Daily Inspiration #208 by Huaying Zong

Hello Steve,

I like your blog very much especially the daily inspiration! Now I’d like to share my story with all the friends. Maybe this is one of my unforgettable memories in my life. When I lived in Netherlands two years ago, everytime when I went back home, the girls living in the same apartment always played the same game with me. After I entered the lift, just one second before the door was closed, they pressed the button and made the door opened again. So I was trapped and can not go back home. As a chinese, I don’t speak dutch and can not communicate with them. But I have enough patient to play this game with them.

One day after I took some photos with my camera (Nikon D80 with 35/1.8 lens) , I went back home and found these hoydenish girls standing in front of the lift already. But I found they were afraid of me if I tried to take a photo of them. Maybe most of them are muslem. Aafter I understood this, I turn this camera into a “weapen”. Each time when I hold my camera towards them, they run away immediately. But soon after that, they came back again and repeat this funny and endless game with me again and again.

I don’t think thses girls are rude of not polite. They are so innocent, pure and lovely, just like angels! This is some kind of special friendship between a chinese and some dutch girls. It has become one part of life and memeries. Now I am back to China but I can not forget all these girls in Netherlands. I can only say to myself, farewell, my angels~!

This is my story, battle in the lift. I hope you like it.


Huaying Zhong


  1. haha love the story, I’m not afraid to say that you’d probably have less luck scaring them off with a Leica as thats why most people buy Leica’s, to not scary people away!

  2. Love the story-telling effect of the images! Hugo is right about “joyful moments” and your attitude toward the kids is super. It seem to be playtime for them AND for you!!

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