Some HOT Used Leica Deals! Amazing lenses available now…

Some HOT Used Leica Deals! Amazing lenses available now….but not for long!

Was just browsing the used gear over at B&h Photo and found some cool lenses for sale. Also talked with Ken Hansen and he informed me he has black M9P’s in stock NOW. You can e-mail him at He usually has used Leica gear as well so you may want to ask him what he has available if you are looking for something special. OK, on to the USED deals! Well, I can’t say that they are DEALS as we are talking about Leica prices here…but they are just about the going rate. Also, if you use the links below and make a purchase through B&H I will get a small credit that helps me keep on going with this site. So if you do, I thank you!

OH! I fixed the buy/sell section here so all ads should be working perfectly now. There are always plenty of used items there as well, so check it out! There is even a mint Grey M9 there right now that was just posted.


USED Leica Noctilux F1 Classic – $7999 (These seem to be rising in price weekly)

Leica 35 Summilux PRE-ASPH – I would have bought this if I could have. These have also been rising in price.

LEICA 24 ELMARIT 2.8 – I reviewed this a couple years ago at my old site and LOVED it.


LEICA X1 IN STEEL GREY – $1599 – This little guy still has loads of charm. I guess they are saying it appears unused, in box.

LEICA D-LUX 5 – $679 – Still a hot camera!

USED Leica CL in a “9” condition – No lens – $549 – A GREAT camera!

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  1. I bought almost all of my Leica lenses (used) between 1990 and 2000, and so far they are appreciating way better than my retirement account.

    Wish I’d bought 2 each!

  2. Hi,Steve. Thanks for all the review you made. I just wonder which lens(leica or VC)would be working well with the nex system.

  3. Yikes. That 35mm Summilux pre-ASPH is pricey!! I got mine about a year and a half ago in Japan in great condition (looks about the same as the photo) with a hood for $1k less!!! I didn’t think the pre-ASPH lenses will go up in price so much. I wonder why? Personally I like the flare (oh yes…I’m sorry…the “glow” 🙂 ) at f/1.4 but I know others haaaaaaaaate it. Still. Such a great great lens. Love it. And glad I got it at such a good price!

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