Daily Inspiration #505 By Nicolas Marchand

Hi Brandon, hi Steve,

Thanks for the job you are both doing here, it’s always a pleasure to visit your website, and after all this time, it can still be surprising! ( your publication on Post Mortem Photography was pretty interesting.)

During Christmas holidays, I spent some family time in Paris, and it was an opportunity to wander through the museums. Being surrounded by masterpieces of modern art is already a good stimulation, especially in huge places such as the Centre Pompidou and the Palais de Tokyo. But more than anything, I love the feeling that I can almost disappear into the crowd with my digital compact. I get lost in the flood of tourists, I’m one of them, nobody notices me or even care about what I’m looking for. And in my eyes, this is all about photography : get in the mood you need, and let your inspiration do the rest.

I send you two diptychs from this journey, I hope you’ll enjoy. I shot these pictures with a rx100, and I made a quick B&W conversion and PP on Photoshop.

I wish you the best for the oncoming year.

Best regards,

Nicolas Marchand


tokyo beaubourg 1

tokyo beaubourg 2


  1. Hi all, and thanks very much for your visits and your comments!

    @Kevin S: yeah, i’m still working on it! Thank you!

    @Roeland: I went to Paris only few times, so I can’t really help you. Maybe, I guess, just do what you like to do with your camera, everything else will follow! Have a nice trip!!

  2. The last one with the foggy silhouette is a very strong image! B&W shines (if only the MM were a bit less costly..) Any advice concerning photographing in Paris? I will be there for 2 days in March. Thanks for sharing your images.

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