Leica M9 Contest Starts TOMORROW….full details coming..

Just a quick note to let you all know the Leica M9 contest details will be posted tomorrow morning bright and early. The contest will start tomorrow and not only that, there are a couple of cool surprises that will be announced as well (Like a 2nd place prize supplied by Leica, and the final two judges). Be prepared to get your creative juices flowing as anyone with a passion for photography can win this camera! In case you missed it I am giving away a Leica M9 here on this site. Check back tomorrow bright and early for full details and to enter!


  1. Steve, please make it a contest requiring a photo of discarded old boots left on snowy streets… I took a nice photo of this a few days ago LOL


  2. Just playing Devils advocate here but if the camera doesn’t make a great shot, why are you interested in winning the Leica? 😉

    Great prize, really nice thing to do from Seal. Also, thanks to Steve as if he hadn’t been such a nice bloke himself, Seal wouldn’t have made friends with him 

    I’m looking forward to what great images come out from this.

  3. Looking forward to this. Somebody is going to be one happy bunny winning an M9, I just hope like anything that it goes to a regular viewer/poster on Steve’s site is all – Now that would be fitting.

  4. The most exciting part of this contest is to have the chance of seeing “leica-looks” images from non-leica gears! expect amazing shots! 😀

  5. Steve …
    I see that you mention judges (above) , where I believe your earlier post about the contest mentioned “member’s vote”. I think (if I have it right) that judging the contest with a certain criteria in mind is fairer and safer in some ways to the site members as (as I have personally witnessed) on other sites that their are ways to cheat with open-member voting on entries in a contest or challenge. Sad, but true.
    …and knowing human nature …with a prize this grand…attempts at cheating would be rampant.
    Looking forward to seeing the contest unfold..as usual it appears that you are putting a lot of time and energy into the endeavor to make it something special!!!!!

  6. I look forward to see all the good work that will come in!

    Good light to everyone!


    PS! Maybe the contest should have a name? For example “Seal the Deal” 🙂

  7. I’m very excited about this guys. You have no idea. 🙂
    My panny 14/f2.5 comes in today, and I’m eager to put it to use.
    I just love story telling with a 28mm lens.

    Good luck everyone!

  8. Be prepared to get your creative juices
    flowing as anyone with a passion for
    photography can win this camera!

    Sounds like a picture you have to take.
    No chances here with nothing but an iphone cam 😉

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