Christmas is near! More Leica Used Deals!!

Ho Ho Ho! Save some cash on these used Leica deals!

Since it is so close to Christmas I am going to post all of the great used deals I can find because many readers here are looking for certain Leica items at good prices. The cool thing is that the B&H return policy also applies to used gear! Here are a few I found today…


Leica 28 Summicron f/2 – This is like new, open box with full Leica warranty. Case, box, caps. $3499

LEICA 24 Elmarit 2.8 – “9” condition – $2599 –  (This lens is now discontinued! Get it while you can)

LEICA 21 ELMARIT 2.8 – 8+ – $1749


A Chrome Leica 50 Elmar 2.8 – $499

A KONICA MINOLTA 28 2.8 Rokkor in M mount – $499

LEICA WIDE ANGLE 21 2.8 Super Angulon – Rare!


SUPER DEAL! A LEICA M4P IN BOX for $699 – Go shoot some film!

Leica CL Film Camera Body  – 9 condition – $499

LEICA D-Lux 4 used deal!

LEICA M8 Used Deals #1 – and #2

LEICA M6 PANDA – Still Available!

LEICA M6 TTL – Black – In box and a 9 condition


  1. Hi Steve, I agree with everything you write and personally like your links to interesting opportunities. However, what I did notice after your recent changes in life, is that you no longer let us participate in your LIFE like you did before. Personally, I miss this A LOT since it made you as a person “real”, your website and your work unique. Since I, myself, would not want to share my private life with others via a website, I can totally understand this. So this is clearly not meant to be understood as a critique – just my observation. I nonetheless love your site and always hope you and your family are doing fine. Thanks for entertaining me so well.

  2. Steve, I know running this site cost money… Sorry to say this but when I think about visiting this site, seeking Leica deals is at the bottom of the list. I think I’m not the only person who feel this way as of late. Your reviews and photos are great, please continue to do what make your blog shine which is the reviews and photos. My humble two cents.

    • Hey David, If you do not like a certain post, don’t read it! This is a blog and if something doesn’t look interesting to you then it doesn’t have to be read. I can’t post a new review every day, nor can I write a great article every day. As for this post, two readers wrote me to thank me for posting them as they found something they were looking for.

      This not only helps the readers, it also helps me continue on with the site. Without any $$ to fund the site and my time, this site would not be here. Don’t mean to sound harsh but it is my site, and I have been posting used deals since day one. Would you work 6 days a week, many many hours a day on something, and have to pay out of pocket to do it? No one would…this site needs $$ to keep going and this is one way to do it without hounding everyone every day for donations. Plus, lots here loves finding used Leica deals.

      Actually, I am posting more content now than ever so not sure what the complaint is.

      Thanks for the comment though!


  3. great post!
    lots of people are having a hard time finding good deals!
    certainly appreciate that you posted this, since I buy used stuff most the time.

    happy holidays!

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