UPDATED! All images from the NYC Meetup/Workshop!


What many have been asking and waiting for! Images from the NYC meet up from everyone else who attended! We had a packed house with 20 attending but not EVERYONE has sent me images yet, but here is what I have so far… and there are some FANTASTIC images here. What I really like is seeing everyones style as we all have such different ways of seeing the world through our lenses. It’s so cool to see the results from everyone as we were all so excited to get out there and shoot on Friday. We were all inspired and some of us went outside of our comfort zones and came away with some superb shots.

Some of my faves from the images below have to come from Max Marinucci who just so happened to be shooting B&W film. Max recently put up his own website which I highly recommend. Max and Riccis both have me seriously thinking of shooting film only for the next YEAR. Yea, I am thinking about it….Other faves of mine come from… well…EVERYONE! Great stuff guys, even from those who have never done this before! I wont be listing the equipment everyone used as it doesn’t matter. This day was about the images, not the gear (though there was some AMAZING gear in the room that day).

Without further ado….the IMAGES!

Images from the SteveHuffPhoto.com 1st ever NYC “Inspiration” street meetup!



These images ROCK! More of his images, and what he thought of the workshop can be seen HERE
















So feel free to comment on the images from this awesome day! Thanks again to all who participated!

BONUS: Here are a few “in room” images by Tony Ventouris…

Amy Medina checking her images on her Macbook Air

Brandon, Vlad, and Amy – We pretty much all had Leicas, and Macbooks 🙂

I believe this was before the 2nd shooting session of the day..laughs in the room 🙂

and a couple I had on my SD card

Sori showing Max her new white M8

Checking out Riccis MP. He likes it 🙂

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  1. I really like all of the photos I’ve seen, I’m fairly new to photography and had a few questions. I’ve seen some blurred shots and was wondering what makes them interesting compared to a clean clear pic. I take it some pics are on here because of shapes movements and angles. I really like black and white not really sure why but they just look good and capture definition of the shot. I have a Nikon D60 for now and want to upgrade to a Lumix GF2 for now thats what the budget can afford and it is a lighter and not so bulky to carry around. Again thank you for all the terrific photos and great ideas.

  2. Congrats to Steve and everybody that got the opportunity to go. Great shots from everybody.

    Max you second image is my favorite of the lot. Amazing composition, story, and use of focus and motion on that shot. I love that I don’t know what that man looks like. Was he happy, busy, rushed, distracted, etc? I don’t know and that’s what makes that picture so great. If you waited all day and only took one shot, this one would be worth the wait. Thank you for shooting film Max.

    Tony and Adam, your last shoots are both incredible. Those two are some more of my faves! Tony your exposure is perfect and Adam, I dig the since of motion and confusion in your street crossing shot.

  3. Looks like a great day in the City. All good work and a couple of exceptional shots. Might have to join you next year.

    • Hey Daniel! Any camera is ok! I shot street work once to relax after an assignment with a 5D and a 70-200! All I had with me on location was that and a fisheye! You make the best with what you have. You obviously don’t blend in like you do with the Leica…but it changes your mindset. Each tool is different. You see differently. The 20D will allow you to do things quite differently and open you to situations that the Leica may not have.

  4. Oh, and for anyone interested I posted about this on my site to. Just a quick write up and some more of my own shots. Actually, my shots ended up being more of my true style and background than the “street” theme which is kinda funny. I’m sitting here thinking oh wow I’m taking pictures of people…how different… and then I look through my shots later and by strongest work is architecture and stone! I think it was good that a lot of us were able to really get out there and try something different. Try to speak with people, try to get closer, try to be there and wait, try to shoot differently. Having done the work is what will make better photographers regardless what pictures we got there.


    • I know what you mean Tony. I think part of what was great about this workshop was feeling like being “on assignment”… to have a PURPOSE to go out and capture people on the street. I know it really helped me to be put to the task of street photography — just that alone made me want to work harder to get outside my comfort zone.

