Did you enter the M9 contest yet? These readers did…


The deadline to enter the Great Leica M9 give-away contest is almost upon us. Only 5 days to go as Saturday Feb 05th 2011 at midnight, Phoenix AZ USA  time is the deadline. I will not and can not accept any entry after this date!

As of this writing I have over 400 entries to the contest which means as of right now everyone who enters has a 1 in 400 chance to win the Grand Prize Leica M9! If you did not yet enter, read all about it here and spread the word! The top 10 will be announced on Feb 15th 2011. Don’t forget there will be a 2nd place prize (Leica V-Lux 2) and if you follow me (like) on this facebook page and you win, you will also receive a Leica 50 Summitar lens!

Here are a few of the entries so far. Think you can do better? These are just 100% random picks from my contest folder. They may make the top 10 and they may not! Just a teaser for you guys to get your rear end in gear and enter this contest! Don’t forget to follow Seal or Heidi or any of the other photographers at picortwo.com and to register at this site HERE as well!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL! Remember, FEB 05th is the deadline and that is THIS coming up Saturday!

I am working on the E-PL2 review this week (will be a short one going over new features) as well as lining up some guest posts and hopefully the Leica 90 Summarit review as well. I will be busy going through all of the entries this week as well as I am now getting 20+ every day!

Submitted by Bill Young – “Snowshoes…fun at first”

Submitted by Margus Udam – “There are some things in life you shouldn’t leave behind”

Submitted by Giacomo Strinati – “Going to work – every single day”


  1. Hi Steve, How do we know you got our entries? I guess we can just wait! I love to see the entries that dont win too !!

    I love the snow one !

  2. Steve ,

    Would it be possible for you to show all valid entries ( even if they dont win anything ) . You see it will make me mighty proud and happy to see my submission presented on your site .



  3. =O I hope people are all not cramming last minutes…. poor steve… it’ll be a big load if everyone decides to do that… Turn entry in early so there’s room for double checking for any forgotten details.

  4. Especially love the 3rd entry above but all are great. Very personal these entries. This is a great exercise in photography you are providing your readers. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about this contest.

  5. I’m thinking of two pictures which would be in the same time but not at the same place and they would compliment each other to tell a little story but not really a sequence. Is this acceptable for the contest?

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