Daily Inspiration #202 from Amy Medina (DangRabbit)

I just crossed day 600 of my PAD project, so I figured I’d send you some photos for Daily Inspiration 🙂 All with M8 and either the Zeiss 35 f/2 Biogon or Voigtlander f/1.5 Nokton. Exception is “Rays of Light”… that was with GH2 + Leica 50 f/2 Summitar.

Hope you enjoy!


Her website: dangrabbit.com

Her facebook


  1. Amy, your images are so inspiring. I feel like with you (and now Peter) here, along with Steve, it’s like the good ole’ days at DPReview. The last shot just jumps off the screen for me….lovely work!!! Can’t wait to meet you in July!

  2. Amy,

    Fantastic work! I’m I’m beyond impressed with how dedicated you are to your PAD. I think I last 8 or 9 days! LOL Thanks for sharing your images…I can’t wait to see what your do for day 1000!

  3. Hi Amy,

    I also follow your PAD project and find most of the images very good and inspiring. Also the way you tones the images is interesting and fits often very good, though for some images I don’t like it and would choose a bit more natural appearence.
    I also tried to give you feedback via your website, but the e-mail form didn’t work. So now it went here. 🙂
    Keep on with your PADs and the great work!
    Kind regards,


  4. Hi Amy,

    Your work is always such a joy to view. Wonderful images.

    (Prosophos, aka QDIEM4SC).

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