NYC was a success! Thanks to all who showed up, and my pics…


The 1st ever NYC street shooting meetup is now history and it was a great success! It’s almost 10PM and I am now back in my room from a jam packed day in Times Square. The day started at 9:30 AM with introductions from all 20 who attended (and 19 out of 20 were shooting Leica with one GF1 in the mix, which from what I seen, brought in some amazing photos). After the intros we then went in to a superb presentation by Riccis Valladares who showed us some of his beautiful and sometimes humorous photographs. After some Zone focusing tips we all went out and hit the streets of NYC. It was a GREAT day and the weather tamed up a bit so that was nice.

I want to thank all who attended as you were all AMAZING! We all made some new friends tonight and from what I have seen, there were some awesome photos captured today by everyone. Also, I want to shout out a special big THANK YOU to Riccis who spent the entire day with us shooting and giving us all useful tips.

The day ended at around 7 pm, but some of us stayed late and had some beer at a great local pub “Rattle N Hum“…a great time indeed 🙂

So while I await for everyone to email me their favorite images from the day I decided to post a few of mine from the day as well as from the pub 🙂 Enjoy!

All of the images below are with a Leica M9 and 35 Lux ASPH or 50 Summitar

and now three from the Panasonic G2

and a few from the evening session…

and finally, some from the M9 at high ISO B&W JPEG at the pub 🙂

So again, THANKS to ALL who showed up and to Riccis for a great presentation and shooting along with us. Tomorrow I should have more from all who attended!

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  1. Fantastic shots, really!

    Pic#6: A smiling cop in NYC? Wow! 😉
    Pic#7: This guys thinks: “I’m gonna get that photographer and punch him in the face!”
    Hope it didn’t hurt. 😉

  2. A lot of wonderful images. Really looks like a lot of fun to do a shoot like this. The red legs image is a standout for me, and the muppet ones are excellent too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve bookmarked your site, Max. Love the “About Film” article. I shoot with a M6, a few favorite types of film, either a 50mm Summicron from 1956 or a new Zeiss 35mm, and then develop B&W film in my kitchen sink. Nothing better!

    • Thanks, Shawn! Yes, doesn’t get any better…and NYC is a street-shooter’s paradise. Should meet downtown one day and have some fun!

    • Max,

      Great pics! I love the film look.

      It’s amazing how many times I hear people wanting digital to look like film. Then use film!

      I love your website and your About Film article is a great read.

      I recently sold my M8 and purchased an M3, which is being serviced. I will be using it with a 50mm Summicron.

      I have also purchased a DP1s for those times when I want to shoot digital. Great image quality in a small package.


      • Frank, How do you like the DP1? I hear it’s wicked slow, but the files are yummy. The files I’ve seen are quite beautiful. I wonder how it compares to a X1? I can’t wait to see what you get out of your M3. I have a M6, and have only shot a few old B&W rolls through it, and one roll of color. But I can say that it blew away the files coming out of my M8.2, and I do believe it’s because i adore that 3d film quality. Digital can’t touch it. It’s a whole different game. I do love digital though, as it has it’s own beauty.

      • Thanks, Frank.

        That was a point that Riccis Valladares also stretched at the meeting. Too many people shoot digital and try to imitate the look of film. It’s not happening. It may get close but not close enough, at least for me. You want film, shoot film. You’ll love your doubt!



    • Great photos Max. I really love the look and quality of your photographs. I also shoot with an M3 with Tri-X and will soon start to develop my own film. I appreciate your articles here on Steve’s site to help me along. What do use to scan your negatives?



      • Thanks, Joe. I use a Nikon Coolscan LS5000 for 35mm and a 9000 for medium format. The Epson V750M Pro is also superb, especially for medium and large format. Right now though, I only use for 4×5 negatives.

    • Max,
      I think your pictures are the absolute best. You have a wonderful eye for design. I love the B&W film! OMG! Love these. Such different styles of shooting. Awesome.

      We need to see more people showing their stuff! I would like to see everyone’s styles.

    • Great shots Max!

      Like Frank I’ve also recently sold my M8 and bought an M6 TTL to compliment my M2, just so bored with digital workflow – it’s back to film for me for most stuff from now on.

      • Thanks, my friend. That’s another topic that Riccis touched at the meeting. He ditched digital because of the workflow, which is pretty much my story. For me, it’s boring, too time consuming, and I spend too much time trying to make raw files look like film. Might as well shoot the real deal 🙂

  4. Steve,

    Great images and can’t wait to see more. Can you share Riccis’ zone focusing tips? Thanks and hope that I can do this with you sometime.


