Coming this week…M9 contest top 15 and new reviews!

The M9 Contest Top 15 Update…

Wow!! I have gone through all of the M9 contest entries as they came in and again over the past 24 hours. I have been looking for the strongest set of images, those that tell a story with BOTH of the photos. There were some that I thought were very powerful, some that were very personal, and quite a few that told the same story. (lots of you had the same ideas) It has been very rewarding to see so many amazing photographs. A true inspiration. As of today I have narrowed my choices down to a top 25 and now have to attempt to get that down to a top 15. In all honesty I found about 60 sets that I thought stood out from the 1300+ entries but there can only be two winners. One first place for the M9 and one second place for the V-Lux 2. The photos that have been submitted (and the top picks) have come from every corner of the world…the power of the internet is magical sometimes 🙂

So instead of waiting until the 15th I will be posting the top 15 THIS week. I will post 3 of them later today and then 3 a day for the rest of the week. By Friday, the top 15 will be up all on one single page! I had to figure out a way to make it exciting, so I thought that revealing three every day would be pretty fun and exciting for all who entered.

So later today look for the 1st posting that will feature three of the top 15. Keep in mind that the top 15 will not be in any order. In other words, the first three I post will not be my favorites but rather just three random choices out of my favorite 15. After the top 15 are all posted Heidi Klum and Rankin will look them over and choose the winners! Woo hoo!

Accessories for the GRDIII!

New reviews on the way!

More Ricoh! Just today Fed Ex delivered a box of accessories to me for the Ricoh GRD III. I received a great leather ever-ready case, a smaller soft case, the wide angle 21mm adapter and lens, a nice strap and both of the viewfinders that are available for this camera! I will be testing them out this week and writing up a post about them along with some photos of all of the accessories on the camera. Probably a video as well. I’ll also show some new shots with the 21mm attachment. I’m really enjoying the GRDIII as it seems like a very mature and well rounded compact that is capable of taking superb photos. Look for that this week!

Also, I have some new stuff on the way to review. The Panasonic wide angle 14mm lens for Micro 4/3 will be arriving to me Thursday and shortly after I should be getting the Panasonic GF2 and GH2 to review. I’m also hoping that I will be one of the first with the Fuji X100 and I believe I will be, so that will be coming next month.

My Leica 90 Summarit lens review is a little delayed, mostly because I have not had time to get out and shoot due to the contest! But, that is also a review that will be coming very soon!

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  1. Looking forward to more GRD III. I just bought one as a take along and am still figuring out the ins & outs. I got the little VF since Adorama’s (sorry Steve, talk to Ricoh about B&H) combo price was too sweet.

    Only a few shots so far. It’s W I D E but that’s a different way of looking that I’m looking 😉 forward to working with.

    It was on the radar screen before, but never would be in my pocket now without your fine review.


    • Thanks! BTW, you can order through Adorma through this site as well. I think I have a link in the GRDIII review. Thanks again and enjoy. BTW, the 21 wide angle attachment is REALLY wide!


  2. I have not read all the posts but I agree with some, the entries are about two pictures telling a story, they should not have a title, entries should have been submitted without so that just the pictures told the story, I had difficulty thinking of an entry, but I had more difficulty finding a title for it so I finished up with a mundane, boring one.

    I think the contest is first class and the entries you have shown up to now are great and I wish good luck to the top fifteen.


  3. António Miranda, Portugal- “Just living.” and
    Brian Wytcherley, Shuangliu, Chengdu China – “Shortage of rural doctors in China’s Yunnan province”

    for my favorites… seeing these, I’m just glad I didn’t enter
    Once again, Thank you to Steve, Seal and the rest for putting this together.

    Steve, how about hosting a paid-entry photo contest for charity?

  4. Can’t wait to see the winners! Thanks again, Steve and Seal and Heidi and Rankin, for all the time and energy and donations that you have given to this contest. It can, at times, be something thankless as the contributors do not see all the hard work and effort that goes into something like this. Congrats to the eventual winner!!

  5. Are we going to have more competitions, I should imagine the prizes will not be as exotic or maybe non at all just the joy of getting a place, I await with anticipation the results of the M9 competition, will mine be up there in the final 15, scary!

    This competition was well thought out, just two images, using one or three would be easier, much more challenging with just two.


  6. Sounds like a great way to build up the suspense – loving it – Thanks Steve, and of course Seal – good luck everyone!

  7. I’m doing an all nighter tonight because I have an assessment at uni on Wednesday and need to do two sketchbooks for then, so the suspense will keep me interested while I do my sketchbooks. Great way of making this one of best weeks on the site, its going to be very tense haha, thanks Steve!

  8. Ok it’s decided then, we want the 60 top stories showcased in this website (I can hear someone says ‘don’t decide things your own way!’) LOL

    • the book is a great idea. about 500 people will buy it directly, i think 😉

      whats up with a flickr group? somebody a link?
      greetings from germany


  9. This is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the 15 stories! Steve’s head must be smoking…
    Steve, please don’t forget to eat, drink, sleep…

  10. Steve,

    I had an idea for after you are done posting the top 15. Instead of you taking on more work to post other 1300 entries somehow, what if you created a forum topic where anyone who entered the contest could post a link to their personal blog? On their own blog (and their own bandwidth) they could post the two photos they entered and anything about the creation process they wanted to share. That way the work would be put back on our shoulders and not yours, and we could see into the minds of some great photographers.

    You would also get some great web traffic if they linked back here:).

  11. Oh goody! Your evening is my night, since I am in Germany. Going to have to set my alarm for even earlier, so I have enough time to view what you posted.
    It was a lot of fun to come up with a story. You have no idea what you unleashed here and in another country where my photo contest partner is currently at. Skype was ready to kick us off, for talking so much about different stories to take photos of. I dont consider myself an experienced or even very talented person when it comes to taking photos. But this has certainly taught me something. It is possible to tell a story with just two photos. My friends and co workers were already sick of hearing about possible stories. LOL! Since I had no idea how to do this, I checked numerous websites. Checked Flickr…….nothing very good there.
    Our heads were smoking! And when we sent our entries in, we both said, and what do we do now? LOL!
    Okay Mr. Huff……will read you in the morning again!

  12. Oh man, waiting for 3 a day is going to be agonizing until the last post! Amazing that you pounded through all those entries though over the weekend! Thanks once again for the hard work, and I am very excited to see them all!

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