      I also put up a gallery on my site for the photo I took at the workshop… anyone interested can go here:


  5. You know what is even more interesting about the images…their story. Everyone has their own opinion. However I find much greater value if I hear a “behind-the-scenes” afterwards. After I have made my own opinion and studied a work I really love to hear what the creator’s thoughts are. What did they see. What were they thinking. Often the work takes on an entirely new look to me.

    It would be fascinating to have a few of the stories behind the images posted. They might not necessarily be intricate, deep, and magically fantastic stories…but even a subtle nuance can really change a perspective on what is being viewed.

    Carlos’ first shot is interesting to really look at. The lady is staring off out of the frame. Next to her it says, “Over there” … and it says, “Mamma Mia!” behind her. Is what she is looking at over there making her think “MAMMA MIA! That’s so freakin’ _____ ” What is she looking at? I think It’s little details built into the shot that make street photography fun.

  6. Max Marinucci, Thank’s for Sharing, every time i saw your pictures i want to drop my camera and start doing something else ! you are a gifted photographer !! to all the other ones i don’t understand what you are trying to say with your pictures !


  7. There are so many good images here it is hard to pick a favorite, but I did.
    Tony’s “Window shopping isn’t as fun as shopping shopping” would be my pick.
    It looks like a good time was had by all.

  8. @steve, wide open or not steve , leica lenses and cams take more life like pics then most other camera’s ….but even a 6-7000 camera needs an experienced user handling it, its kind of like giving a gibson les paul to a kid who’s only been playing for 2 months….it might be a les paul ..but it will sound like a a cheap stratacaster !

    • Hi Boris, I take your point about the P&S in fact that was exactly what Riccis said would enable us to look for the ‘story, context and layers’ that make a good street shot. Of course he didn’t say there should be no composition either and I can see the issue in my shots. I guess as a new to Leica and street shooting guy I just didn’t manage to tie everything together at once but the good news is that means I have plenty of room to improve!

      Thanks again for everything Steve I haven’t had such an enjoyable and creative day in a very long time.

      • Boris is right about that. Someone who plays the best guitar may not be the best player. It’s getting to know the equipment and having the artist’s eye.

    • @darell & Elaine,
      hey darell ….exactly correct lots of these pics are missing the story,context,and the true to life layers that makes street photography what it is….a moment in time ! its either alive & real or its just a dead shot ! i personally come from the 35 mm film school of shooting ! where im trained to compose the photo & moment in time …other wise it will end up costing you many dollars in rolls of film 🙂 ….., but thank goodness for digital …if its a bad shot just erase it & try try again…..but this was a great idea to get everybody together and go out on the town shooting & later to compare notes , its also a great way to learn from other shooters and gain more experience and of course learn from your own boo boo’s…perhaps next time i’ll join you guys ..sounds like some fantastic times i missed 🙁

  9. @steve /eric …i got the point guys, but still most of these street shots were just un composed, kind of looked like random shooting at what ever is there ! to make matters worse…i couldent tell if the pics were shot from a leica or a $99 digital camera ! thats the sad part ….!! nuttin shoots like a leica …leica pics take a life of there own , if you know what i mean? just my thoughts guys …

    • The Leica look comes when shooting wide open IMO. When stopped down, they can look like any camera BUT nothing does “shoot” like a Leica…its part the look, and mostly the experience of shooting an RF. Thanks for looking and your comments. Just added some new images to this post…

      • I agree with Boris somewhat. I think the look comes in when shooting wide, and when you blow these prints up in size and see them holding their quality. Cameras are so good nowadays that you’d really have to enlarge and/or print these to see the difference in quality or that Leica glow. (Shoot with a Lux!)

  10. I enjoyed looking at these, in particular those by Amy Medina, Andrew Murray and Darren Cohen. Makes me want to get on a plane and go there.

  11. Guys/Gals..four more shots from my roll of Neopan 1600 (for those interested in technical stuff, ISO640, developed in Rodinal 1:50)…love those blacks of Neopan 1600!!

