years before I returned to my roots and began shooting strictly as an artist. While I now help run a charter high school here in Buffalo, my passion is photography.

I have attached a few selections from one of my current projects. “Custom” explores the beauty of classic American cars, uniquely brought back to life by their owners. Every car is a one-of-a-kind, customized to fit the vision of its owner. I would be honored if you found these images as inspiring as I have found your images.


Rob Fetter



  1. Like this a lot. Not something I would normally come across based in England so very interesting. Like the pp too. Not over done and just enough. Like them a lot.

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