The New Leica M9-P?

Is the new Leica M9-P coming?

The new Leica M9-P…this is the rumor that has been spread around the net for the past month or so ever since a couple of photos of Seal were spotted with him carrying around an MP style Leica, but without a rewind knob or advance lever. Heck, I saw that camera in person a couple weeks ago when I met up with Seal in Tuscon, AZ. Β I’m not saying anything about it but…

…for now, let’s just say this rumor is true and that the M9-P is just around the corner. I’m guessing that an M9-P would include a nice vulcanite covering, be chrome instead of Steel Grey, have the Sapphire glass on the back and also be void of any names or logos on the FRONT of the camera. If I were making an M9-P, I would engrave the top old school style with the Leica name. I would skip the electronic frame lines and save those for the M10 later on. I would also price it $500-$750 above the cost of a standard M9 as we all know that the Sapphire glass does indeed add cost (look at the M8.2). But this is Leica, so if the M9-P is real, who knows where they will price it. $500 would be perfect IMO, $1000 would be a bit much.

If i were releasing an M9-P I would also release a black paint version, with the nice rich black paint that the film MP has. THIS would look amazing wouldn’t it? Yep, an M9 with the looks of the classic MP. My guess is that these cameras will be absolutely jaw dropping beautiful (if in fact this is what is coming in June). Would I upgrade my grey M9 towards one? In a heart beat.

I also am aware of new firmware for the M9 but my guess is that it is nothing exciting, just a bug fix or two.

Those are just some guesses of mine, nothing that really hasn’t been said on 20 other sites lately.

As for the M10, I’m still guessing that the M10 will not surface until mid to late 2012. I’m also guessing that this camera will take the M in a new direction. Just a hunch. I could be wrong. As for an X2, Im also going to say 2012. Just a gut feeling here. As for me, Im still thrilled with the performance of the M9 and it continues to deliver the results that at times, make my jaw drop.

As for this M9-P stuff, let’s wait and see. πŸ™‚


UPDATE – I closed the comments on this as everything that needed to be said has been said, and I refuse to keep them open as I do not enjoy the negativity. Again, let’s wait and see what Leica announces this month πŸ™‚


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  1. PS, if anyone like Ashwin needs to pick my brain on gear-related things, Steve knows how to reach me by email. Now out to capture the kids in the light, always beautiful this time of day here in L.A



  2. Actually Josh, you’re absolutely right, it does get out of control pretty quickly whenever I post because that’s just the price one pays, you can please some of the people some of them time etc.

    I certainly do not want to make this site unpleasant for anyone who comes here. It’s a fantastic site and it’s not fair to Steve who I regard as a close friend. I think I’ll just limit my input to ‘world tour’ coverage (that way Steve can continue to fill the pages with cool, global images which aren’t just tour related) and competition giveaways.

    It’s never really a case of right or wrong in these debates as they almost always get personal whenever it’s someone like Babsky or myself and that’s when it start to go pear-shaped.

    So to those who find what I say to be pretentious or my views elitist, you can now rest assured that you’ve finally got to me and managed to knock some sense into this hard head. ‘Posting without the vail of anonymity can result in nothing more than futility.

    Therefore let there be no more post here or anywhere else for that matter from `6.

    Nice life everyone πŸ˜‰


  3. All view points are valid, at the end of the day… pick up what ever medium that works for you

    and enjoy living life…

    I have a point and shoot, it gives me great pleasure… some of you may have the M9…

    fantastic have a ball.

  4. I’m not a Leica shooter myself. Would I be if I could afford one? Who knows, perhaps. I’m also not familiar with Seal’s music but I know he’s some sort of a pop star. Having read about a celebrity being an avid photographer and also a nice character sounded pretty good. But after just a couple of posts in this thread, the latter assumption seems highly incorrect. Hopefully even the first one is accurate.

