1. This is hardly surprising. The rarity of the camera makes that amount worth it for some. I’ve seen some seriously worn Fender strats from the 60s go for double that amount. That camera will undoubtedly fetch close to the advertised amount at some point.

  2. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think it’s the first ever MP. I was in ‘Westlich Camera’, Vienna a few months ago, if you haven’t been there it’s worth the trip. I bought a very rare M4 and saw the very first MP ever produced. It was brused, battered and looked just like the one in the picture here. It was sold to an Asian client for around eighty thousand euro (could’ve been dollars) together with the original 50 Summilux lens that the original owner bought with it. I bought the lens but the camera wasn’t for sale. I never forgot it though as I have a bit of a thing for old, rare Leica’s and it looked exactly like the one here.
    This maybe the reason for the price.


  3. Unless its Cartier Bressons camera )

    PS i wonder for how much that lucky guy who wins Seal’s M9 will be able to sell it for 20K or 30K

    I mean Seal is known around the globe )

    • Haha… I shouldn’t think it would make a positive difference. It might however, decrease in value on account of it being previously owned by me, a lot of ‘non-sealfanclub’ members out there. Lol.


  4. WTF!

    Someone is selling battery grips on Ebay.
    And theirs price for same grip varys from 100$ to 1200$ – They are just trying to gets people money!
    Maybe not me and not you but some amatures who doesnt know the prices eventualy buys that grip (for Canon 5D and 7D) once in while and thats how they make extra $$$

    I read that article a while ago someone sold a BOX – just a box for XBOX ( 1st gen when it came out) almost for the price of the actual console…. on Ebay – and noone couldnt do anything as they said it was a box (for xbox 🙂 ) and it wasnt really a scam…. the buyer just had to read more carefully!
    So be carefull! Dont pay more for the stuff you buy than you can sell it after for….

  5. Not quite the bargain as was the “New” *original Factory listed* 1964 Black M3 that sold just before Christmas……………………

  6. Please correct me if I am wrong but, that’s not $104 is it? … that’s 104,000 (one hundred and four thousand dollars) ! ?

  7. Could the “an M7 is more expensive than an M9”-guy do his calculations again with this camera please? :’)

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