    • Steve,

      By the way, it there is going to be a best image selected, Red Legs has to be in the running–wonderful image!


  5. It’s getting cold up there… Nice pics. Nice white M. Thank you so much for sharing so much fun with us.

  6. Hi Steve & All,

    Most definitely a great day of shooting you all had! Wish I could have made it (stuck with work this month) but nothing like walking the streets of NYC and finding some of the most interesting shots….especially when shared with other like minded photographers and friends. As others have pointed out, “Red Legs is a wonderful image and I especially liked those where one individual in the shot is making eye contact with another…especially if its a sideway glance towards the photographer themselves. Looking forward to seeing everyones images! Thanks!


  7. Hi Steve,

    very nice shots! Red Legs is great, all others are outstanding, too. Seems to be a home run for all LEICAs in N.Y.C. Street&People, you proved that’s what Ms are made for.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Great photos! Red Legs is my favorite at first glance. Sounds like a wonderful, giving event on your part.

  9. Hi Steve,
    Glad you all had a fun day and I noticed the snaps of the cops.
    I don’t know if you realise, but here in the UK it’s illegal to take a photo of a policeman and will result in arrest and prosecution. It’s also very difficult to do street shooting without arousing great suspicion in London. This is all post 9/11, so it looks like the radical Islamists are winning then……….job done ?
    I’m very pleased to see that New Yorkers are still pretty relaxed about it and y’all know that the English are a bit uptight anyway, ………right ? ;o)
    Keep up the good work, Best wishes, Mark.

    • I thought London was the most camera monitored city in the world? Kind of strange if some photografing will result in suspicion and arrest.

    • In the vast majority of circumstances it is actually NOT illegal to take a picture of a Police Officer in the UK. There is a good discussion here about it – I have been approached a number of times whilst taking a photo from a public highway of a private building by over-aggressive private security personnel. The important thing is that if you are standing on public, and not private land, you have the right to take a photo of almost anything you like in The UK.
      Cheers, Peter.

    • Mark, it’s not the radical Islamists who do this. It’s our own stupid radical western politicians who spread the message of fear and use it to restrict our freedom!

      • Exactly Frank!

        Politicians have used the same tricks to control the people for decades. i.e. F.U.D.


        Most threats in reality either do not exist or are nowhere near as bad as we are told by government. The newspapers are the worst for this with their carp, constant bad news and hype! And by the way to all doubters, where exactly is George Bush’s named world’s most wanted man Osama Bin Laden these days? Exactly! LOL 😀

    • To be honest I´ve never had a problem doing street photoshooting in London, and believe me if I say I go out with my camera a lot!, for policement.. well, that´s everywhere in Europe, but if you ask nicely they will let you. It´s just having a nice attitude.

  10. I would have been there with bells on, but I’m stuck in Australia! Steve – I wonder if it might be possible post a few notes of tips and tricks for street shooting that the group might have discussed during the day. Congratulations on a great event – hope to be able to join you one day!

  11. Glad it went well, looks like you had a great time, shot #3 is my favorite but you have a lot of great shots there, looking forward to seeing those from the other folks who attended.

    well done.

  12. Looks like you guys had fun, would love to have been there. It will be interesting to see how the GF1 coped against the Leica’s. Steve you have some good pix, i like the red legs and the guy in the hat in front of the public phone boxes, the poster in the top left corner makes that image. looking forward to seeing what the others in the group have managed to capture….

  13. Looks like you all had a blast. Wish I could have been there. I saw your cookie monster capture and I was reminded of Elmo. Looks like the weather didn’t douse you guys either…

  14. Great day Steve! I love the shot of the woman’s legs in the crosswalk… awesome! Also, you got Wendel… I was wondering if anyone saw him and captured him (the guy with crazy-ass hat!)… he’s a character around the city, I’ve been seeing him for years and shot him a couple of years ago. Love the first shot too… the look on the man’s face is priceless.
    I enjoyed the day very much and met some great people, so thanks so much for putting this all together! We’re on again for next weekend, right 😉 – LOL!

    Safe trip back…

    (Oh, and thanks to Riccis… some good tips and it was amazing he spent the whole day offering his suggestions to everyone!)

  15. My fave shots are Elmo, the lady with red stockings, lady in skirt standing on white lines in road, and the jewish guy looking up to Verizon phone booths. Sounds like you had fun. You were quite lucky with the weather, so it worked out nicely. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s shots. Love the white M8.

  16. surprised so much leica and only one something else. Probably more of a economics point then a readership point but interesting.

    Elmo shot is amazing lol, for so many reasons. NY is on my travel list for sure, few Canadian cities come close other then Toronto and Vancouver, and even then….

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