  5. Ok guys…lets cool off please πŸ™‚

    Wanted to clear something up…

    Personally, my post above was SPECULATION because there are loads of sites not only talking about this M9-P but showing the one photo of the supposed camera that may or may not be an M9-P. I was simply stating my guess as to what an M9-P would be like πŸ™‚

    Also, as for an M10. I have NO IDEA AT ALL if there will even be an M10. These are just my “guesses”. Wether or not they go in any kind of a new direction is beyond me, was just a guess after all of those “open letters to Leica” from others.

    All we can do is wait and see. But, if an M9-P is indeed announced I think it would make for a great option to those who want a classic looking and gorgeous M9. I seriously doubt Leica would add any high res LCD or features to such a camera.

    Also, not sure why some of you are getting upset at 6’s original post. If you read it, what he says about Leica is spot on. I also believe that if you do not like what Leica puts out, don’t buy it! There are plenty of others who will and do. Leica puts out superb quality cameras and lenses and I have yet to find a camera or lens that I prefer over my M9 and Leica glass.

    Is the M9 perfect? No, for most it is not, but for ME it is. Whenever a new model comes out there are always those who bash them, and then their are those who praise them. There are those who say they should have done this or that, but in the end it comes down to Leica, and they seem to know what they are doing lately as they are enjoying record profits.

    I cant wait to see what comes down the line from them this year and next year.

    But as for all of the bickering, lets just stop and enjoy the cameras we do have and go out and use them!

    • Sorry, Steve. I was just hurt, and so I retaliated.

      I appreciate your M10 paragraph was just guesses – so were my comments. That’s why I was rather taken aback to be belittled for them.

      I apologise to anyone I have upset or insulted in this thread.

      • No worries at all! It’s funny how so many of us, even 6, get emotional over camera gear. Why is that? Probably because we all have that same passion for photography, and all of us love the gear as well. We all have our faves and many of us think Leica is crazy for their pricing, but it is what it is. I say we enjoy what we have and enjoy this great hobby/profession of ours. Sometimes discussions get heated, but that is OK. It happens and its human nature Doesn’t mean anyone is a bad person, it’s just our crazy passion (disease) many of us have that drives us crazy at times , myself included!

      • Wow, that sounds so sad. I didn’t realise a blog about cameras could have that effect :(.

        Certainly no need to apologize to me as I take none of this seriously (one of the reasons I’m a big fan of Babsky). I write what I write, it’s always opinionated and never hypocritical. I’m not afraid to admit elitism in buying Leica’s which is exactly what it is and I’m also not afraid to say what a lot of people think but are afraid to say even behind their vail of Internet anonymity. I don’t have that vail hence unless I’m being praised by Steve, being photographed with fans by Steve or indeed as I mentioned giving away my old, hardly used M9………..I’m an easy target for people to vent their everyday, completely unrelated anger and frustration.

        After 21 years in this profession you learn it’s part of the gig. πŸ™‚

        Again, no need for apologies.


    • Steve
      What he said about Leica was spot on. People were more surprised how he said it and how he communicated a perspective that seemed different from how we think we know him. I believe that in the past readers appreciated him as someone, who despite his fame and everything that comes along with it, is humble and ‘Down to Earth’. I think his comments changed that view and people reacted to that.

      • “People were more surprised at how he said it”.

        Can you be more specific so that I can remember to back slap like pretty much the majority does for fear of being unpopular or contested. My original post was in response to comments that were just so predictable and therefore dull and boring, not to mention inaccurate with regards to me posting a picture of an M9-P or whatever. And while we are on the subject, will all of you please just get over yourselves about “Oh we thought he was such a nice guy but obviously after reading his comments here, we’re not going to be his fans or buy his records blah, blah bloody blah”. Am I a nice guy? Yes! Am I and can I be an absolute asshole? Abso#@$/lutely!!

        But what is really amazing is that some people here really care that much and jump on the chance to attack me personally rather than challenge my views just so that they can feel better about themselves by saying “see, there I told you so, he can’t be the guy that Steve says he is, nobody can be successful and a great person……err…well no they can’t, not 24/7.


