Cool Leica Gear and Deals at

Cool Leica Gear and Deals at

Was checking out this morning and saw some great used deals there on some very cool Leica gear. Many of you know when PopFlash says “USED – MINT” it is truly just as new ­čśë Below are some of the deals I enjoyed seeing, and that SL is a great buy right now! The holidays are near!!

Leica SL Deal

I still feel the Leica SL is one of the best mirrorless cameras ever made, if not the best as of Nov 2016. The build is 2nd to none, the feel is amazing, the EVF is the best I have seen or used, the IQ is deliciously amazingly good and the colors from it are some of the most enjoyable to my eyes. The menus, the controls, the confidence. I love the Leica SL and my tools of choice to go┬áwith it are a 28 Lux, 50 Lux LE and 90 Cron. At this price it is a steal…would make probably the best Christmas gift a Leica fan could get this year!

I will have a one year SL update soon but my original review can be seen HERE. 

Click here or below to see the deal at PopFlash with full info


Leica 50 APO, the best 50mm lens in the world

The Leica 50 APO is to me, the best 50mm lens ever made. Some may not like it’s near perfect rendering but I do, and what I love most about it is what it does to the color of the M 240 or even SL. When using this lens, your M 240 will start looking like medium format files. The richness of color, the contrast, the bokeh, the across the frame sharpness are all just right for me. Too bad it costs so much, but hey if you want the best, and the smallest to boot, this is the lens for your M or SL that will seriously give you some amazing IQ. I stuck with the 50 Lux as I always have (due to cost only) but this lens is stunning.

My review can be seen here. Part 1 on the M. Part 2 on the SL. 

Click here or the image below to go to the 50 APO page at 


The Leica Q

The Q is the best selling Leica camera out right now and for good reason. It took on the mighty Sony RX1RII and in some ways beat it at its own game. The 28mm Summilux lens on this Q is not at the level of the Stand alone 28 Summilux M lens that costs $6200 but it is a great lens and mixed with the Q’s sensor this camera delivers IQ like no other Leica made right now. It has snap, pop, deep contrast and rich color (the reds are beautiful) and in a larger body than the Sony RX1RII but also a better feeling body as the RX is a tad small for larger hands. The EVF is nice, and the camera is speedy. It delivers full frame magic and if you could be OK with just a 28mm, this camera delivers the goods. This is also a great buy on the Q.

My Leica Q Review can be seen HERE. Ashwin Rao’s Q Review is HERE.┬á

The Q at PopFlash


Leica MP 0.72 Film Safari set with Silver 35 1.4 Summilux. 

While I do not see this as a deal I do see it as unique. The MP 0.72 Safari film camera is one hell of a great camera. To me the film MP is the best film camera one can buy, if you still want to shoot 35mm format film. It’s discreet, small, and feels like a million bucks. The silver 35 Lux is also a gorgeous lens that is without competition in the 35 1.4 world, at this size and level of build quality. But for this unique set you will pay a price, and a hefty one it is.

My old Leica MP Review is HERE. 

Leica MP Film Set in Safari with a silver 35 Lux


So there ya go! Some┬ávery cool Leica offerings from that they have up RIGHT NOW! Go check ’em out and the other deals on their main page…HERE.┬á


  1. Love it but I will continue to “slum it” with my Black Paint MP and 50 mm Lux Type II E43.

  2. Leica sold a similar Safari set last year: a Leica M-P with 35mm F/2.0 Summicron for just $9,995.00. Here the only difference is an MP film camera and Summilux, yet essentially a $6,000 difference. There seems to be no rationality to Leica pricing. For what it’s worth, I purchased the Safari Leica M-P since the kit was about $1,500 cheaper than the camera and lens separately. Go figure…

    • The film version is much more rare than the digital. The 35 Lux is also a much more desirable and more expensive lens than the 35 cron. It is also not available anywhere, and very hard to find ­čśë

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