    BTW..no meters were harmed during this outing..all sunny 16 rule, which in this case was very crappy f.5.6/f8 (Tri-X @ 400 was for the most part 1/30 – 1/60, Neopan @ 1/60 – 1/125). As always with Tri-X, no worries about overexposure, especially on day like that, and nothing that can’t be tamed in development (although I don’t since I beat the crap out of it in Rodinal 1:25).


  12. I love all of these photos. Everyone did such a fine job. My fave are still from Max though. Something about the way he shoots pleases me. But that’s my taste. Amy Medina’s & Carlos Pessoa’s shots have lovely color, but I like the subject matter of Carry Sandler, Andrew Murray, & David Gleason.

    • I can agree on that statement for most of mine, and some others 🙂 I spent less time shooting and more time in the room getting things together. But it was a great day nonetheless. It felt a bit rushed to me and wished we had more time. The next one (San Francisco) will have more quality shooting time, and instruction AND assignments 🙂

  13. some nice shots ! and others just had no focal point on there subjects ….making everything look like a point & shoot camera was used in black/white setting….were all the guys using leica’s steve?

    • No focal point? Many of the shooters were at f/8 using zone focus so everything would be in focus. Usually how street shooting is done for most. 19 were shooting either Leica M8’s or M9’s and we had one GF1 in the group. Also, for many, this was their first time street shooting. Overall I think everyone did a good job 🙂

  14. Looks like you had a lot of fun there. favorites are steve’s third one – guy and bicycle, cary sandler’s second one with guy talking on phone, amy’s third and forth have something in them, carlos’s “west side story”.. nice feel to it, vlad’s dancing kid and all others are great shots also.

  15. Yes, the workshop was great. It totally makes me want to go up to the city way more often than I currently do. Steve, Amy, Carlos, Darren, Riccis, and everyone, it was great meeting you all!

  16. Great shots by all of you…and certainly looked like a fun time!

    Wifey and I lived in NYC for 10 years before returning to my hometown of Boston. Though I am always a RedSox fan, I think NYC is the greatest city in the world. Your pictures are making me miss it all the more.

    I love almost all of them, but would like to say Amy Medina’s picture of the woman in the silver coat smoking the cigarette is for me the “New Yorkest” of these fine New York pictures. The color palette with the grey of the city and the silver jacket is very muted, making her blond hair and skin really stand out. Great use of color. Great subject isolation, wonderful anonymous pose.

    Good work by all of you. And a big thank you to my sweetheart, Manhattan, for providing the lovely backdrop for your fun.



  17. Shawn,

    I headed west, towards the River and down towards Chelsea. Then I took a few pics coming back through Times Square. I think I will head back there and shoot at night. There is so much ambient light from the signage, it could be interesting.

  18. I love seeing all the photos from the day! It was a fun day, and awesome to spend the day with so many people shooting Leica. Steve, you need to win the lottery so you can host a once-per-month NYC meet – LOL!

    Everyone did great, but here’s just some of my favorites:

    Brandon… I LOVE both your shots!
    Carlos… the shot through the top of the garbage can is very cool
    Darell… You already know I love the couple shot 🙂
    Darren… Great to see someone got down into the subway!
    David… “Walking and Dog” is just awesome. I think it’s my overall favorite shot I’ve seen from the day!
    Vlad… What WAS that little boy doing? Such a great shot!

    Thanks so much Steve for running this event!

  19. Lots of good stuff here, but Max, wow. Amazing work. I think your motion-blurred snap of the businessman is my favorite of the whole bunch, followed closely by the cyclist in the bike lane. It’s nice to see that you have a new site up as well.

    I was also struck by Adam’s last image which captures the frantic nature of Times Square very well, Amy’s first (your colors and processing are amazing, and do a very nice job of accommodating the mood of your compositions), and Andrew’s image of the vendor in his candy/magazine fortress. Brandon, both of yours are moody, dark and intriguing, and Cary, your one and only monochrome image is your strongest methinks. Well seen, well framed, and well, uh, well done.

    Looks like it was a great time. I may be there for the next one!