  6. Somehow I believe that this discussion and the view of the involved individuals doesn’t reflect the open, humble, understated, and definitely not “top down” perspective of Leica. It is less the camera facts that surprise me, but the tone and the personal comments that I find disturbing.

    • I am also shocked. Don’t really understand where all the bad vibes are coming from.

  7. “The life that you have”. Sorry to burst your bubble, but posting the above I had no idea what so ever who this “6” poster is. But after some other comments, I opened the link from your nick and figured you’re the guy in question. But whoever or whatever you are, the rant above is pretty far from any ambassador-like behavior. But whatever floats your boat.

    But let’s all shoot some pictures with our cameras of any brand. Peace and out.

  8. Oh dear, a certain someone has taken things badly again. Shouldn’t be surprised though I guess. πŸ™

    • Cidereye, it isn’t a case of “taking things badly again” you see it’s about jealousy. I’ll admit I do get irked when people like Chad use words like “pretentious” because that’s basically all that their vocabulary allows them, but there are far greater things in my life at least to worry about.

      But that’s the way it goes isn’t it, resentment and jealousy until the next ‘Seal & Huff M9 Giveaway’ and then of course I’ll be that great guy that’s so cool and unpretentious again and so on and so fourth. How amusingly predictable

      `6 πŸ™‚

  9. Lolololololol…….seriously guys, the one consistency with people like Er, Chad & Dazed is that you’re so predictable. It’s so easy to turn a dull, speculation-based thread into a well-trafficed topic because you’re just too easy to manipulate. The fact that I have the life I do must really eat at all three of you.

    Hahahaaa….you crack me up πŸ˜‰


    • What exactly does rubbing my nose in it that you can afford whatever you want, while I have to scrimp and save just to feed my daughter, achieve?

      Until now I was under the impression that you were a genuine, compassionate person.

      • In case it’s not obvious, I am seriously hurt and upset that anyone could treat someone they’ve never met which such distain, without knowing a thing about them.

  10. First of all, despite what some of you think Steve is or isn’t implying….I DO NOT HAVE AN M9-P or whatever Leica’s next camera is going to be so we can put that to bed.

    Secondly, I have no idea why people get so indignant here, you have one guy talking about if he had a say, he’d “get rid of that ridiculous red dot”. Well you don’t have a say (thank God). Then there’s the bickering about Leica bumping up the price again for this new mystery camera, if it’s too expensive for you or you don’t agree with Leica’s pricing policies then DON’T BUY ONE!

    I represent Leica and am paid to do so. I do it not because I need the money, I do it with pride so it really ticks me off when people jump to conclusions about pricing, what Leica should or shouldn’t be concentrating on, how the M9 or X1 isn’t worth the money or how Leica better watch their backs because Fuji are doing this with X100 or whatever. They are a small company who make the best glass in the world, they also make a damn good box with which to mount that glass. In truth NONE OF YOU know what Leica’s business model or strategy is, no one knows why they price certain things the way they do. I do have an insight into how the company works as it’s part of my position as their global ambassador to know this information, that said they are trying REALLY HARD to bring new products to the market for us to enjoy. Do any of you think that companies like Fuji, Canon and the likes are years ahead of Leica with their bells, whistles and whizz-bangs? Well SΓΆlms is full of brilliant minds who innovate all the time, they just don’t yield to the uninformed demands of the masses like other company’s do, instead they opt for the fundamentals needed to MAKE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS, THAT’S IT!.
    Incidentally Leica invented the AF system, had the patent for ages and because of one guy who was misleading the company, they sold the patent to Canon because this one guy was of the opinion that “auto-focus was for idiots and who ever heard of such a stupid idea”. However this is not a reflection on the rest of the great minds who work their asses off in this company. There are lots of factors that go into bringing product to market for us all to enjoy and those factors get even more heavy when your company is small and has a history of excellence to keep living up to as does Leica.

