Silver Pentax K5 Special Edition IN STOCK NOW!

B&H Photo has listed stock of the Special Edition (and gorgeous) Silver Pentax K5..soon to follow will be a set of special edition silver Limited lenses. If you want the Silver Edition, better snag it quick. You can find it HERE!

More images can be found at the official Pentax site here. Also, just FYI, this is my favorite DSLR and if I owned a DSLR, this would be it!


  1. Can anyone tell me what Pentax means by the Silver? Silver metal, some other metal with a silver color, or some crappy plastic with a silver color? Also same questions for the lenses?

    • The K-5 has a frame made from stainless steel which is then covered with a magnesium alloy. It’s build like a tank, but still very small for a DSLR. It is not made from plastic. The Silver version is a special edition with limited production and has the normal black painted parts in a silver color instead. Very similar to what Leica does between the black and steel gray colors. Some underlying build, just different finishes.

      As far as the limited lenses go, they are also fabricated from metal which I believe is an aluminum alloy. Most of them are finished in black, but they have made some of them in silver in the past and are releasing a 21mm, 40mm and 70mm as special edition lenses finished in silver to go along with the Silver K-5. Hope that helps.

      • So in other words: the silver is a painted black K5… whatever the material on the black model, it will be the same on the silver just painted differently.

        Considering that this magnesium outer shell very often feels like plastic (though it isn’t – okay), the silver model will supposedly not have any special haptic experience to write home about.

        • Pretty much. I equate it to the M9 in steel grey or black. Same thing with the K-5. The only build difference is that the silver version has a slightly larger and more sculpted grip.

  2. Just picked one of these up last week with the fantastic 43mm limited in silver as well. Great camera and the 43 is fantastic. Looking to pick up a few more of the limiteds.

    • Good for you Paul…exciting camera. Powerful and compact. I guess you have to have the 21mm AND the 70mm in the limited addition silver, right?!
      The 15mm looks like a pretty sweet lens too, tho. Decisions, decisions!!!! LOL!
      Go ahead..make Steve jealous!

      • Will definitely be getting the 21 in silver and leaning towards the 77 limited as opposed to the 70. I really love the rendering of the fa limiteds, but the compact size of that 21 is just too hard to pass up. The 31 and 15 limiteds both look really tempting as well, but will likely grab the 18-135 WR just to have an inclement weather option. I’m really enjoying this camera and the 43mm limited is just amazing…….small, wonderful build quality and just great rendering. Now I just need to work on my skills more! Just getting serious again after many years of just family snapshots.

  3. That is one hip setup…especially with those tiny pancake limited lenses…..DAMN!
    Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a major Canon commitment…
    This Pentax offering is sweet technically and visually..and all the reviews for the K5 (including Steve’s), have been off the charts!
    Oh….well…too many cameras, so little time…and not enough money!!!!! LOL!!
    This collection REALLY has a drool factor!!!!!!! Steve NEVER misses that…now does he!

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