    • Thanks, Brian! Glad you’ve enjoyed them. There are so many angles in NYC but, being a romantic at heart, my shooting reflects that. I look for nostalgia, mood, geometry and I don’t concern myself with applying a “sense of place”. Anyone can do the touristy stuff and show billboards, lights, things that will place a picture in NYC. If I convey that, it is in a more subtle, minimalist way. It’s great to see the different styles here but, more importantly, to observe those who have a clearer vision and how that may evolve. I still think that a few of them would benefit from shooting film and developing a signature style by giving their image a bit more soul and break away from processed, flat looking digital files.

  20. Steve,

    It was a great day! So much fun to spend time with so many Leica shooters. Being new to street photography it was wonderful to spend time with you, Riccis, Max as well as the very talented photographers that attended the session. I look forward to the next event!


  21. Thanks Adam! I’m out shooting almost everyday in this city. Normally downtown below 14th street though – West Village, Lower East Side, Meatpacking, East Village, and Soho. It’s rare for me to shoot in Midtown, but seeing all these great images makes me think I need to get up there.

    Where did you go Adam?

    • Thanks. It reminds me of flipping through a book of Match Prints by Jim Marshall and Timothy White. (of course not comparing my humble shots with either of these legends) Just the coincidence aspect of two different people taking very similar shots.

  22. Shawn and James, Glad you liked the pics.

    Everyone, Shawn has a great website with excellent images taken around the city. give it a look. There is so much to shoot in the city, one day could not even make a dent.

  23. Thank You for Hosting Steve and Riccis for your presentation and advice
    @Amy that almost monochromatic overtone to your images is that the Zeiss glass or PP?
    what lenses did you use? Love Your style.
    @Max ..Film is God!
    @ All Terrific Work ..Keep Shooting

  24. Great photos from everyone! The only thing I would’ve changed is the location….from Times Square to the Village. Washington Square Park by itself would’ve been the perfect place to capture all the freaks, geeks, and what not that make the Big Apple the great city it is.

  25. The film definitely adds some “soul” to the images. Looks like you all got lucky with a few responsive models too , always a plus. If you do it next year you never know, I might have to head on down.

  26. Thanks again, Steve, for organizing this. It was pleasure meeting everyone and to see so many nice images. NYC is certainly a candy store for street shooters. Next year…dowtown!!

    And, yes, get back into film, Steve! 🙂

  27. Wow! Fantastic images everyone… Thank you for participating and to Steve for hosting this get together… I will look at these again after I get back home tomorrow and will definitely share mine after I get my film back from the lab.



  28. Great images to all of you who attended. Some of you, I have known photographically for some time, and others, your images are brand new to me…however, all of you are an inspiration, and these images prove your creative vision. Further, your images prove that there are so many ways to see similar places and give them your own treatment, your own vision, and your own stamp of personality.

    Congrats to an outstanding first photo meet up, Steve. I will try to make it to a future outing, but for now, these images will keep me happy!

    Just goes to show you what kind of talent exists in this community. Excellent captures!

  29. Wonderful images, all! I was especially intrigued by the photos from Adam Marelli, particularly the “Times Square in Action” shot. Andrew Murray’s news vendor shot is totally surreal…not to mention, Carlos Pessoa Filhoa’s shot through the rubbish bin cover. Well done, everyone!

  30. Hey Steve, Would love to see you shoot more film, bring back “friday film” etc. I only shoot film, but don’t feel you have to shoot *only* film for a year, I mean you only just got an M9 again! 🙂

  31. Thank you for sharing this experience with those of us who could not attend the workshop. I finally got my hands on an M8.2 and 50 Summarit (with much thanks to this website, Steve), and I would’ve liked to join you all in what looks like a great experience in the Big Apple! I have to say that yours and Max Marinucci’s work are positively spectacular.

    When I grow up, I want to be like you guys…!

  32. Congratulations everyone. Some greats pics and looks like it was so much fun. Steve, You might be deploying a little army next time!

  33. Great photographs from all; however, I was struck by Amy Medina’s photos in particular. They seem to pull me into the subject’s mood…Great Stuff!

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