    So it’s simple, if you have issues with what Leica do then don’t frigging buy any of their equipment! We get it…it’s not for everyone, but then just stop bickering and spurting negative crap about them and just get something else.

    Despite what anyone thinks or says, Leica products are for those who seek the elite. YES, I said elite and that’s one of the reasons why their prices are extraordinarily high. If that policy doesn’t work for you then it’s cool, it’s not the end of the world as there are plenty of choices.


    • Leica is a much smaller company. That alone would make for higher prices, plus the people making the lenses and cameras are like craftsmen. It’s an art to make this kind of camera, whereas Canon and Nikon pump the gear out like Toyota pumps out cars. A whole different concept. I think of Leica as a moody Stradivarius Violin, and Canon/Nikon as a Yamaha Acoustic Guitar. Fuji is like, hmmm…a Martin with satin finish? πŸ˜‰ So, the Canon Nikon gear is great for playing on street corners for cash, and the Leica is great in a concert hall. LOL!

          • Its none of my business one day or another, but I find it hard to believe that the person who is ‘6 would really be talking to people this way. So hard to believe, that my most logical conclusion is that someone else must be posting under that name. I don’t know how the nickname system exactly works on this site, but it seems you can post as whatever you want each time. Example.. last time I posted as James F and this time I posted as JamesF. Thats just my two cents. I don’t comment very often on this site, but I have been reading for some time now, and I just cant imagine that the real ‘6 would be bragging about his bank account.

    • Personally I like the company for various reasons and I will stick with them as long as they produce cameras like they do right now. So far they have impressed me with their cool and calm approach towards criticism. They basically addressed them professionally by solving problems or improving their products. Pricing will always be a problem. Many who can afford a Leica still have to look at their expenses and every price increase has an impact and I think that some are concerned that at some point the camera will grow out of their reach. Leica has to do this because of business reasons but people should be allowed to express their feelings about high prices. 99% of the people have to think about that. Some even have to cut a lot out of their lives to buy into these systems. What I like about Leica is that even if they make premium products they are geeks in a good way. Not elites who make things for elites. Despite all that, Leica doesn’t need to be defended. They have great products and they have their following. Some are professionals, some are elites, some are both. I hope Leica and its voices will stay that way, just cool and above all.

      • James F,

        it most certainly IS the same `6 that Steve will be seeing on tour next week and you really should read carefully before you post. Someone wrote “+2….one fan less here…Wow not cool!” to which I replied “Wow, that’s really going to hurt my bank account!”.
        Where the “bragging about my bank account” bit, or am I missing something? Personally I didn’t understand what all the “Wowing” was about.

        In general I don’t ask people to like my music, be my fan or come see me play so haters can stop with the `6 boycott’ threats. I come here for entertainment and because I’m a huge fan of what he does and of Steve as a person. But to think I won’t say what sometimes needs to be said or that I won’t respond accordingly to another one of those “oh wow…I used to think he was so cool” comments….please! I’m not a 24/7 nice perfect guy so sorry to burst your bubble, some days I’m an asshole, unlike anyone else here can be of course.


    • “…my position as their global ambassador…”

      Well, if that rant is from their ambassador, I do not wish to meet their generals.

    • I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. Are you basically saying that people should just shut up and be thankful that Leica deign to allow mere mortals the honour of purchasing the products they to bestow on us?

      Okay, some people might get overly worked up about minor cosmetics, etc., but if Leica is going to take a camera system in which I’ve invested so much in ‘a new direction’, then I do take I seriously.

    • Your post sounds a bit elitist there ~6 :P. But seriously I wouldn’t get so up set that people complain about their prices. I complain about their prices because I would love to have a M9. I love the look of the M9, and I love that it’s well built and does what it does very very well without having all the crap of 3+ auto focus systems, multiple metering systems, etc. There’s so much crap on my dslr that I don’t use but which makes it big and heavy. This is probably why my favourit cameras are the holga/Nikon FG-20. Very simple cameras that let you worry about shooting and not what auto-focus modes to use.

