1. If I had the extra cash, I’d buy one. Sadly, I can’t afford the Pentax I’d like K5 either. Why are quality cameras so expensive these days? My Honeywell Pentax was only $150 (brand new) and that came with an f2 50mm lens. hmmmmmmmmmm,

  2. uhmm its time to start saving, to buy M9 Leica “someday” ughhh i want it so badly >.< or sell my nikon D3s + several lens ^ ^ wkwkwkw

  3. Ah, nice piece of kit, though I think they should have Carl Lagerfeld design the power and USB cables and pouches for the next edition. Hey, these pouches came with my GF1 as well (for the kitt lens) and frankly I have no idea were i’ve left them. The double manual is a nice addition though for the same reason. A manual I can put on my bookshelf would be nice with every piece of kit I bought. My Fuji GX680 which I bought came with a manual…….whoops that’s several carefull owners for you.

    Greetings, Ed

  4. I’m so jealous! I see he got the cufflinks out for the special occasion lol! He appears very calm but then the excitement takes over, my heart stopped when the box fell over.
    One day the M9 will be mine…wish

  5. You’d think a guy with that kinda cash could at least buy a decent tie. He also needs a video camera with faster autofocus 😉

  6. Judging by the labored breathing from the unboxing, i’m not sure how long he’ll enjoy it..

    Then again, I’d be panting.

  7. Its funny how the same video gets two completely different sets of comments. This video was pissed on by readers at Leica Rumors, where here, people are ok with the whole “unboxing” concept.

    • Personally, I’m glad he posted it. Most people either can’t afford it or justify it.. so why not get to step in the shoes.

      Ahh.. the green monster.

  8. I love the way the battery and charger and stuff come in separate bags. very classy. as it should be 🙂
    sorry for the double post.

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