Daily Inspiration #214 by Ernie Gambaz

Hi Steve,

Just noticed that Seal will be playing in Belgium at the ‘Couleur Café Festival’ in Brussels !!!
It would be really fantastic to meet and talk to you there !

I hope they let me in with my M9  😉

Me and my wife are great Seal fans long before we even knew that he was a Leica lover. It all started with his hit single ‘Crazy’.

Probably we will go see him in Holland (Netherlands) as well, because I think in Brussels he has to play a different set and on another stage than normal (it’s a festival).

With this mail I send you 2 of my pictures taken on a jazz festival in my village, using your settings you mailed me a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy them.
Maybe you can send them in for your daily inspiration 🙂

They are taken with the M9 and the 50 mm summilux, developed in LR3 and Silver Efex Pro 2.
I have to admit that in the beginning it was hard work using the M9 with it’s manual focus. But now, after some practice, I managed to to make shots that give me the right vibe.

Kind regards,

PS: The bag you send me arrived a few weeks ago. Thanks very much !!

Ernie Blarinckx




  1. Great capture of the mood, and indeed the first photo is excellent. Love what you have done with the black and white conversion. Great work.

    • The camera setup was ISO 800 at f2.8., S-peed 1/90 sec. In the beginning I used the auto ISO, but after a while I started shooting manual. This shot was a hard one. I can’t go on stage, and the stage is very small and about 1,80 meters above the floor. There’s only a small stair to the stage. One moment I jumped on this stair and took some shots … The difficult part was that because of the small stage there’s always something in your view to make a ‘clean’ shot. But anyway I like it …

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