      I would love to have the simplicity of my FG-20 without the pain of scanning film (although I do love film, scanning 10+ rolls after a big trip is a real pain), and right now the only camera on the market that matches this is the M8/M9. I could sell all my dslr photo gear and just be able to afford a used M8 without a lens. A M9 is completely out of my price range even if I sell all my photo gear plus road bike. So I’m left with the choice of lusting after a camera I can’t afford or buying a used camera that may crap out on me and doesn’t have a warranty. So it doesn’t look like a Lecia in my future any time soon :(.

      So thats where the frusturation over the prices come from. It’s not that Leica’s doing anything wrong, it’s that their doing a lot of things right that no other company is doing. So they’re going to get people like me who aren’t “elite” lusting after their products, and we are going express furstration at not being able to afford them. Although this is something we probably wouldn’t be doing if nikon/canon made an digiatl manual camera (why oh why can’t nikon just make a light weight camera with a good sensor, bah).

      Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant, i’m sure i had a point when i started it πŸ™‚



      P.S. Steve’s site doesn’t help us with “Leica Lust” :P, although after any review Steve write’s the first thing i want to do is go out and buy the camera :).

    • Its difficult to imagine how you came by this `job`,its easier to imagine that it wont last that long if you think laughing at others opinions part of it.

      • I’ll explain to you how I came by this “Job”. It’s called ‘Hard work’, ‘adversity’, ‘ failing and still not being afraid to fail again’ ‘the good fortune of being talented’ and did I say ‘NOT BEING AFRAID TO FAIL’? Once you have those things going for you, then you need success, once you get that then people want to associate themselves with you and your image….its’ called ‘Branding’, a phenomenon whereby people make money off of you as an entity. So unless you do an ‘Arni’ or indeed sometimes even if you do a ‘Woodsy’, your brand appeal still holds it’s value and the “job lasting” thing tends not to be an issue.

        Any of this making sense?


    • 1000% correct on all counts. This is one of the reasons why I rarely play in forums anymore. The constant bitching from those who don’t understand economics and one company’s decision to cater to a market that allows them to survive and thrive, especially in today’s economy. If you can’t afford it, buy something else. Or better yet, learn how to use what you already got, and quit moaning. There are plenty of cheaper cameras out there that are MORE than enough for 99.99% of people, and especially those who spend most of their time putting zero effort in learning, and the creativity department, but love complain about the latest overpriced Leica product.

  11. I hope that the M10 doesn’t go in too much of ‘a new direction’. People love the M9 because it’s evolutionary, not revolutionary, and to change too much could mean that what makes the M9 so unique is lost. (If they dropped the rangefinder and went with an EVF, for example, then they’d be easier prey for any other manufacturer who feels like shoving an M mount on a large sensor at 1/8th of the price.)

    (I’m thinking that Leica could easily ‘do an M5’ – i.e. forget why people buy Leicas in the first place.)

    I’m also concerned that the LED framelines are change for changes sake – nobody was complaining about the current ones, and I’m concerned over battery drain and reliability. (Maybe as an option would be good.)

    In an M10 I’d like to see it thinner, better LCD, a dial that turns the ‘right’ way, and in an ideal world, a Solms upgradeable sensor/motherboard array. Keep it simple, keep it reliable.

  12. What exactly is the M9-P? Better LCD screen and no Leica writing? What’s so special about it? When it carries the same sensor? Someone cares to explain?


    • I believe the ‘P’ as it was used originally in ‘MP’, simply meant ‘M Professional’. The MP could be fitted with a special film advance trigger device for fast shooting. The MP was designed to be used by professional photo-journalists. I do not know what the ‘P’ might stand for today – perhaps: ‘pricey!’ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • ItΒ΄s just rumors but if you read the article it will answer your questions.

      • I have read the article, but apart from lcd screen and some writing gone I don’t see much difference. But will wait and see when/if it gets announced.


