1. My only problem with Steve posting the deals is that I have been actively looking for a used M8 and was interested in those specific deals that now more people will notice… LOL. That being said I was able to pick up a nice used M8 from Adorama and it arrives today! Cant wait!

    Steve keep posting whatever you want to your blog… if people dont want to read something… guess what… they DONT HAVE TO CLICK on the article… LOL…. Do people read every page of every magazine and newspaper they touch? I doubt it, so why should every piece of content on a blog need to be relevant to everyone. Anyway, I love the site and the articles from you and your guests helped me decide on and get excited about my M8.

  2. Funnily enough, Steve’s attention grabbing used gear posts are drawing me AWAY from an M9. Why not have a super sweet 8.2 at half the cost?? More gear for less – isn’t that what we all aim for?

    Keep ’em coming Steve.


  3. It’s being twisted guys.

    I love used Leica gear reviews and also buy used myself in spite of making the mistake of buying an M9.

    Tell me about an M2/3/4/5/6/7 and ll be delighted to read it. Tell me there’s a dual range Summicrom for sale and why it’s worth looking at and I’m all ears. Tell me there’s an M8 in any one of 600 outlets and I just don’t see the point.

    Of course Steve can write what he wants, but I suspect he’s happy for honest feedback as well. Perhaps he’s not ?

    • Well, you are twisting your own words. Didn’t you complain that he is becoming a used gear guru? Read your own post…”desperate for a photo blog”, “run out of photography topics”…

      I bet you wish there was an edit button next your post.

    • The point is that there are MANY others who do appreciate hearing about used M8’s, M9’s or whatever. Not everyone wants an M2-M7 though I also post about those when they are available. You are not the only one who reads this blog. Thanks for posting..

  4. Its his site, he can post whatever the hell he wants. Go figure, a whole lot of people reading this site are looking for leicas, and since the average joe usually cant afford a new M9, used deals are a nice way to go.

  5. Fernando, I buy used gear. I wouldn’t be able to afford Leica if I didn’t buy used gear. I don’t buy from BH photo and some of the others, because they are too expensive, but I like finding out about used gear.

  6. @fernando: If these “used deal” post bothers you then please don’t read them.

    I don’t always agree with everything that Steve is writing and that’s no problem, I do find it one of the best photoblogs!!

  7. Since we are on the topic of advertising, cant you delete those website development ads in the buy/sell classifieds???

  8. No intention to be disrespectful to anyone Steve. Can understand you giving a link when you review a piece of kit.

    Readers who need directing to B&H for used gear won’t be able to handle the menus on a digital camera.

  9. Why are you becoming a used gear guru ?

    Isn’t that a bit desperate for a photo blog ?

    Have you run out of photography topics ?

    • A used gear Guru? Hmmmm. It’s close to Christmas and LOTS of readers love when I post used deals because maybe someone is looking for a used M8 and this is an opp for them to buy one. Plus, this blog cost me quite a but of $$ to run and many hours a day. Posting these helps out readers and myself because if someone buys one of those using my links above, Ill get a few bucks to help keep this site alive. Cant work 10 hours a day on passion alone.

      I have ALWAYS posted used deals, since Day 1. Why does this bother you is the question? This blog has new posts every day, day in and out. (except Sundays usually)

    • @fermando, If the posting if used gear for sale disturbs you then I say you should open your tight wallet and send Steve some cold hard cash otherwise stop your whining! I personally appreciate the posting of used gear since I can never seem to have enough Leica gear!

    • It seems you take this photoblog for granted. Steve doesn’t write this blog just as a hobby…he should get paid for what he does professionally.

      Steve’s writing is honest. If he has to accept endorsement from manufacturers to generate revenue for running the site, it will be just another bland site insulting readers’ intelligence. On many occasions, I have heard him confessing that image quality of a sub $1000 camera is damn close to images taken by an expensive Leica! I do hope he gets something from the manufacturers for reviewing their products. Unfortunately, when most sites get some considerable traffic they are approached by one manufacturer, and start bashing the competition blindly. I will be reading Steve’s blog for as long as I feel he is honest with his readers. I certainly don’t mind reading about used gear (and I keep buying equipment through links from his website)for the reasons I just mentioned.

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