        • Vlad, you are right. It is most likely not much more than a new screen cover, not even a new screen, and a different look. Probably at a much higher price that will desensitize us for next year’s M10, which will probably have an even higher price than the M9P.
          The good thing is that potential M9 buyers will have more options around the aesthetic of their camera. Is it a reason to upgrade from an M9? Not really, unless they change anything to the sensor or electronics. D!RK

  13. Come on guys, give us something more…You guys already seen it in fact ‘6 have one. Steve said “Would I upgrade my grey M9 towards one? In a heart beat”. I think there is something more in this M9P. I love to see a better ISO, better LCD screen and of course the black paint finish. That is the killer…

  14. Not trying to poop on your party Steve, but you’d do well in crediting the original source of the image and information. I assume you don’t hold a license for the image used (licensed through Splash News), and cropping out the LR watermark and not even mentioning the original post ain’t cool. Just my two cents from one webmaster to another.

    • Poop on my party? 1st off Leica Rumors does not own the image, and that image is on hundreds of websites with no credit, so never even knew where it originated from. I can replace it with an all new pic that I have though, that no one else has. Just have to see if I can 1st. πŸ™‚

      Also, I did not crop out anything. Google Leica M9-P and you will see a ton of sites with this exact image, and NO watermark. I did nothing to the image.

        • Guys, just enjoy the image and the news of another nice M9 version. And Steve, please post the image that you have. πŸ˜‰ I bet you and ‘6 have spent some quality time with that new thing.

          • I am a novice when it comes to Leicas so pardon the question: What is expected to be so different about the digital MP compared to the original M9? I thought the MP (Mechanical Perfection) was just a more retro interpretation of previous versions. Hence how will Leica translate MP into their digital rangefinders, since there is nothing mechanical about these cameras?

          • Arjun, I think it gets a sapphire LCD, which is lovely, among other things. Kind of an in between model til the M10 comes out? Maybe?

  15. I just wish they would start using vulcanite on ALL digital M’s, I’m sure Leica already know that *most* M owners way prefer it over the fine grain stuff on M8/9. So Leica – PLEASE help us all be able to …”get a grip” on our cameras.

    Thanks for confirming the rumours though Steve, or not (of course! haha) πŸ˜€

    • I agree with cidereye and I would go further: how about a vulcanite grip? It would not be a luxury. Hands up those of you who have dropped your Leica? Well, I certainly have and it knocked the range-finder mechanism out of calibration. I would also suggest that they get rid of that dreadful red-dot logo. I designed this (my ideal Leica) in 5 minutes – just for the fun of it:

      • Hey, I’d buy that camera Porurchik – and it only took you 5 minutes to design it too! LOL πŸ˜€

  16. Hehe…Steve!

    As you wrote – nothing NEW in your “guesses” – all seen, all read in last few weeks.
    And me too won’t expect a M10 earlier then 2012.

    I think the upcoming week will give us more details.

    • I’ve been wondering of late if they might even call it the MX when it comes out over M10 as Leica will be moving into double digits for the first time. We shall see.

  17. No LCD screen please…!!!!!! The m9-p then could be like any other leica m (thiner)!!!

  18. M9-P sounds good, I wonder if they are going to drop the price of M9 when M9-P is released, or is Leica going to stop M9 production. Tempting to sell my M8 to go towards the M9-P

  19. If they release a black model, I hope the paint holds up better than the M9. My M9 is only six months old and the paint is already wearing, not to mention it chips easy. Not a major issue – the images are incredible, and that’s really all that matters. But for a 7k body, the paint should hold up.

  20. Josh:

    The way I see it, the used Leica’s are the affordable ones. If an M10 comes out, the used M9 prices will come down and of course the used M8 prices will come down as well. πŸ™‚


    • Levent: I agree, I’m waiting for the M10 so I can afford to get a M9 πŸ™‚

    • The “problem” is that the M9 will always be a 18mp FF camera. The reason that the M8 went so low in price is that a camera became available that was vastly superior (I use an M8).

      M6s aren’t going anywhere price-wise, and I imagine that M9s won’t drop below $5K for a LONG time.

    • Oh I can hope and prey that M8 prices go down. $1500 for an M8 and I might be sold. I’d still have to save but it would be actually in reach. …On the other hand my Pentax DA Limiteds and Fuji X100 do make a sweet combo that is hard to replace with any system…

      It’s impossible to predict what will happen. M8 prices have actually gone UP since the release of the M9, because the M9 have put Leica back on the map. I do hope they take their newfound cash and drop most of it in R&D.

  21. “I’m not saying anything about it but…

    …for now, let’s just say this rumor is true and that the M9-P is just around the corner”

    Ha ha I think that might be saying something about it. I don’t mind, of course.

    • I think the picture Seal himself posted clearly showing the “-P” designation on the hotshoe of the M9 finally confirms that this is now 100% certain too. –

  22. Bah, why won’t they come out with a some what affordable M. Or why won’t Nikon/Canon come out with a more manual smaller digital camera. I want a Nikon FG-20 with the only change being it’s digital, lol.

    • Josh, the idea of Leica is NOT to be affordable. We who have to think about the price buy something else and live the rest of our lives wondering what a true Leica is like. πŸ˜‰

    • Digital FM3a for sure. WIth no friggin LCD on the back or top or anywhere else. People who buy these bodies know how to shoot and don’t need image review on the spot….

      • Very funny Richard.

        You know at one time I actually asked Leica to make me an M9 without ‘Image review’ and they thought I was joking. In reality what they would do is turn off the ability to review the image via the LCD….it’s simple really. You need the LCD for other things like ISO, Profile, Menu items etc. but you could easily turn the one feature off.

        I think I will go ahead and ask them to make me a prototype whenever the M10 or whatever it’s called is ready πŸ˜‰


        • I have turned my image review off using options in the menu:

          Auto Review.Duration.Off

        • I thought people were joking when I first heard that too πŸ˜€ And am horrified every time I hear it mentioned… If anything I want to see a better high resolution LCD on the M9. I don’t need to look at it all the time, but in some tricky situations it is useful to be able to review on the spot. If you’re working on a paid job, clients will often want to make sure you’ve got the shots too. A quick scan through the images on the camera at the end of a day’s shoot is quicker than getting out the laptop and more than enough sometimes. Even if you’re confident you’ve nailed them it puts the client at ease. Or can open up discussion which could lead to new ideas and coming away with a better set of pics.

          A menu option to turn off the image review for “purists” seems like the best solution to me. I shoot with an M7 & M9 and have no problem adapting to either. But no way I would buy an M9 with no LCD screen. Film is film, digital is digital. Enjoy them both for what they offer and accept they’re different mediums which often require a different approach. It’s nice to have the choice.

          As for the new M9-P, happy with the black paint M9. And the logos and script don’t stop me from taking pictures. The only thing that is of slight interest is the Sapphire glass as that serves a practical purpose. Be nice if that’s also available as an upgrade to the existing M9. Only things I really want to see in a new digital M is better high ISO performance and a decent LCD on the back. With all that great Leica fast glass and no mirror slap for handheld slow shutter speeds, this camera could be a low light killer. It’s great in good light, but for now it’s get the D3s out in extreme low light situations. If I didn’t have to carry a camera that size and weight around would be very happy.

        • ‘6 – I totally agree.

          I’ve always thought that a digital MP should be set up via a computer, only shoot raw and have no LCD etc, just a battery and SD card indicator (Epson style maybe) – that way the battery would last for a very long time and you would be able to concentrate on shooting.


    • End of the day the LCD screen on the M8/8.2/9 is CRAP as it is so low resolution. So long as you are used to *not* relying upon it though you’re OK – hey, I’m not really bothered put it that way.

      Leica is a small company and for them to buy in higher resolution LCD screens for the M9 would cost a bundle more, I accept that and hence put up with it as I shoot RAW like so many. If they however could improve on it then great, we’d all be happy for sure.

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